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If porting apps to Android is all it takes to get iPhoners to stop using their apps, then I say port them all to our beloved Android! :)
iDiot - and to have an Apple worker not a user pull a hissy fit like this is iDiototic. happy I got off the iBandwagon, things are just better without them. /burn
No wonder Android users hate Apple.
This just in: Hating on Instragram's lack of exclusivity is so five minutes ago. Way to be late to your own party, Phil.
But how will he give his photos that awesome 70's look?
I'm playing the world's smallest violin to this news.
Something about section 8. Something something other racist comment. Something instagram something.
In fairness, he quit quietly. I do expect Apple executives to be less than happy when an app is no longer an Apple exclusive. Apps, are a big part of Apple marketing. Android marketing focuses around the hardware.
Apple think they're special but they are not a unique and beautiful snowflake
Someone doesn't know how to unfollow. #instagram
Hey look an article about a hipster being butthurt! Let's read it!
Who ? Phil Schiller ? do anybody knowns him ! who cares for Phil Schiller and who cares for Instagram
That's just stupid. Sounds like he gets butthurt pretty easily.
Butthurt Apple people crying in the corner.
ohh Android do make calls also ! Phil please stop using iphone as now Noise to Signal Ration is too high !
I guess he'll become "concerned" about the signal to noise ratio of 500px next...
they could just buy instagram and it will be exclusive for them forever
Apple didn't have a billion dollars to buy Instagram and make it exclusive?
Instagram was actually a selling point for some folks. Apple has now lost that selling point, so it makes some sense for Phill Schiller to be unhappy about it. But to delete his account? Lame.
+Jose Franco In retrospect, maybe Apple should have bought Instagram and integrated into iOS. Would have been a solid start at their own in-house social network. If they bought Instagram, might have made iOS only developers expect the same thing though.
+Jim Gallo that is ridiculous... Instagram is literally not that cool.
+BJ Cardon Oh certainly not, at least not on a large scale. But I personally know at least two people who bought chose iPhones because that's where Instagram was. I'm sure Apple was aware of this to some degree.
+BJ Cardon I opened an account and tried it. Not my thing (I really do not have time for another social network) but Instagram but is a well design app. Good balance of options and simplicity and works well even on a mediocre data connection. +Jim Gallo With 30 million iOS users, I am sure it had some value. Apple exclusive apps could really be the deal maker for a significant number of Apple sales. If your friends and on Instagram than buying an iPhone makes a lot of sense. It is was like BBM or iMessage.
Amusing. Good point tho - it will change.
+Roberto Lim Yes. I was thinking the exact same thing. Twitter is already integrated into iOS and adding the Instagram branded filters would have been a pretty snazzy addition to the iPhone's camera. It's not a coincidence that ICS added filters to its stock camera app. It was a way to catch up to the fact that Instagram was iOS only for so long.
+Jose Franco Yes, maybe, but my year and a half old HTC already has filters in the stock camera app. But Instagram would have made a good addition to the iOS stock camera. +Casey Keller I do have the El Dorado of mobile filters... Pixlr-o-matic, but sometimes too many options is not a good thing.

What people should worry more about Instagram is not whether it is iOS only or has an Android version, but on how Facebook plans to monetize its 1 billion dollar investment.
Isn't his reason just Hipster nonsense? Oh well, no loss with him leaving. Its a stupid app anyways, Google+/Android have this already anyways.
This just goes to show that Apple are petty and vindictive and should be eaten by the free market.
+Roberto Lim I didn't realize HTC added filters to the camera app. My old HTC Incredible didn't have those.

Also, I agree with Josh when he said on the Vergecast recently that Instagram on Android was really the last app Android users would feel left out by not having it available.
Why are people who use Apple so elitist? Is it a function of the company acting elitist and attracting those people?
He was worried that all of the new people posting shitty filtered pictures was going to ruin his shitty filtered pictures? Hey Phil, IT WASN'T CLASSY BEFORE ANDROID EITHER.
I agree with him, but i think it jumped the shark long before it got its Android version.
Phil is doing this for his performance review..I am sure Tim Cook will be happy and reward him
Someone call this iDiot a waaahmbulance.

Also since when is 6 million IOS users a small community? Douchebag.
The free market is going to dominate Apple, take that Mr. Schiller!!
I agree with those who say that while this is a sideways swipe at Android (and not a very successful one), I think Apple might be more butthurt that Facebook bought it and now will control it. Facebook's relationship with Apple has been shaky at best.
This is insulting. Its like Phil is classifying all Android users as idiot photographers. I am sick of this pretentiousness from Apple and its fans.
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