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Breaking news: here is's phone, the Fire Phone 
Amazon doesn't just sell smartphones anymore — it makes one. In news that should surprise exactly no one, Jeff Bezos has officially unveiled Amazon's first cellphone, the Fire Phone. It joins the...
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they didn't do secret press review units? that would've been a good move
Haven't you missed the most important thing? Price
Ben V
I'm past two years on my GS3 and running Cyanogenmod 11 on it and have no plans to upgrade. It does everything I want it to do.

To me this "Fire Phone," while it seems to have decent hardware, is just an Android phone with everything we love about Android removed.
Hopefully we'll see a comparable Nexus.
So like every other Amazon product, if Amazon f the center of your internet life, then it is perfect for you.  If you like anything other than Amazon and its products, then not so much.
Do I need 4 eyes to use the phone?
For its sake, I hope the camera and speakers perform as well as Jeff claims... 
Jeff Bezos should have jumped on the uncarrier bandwagon.
Dan K
Gimmicks that I need to shut off.  Come on Amazon, tell me about 2 day battery life.  Or the best photos of any phone.  Something other than 'dynamic perspective' and 'tilt scrolling'.
Did they talk about how it doesn't have the Play Store, or the native GMail application and that sort of thing? Does it have Google Now? It probably won't have a Google+ app, either.
All those gimmicks and a 2400mah battery. That's all I needed to know to rule this phone out. Features are fine but at least give it enough battery to back them up. 
Nothing wrong with a bit of extra competition to benefit the customer
A big ZZzzzzzz
+Charles Eye nexus 5 has 2100 or 2300 battery I don't remember and it has decent battery life. This phone uses 720p display so it will have better battery life. This phone costs too much for what it is though... Its like when the moto x first came out.
+Luis Ojeda It also has four cameras that continuously track your face to keep the active 3D display working properly at all times. You don't think that's going to drink a little more battery than the standard IPS display (with no facial tracking) of the Nexus 5?
Tony P
We're all still waiting for the Amazon video app for Android.

Not buying Amazon hardware until they stop with this nonsense. 
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