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Apple's got a new Siri commercial, with Martin Scorsese
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<insert fan-boy trolling comment here>
Woody Allen took over Martin's life... imposter!
Now if only it really worked that way in the real world.
<mutter something about Google Voice Search here>
<insert steve mayne comment here>
Who cares, even apple fans feel Google Now is more useful, why should a celeb make a difference?  Oh yeah most people are stupid and want to emulate celebs  smh.
its too easy to troll. now insert witty comments instead.
Is there any way to filter out all such crap from my feed???
Wow. This one got to Apple vs Google faster than usual. 
Instead of making new ads Apple should fix Siri itself. duh
+Andrey Cherneha Do you honestly think that the team working on Siri are the same ones making the adverts - such that Apple couldn't possibly both enhance Siri and produce an advert at the same time, without hindering the progress of either?
Two correct words. Google Search.

Google Now doesn't speak to you.
+Derek Ross I would rather prefer my friends/girl friend for a conversation or jokes or whatever than a shitty robotic voice and oh yeh google now sounds much more human than siri.
+Steve Mayne It doesn't matter how many teams, in what countries and how many people. Apple has a final decision: what to print, what to show, what information to "leak". I never said they need to pull resources from Siri devs. They just need to prioritize - cuz so far Siri is really shitty, don't even understand lots of phrases. Pretty lame, considering it was the main selling point for iPhone Forass 
Google Now does not speak to you. Ever. People keep getting Google Now and Voice Search confused.
+Derek Ross  They are largely one and the same now, as least UI wise, you use Google Now and it voice searches for you.  Plus any card that comes up is new with the advent of Google Now, ask it hard tall Lebron is, a card comes up with lebron and Now speaks to you and tells you how tall it is.  
+Steve Mayne +Derek Ross They're pretty much completely integrated into one another. When you hit the voice button it drops you into #GoogleNow  GUI. You really can't use one without the other so +Derek Ross point is moot. I've used both and while SIRI is "funner", Google Now is much faster and sounds much more human. 
+Jonathan Read You do not use Google Now to do Voice Searches. You use Google Now to launch the Voice Search application. In the same manner you use then Home Screen to launch Google Now. The Home Screen is not called Google Now. (You can also launch Voice Search from the Home Screen.)

Google Now is for automating tasks and information. This information pops up automatically for you.

Google Voice Search (Voice Actions) has been drastically improved to speak back to you.
+Daniel Ornelas You can use one without the other. I do it all the time without launching Google Now. I'm done on this issue. If you don't get it, that's fine. It's not going to ruin your Jelly Bean experience. Jelly Bean and Google Now and the new Voice Search are amazing. Use them and call them whatever you want. They rock.

FAIL!!! the ads lie about how siri really works, that's why people even considered suing apple over siri.
I like the last one, " I  like you siri your going places"
Wow, this ad is absurd. Google Voice Search is the bees knees. It is unbelievably quick and resourceful. Google Now is very useful as well. When I first started using it, I was walking past a bus stop and this woman asked if I knew how often the bus stopped at the corner she was on. I pulled up Google Now and while continuing to walk was able to tell her when the bus would be there. I can't wait to see how it evolves and what new features there will be. 
Nick Bess
Siri: "Would you like some pictures of Stallions?"
Apple never had to hire celebrities before because the product was so good. No need for a big name celeb to tell you it's good, your friends and colleagues would just do that.
However, Siri is not a good product. It is very much so in beta. So they need celebs to sell the product and make the message because consumers are not raving about Siri.
When is apple gonna fix that awful synthesized voice? Everyone with siri loves lording over me the fact that they can talk to their phone and feel their life being a little less lonely, but my Google now has perfectly human sounding speech.
I hope on of the android oems put out a commercial of the new Google voice from jellybean next to this abomination called Siri... 
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