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Android users, what version of the OS are you running?
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4.1 - Galaxy Nexus (Toro)
4.0.4 - Galaxy Nexus (Toro)
4.0.4 - Asus Transformer (TF101)
4.0.4 - HTC Incredible
2.3.7 - HTC Thunderbolt
4.0.4 ICS on my Galaxy Nexus, no modifications or root.
4.1 on two devices 3.2 on one
4.0 through Liquid Smooth (1.4)
4.0.3 on my rooted Vibrant.
and 4.0.3 on my stock tf101
4.0.4 - CM9, on both Incredible 2 and HP Touchpad
2.3.6.... on a galaxy s II (sprint) unbelievable!! 
I have 4 android devices on my desk at the moment, all running ICS (granted two of those are not-fully-working CM9 test ROMs, but whatever).
ICS (4.0.4) and gingerbread (2.3.6). Jelly bean coming soon!
4.0.4 on the Best Galaxy (Nexus). Stock Android (not rooted)
4.0.4 - CM9 on a glorious Samsung Galaxy S (GT-i9000), the one that Samsung said its hardware would never be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich...
4.0.4 and 4.0.4 (until I had to remove Android to send my Touchpad back)
Don't know and can't say I really care.  I know my tablet runs Honeycomb, but I'm honestly not sure if my phone is still running froyo or gingerbread and I'm too lazy to look.  It works.  What do I care?
Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean (4.1)
I'm currently flashing a Jelly Bean Rom on my Galaxy Nexus. Previously running CM9
ICS on Galaxy S2.  Awating CM9 final :)

...and Jellybean on my pre-ordered Nexus 7  :P
4.0.4 - a leaked version for my Droid Bionic
4.0.4 - epic 4g running CM9
2.3.4 on Thunderbolt and 4.0.4 (CM9) on my TouchPad. 
Jelly on gnex. 4.0.4 on nexus s and gb on nexus one ;)
Skyrocket CM9 nightly 6/14, every time I flash a more recent nightly I get stuck in a boot loop. since this works with no issue I am good to go.
4.0.3 on Galaxy S2 & a 2.3.3 on a Desire HD
drifting along on 2.3.7 LG phone .  Must stand for LollyGagging
4.1 on two Nexus phones, 4.0.4 on Xoom, 4.0.4 on DX
4.1 Jelly Bean on Gnex and 4.0.4 on GS3
Galaxy Nexus, Canadian carrier, 4.0.1
4.0.4 Flirting with idea of going 4.1 on my CDMA Gnex.
4.0.4 on Sprint Epic 4G
4.1 on wife's Verizon GNex
4.1 on my Galaxy Nexus, ICS on my Viewsonic G Tablet
4.0.4 on my HTC Desire-Z (Andromadus Audacity ROM),
4.0.3 on my Asus Transformer TF101 (official ROM).
Ice cream Sandwich. 4.04
4.04 Cyanogenmod 9 HTC Evo 4G
Three devices with ice cream Sandwich
4.1 AOSP on my galaxy nexus
4.0.4 cm9 galaxy s iii
2.3.6 Still using a Nexus One. Holding to buy the next phone when google music get's released in the uk.
Sadly GB still ICS is coming this month from Sprint supposedly (GSII).
2.3.4 on my GT SPH-P100. looking to CM9 once it's ready
2.3.7 MIUI - HTC Incredible S
4.1 Jelly Bean - GNexus.  Very nice upgrade.
Question: What devices will get the JB update?
4.0.4 on my Nexus S and 4.0.3 on my Transformer
Verizon Galaxy Nexus: 4.1 Vicious Jelly Bean
Ice Cream (Jelly Bean soon) on my Xoom. Ice Cream on my Amaze 4G.
4.0.4 CM9  on My Samsung Galaxy S2 and 4.0.3 Stock on My Asus Eee Pad Transformer (TF101) :-)
4.0.4 Galaxy Nexus
4.0.4 Motorola Xoom
3.2 Sony Google TV
wow..... 241 comments in 18 minuets
4.1 jelly bean goodness
Verizon Galaxy Nexus: 4.1 Vicious Jelly Bean V3
People stop complaining and root your phone... 
Gingerbread, but getting Jellybean soon! :-)
Android 4.0.4, CM9 port on LG Optimus One.
4.0.4 ICS (CM9) on my Motorola Photon
Galaxy Nexus Stock ICS 4.0.4 Verizon WAITING FOR THE JELLYBEAN UPDATE!!!
Meanwhile, the results of this survey are interesting, to say the least.
Wow, the scarcity of people running Gingerbread shows just how unrepresentative a sample this is. That's a result in and of itself! 

Oh, and I've got Jelly Bean on my GNexus. 
4.04 Droid Razr
4.04 Xoom
4.1 Nexus 7... soon. ;)
4.0.4, cm9 on a galaxy S, Nexus from here on out though, starting with the n7
2.3.5. So many Jelly Bean users!
4.0.3 with HTC sense on my newly purchased one X, but waiting for CM10.
CM9 on my old HTC desire (now used by my wife)
Frickin' Gingerbread, waiting impatiently for ICS on my skyrocket
4.0.4 ICS on Razr Maxx and feeling some Jelly Bean envy lol
4.0.3 / One X
4.0.3 / Transformer Prime TF201
4.0.3 / Acer A100
2.3.6 / Galaxy Tab P1010
3.2 / Sony Google TV
4.0.4 ics just wished it was an official source
4.0.3 on Acer A100
4.0.4 on Xoom Wifi
4.1 on GNexus
4.1 on my Galaxy Nexus, and 4.0.2 on my DROID eris
Still on Gingerbread (2.3.6).

I have a 2-yo Sprint Epic 4g (1st gen Galaxy S) which I will not give up until Sprint's LTE goes live, so I'm stuck with it until sometime in 2013 looks like.

Much as I'd like a Jellybean phone, the idea of going back to EVDO only is too painful to contemplate.

There are ICS ROMs for this phone floating around, but as far as I can tell none of them are completely stable yet.
Zach M
2.3.7 on the wifi only og Evo 4g
4.0.4 on the GSM Gnex
Nexus S 4G (rooted)- 4.0.4 (now) 4.1 by end of the month
Motorola Xoom (rooted) - 4.0.4 4.1 by end of the month
Logitech Revue - 3.2
Nexus 7 ordered and will be 4.1
4.0.4 with Slim ICS on my Samsung Captivate. 
4.0.4 - CM9 on Nexus S
4.0.4 CM9 - Milestone 2 (Droid 2)
4.0.4 on both HTC One X and Xoom. Waiting for update on the latter though....impatiently.
So I think you've proved that the whole of Google+ is just XDA users.
4.0.3 On HTC EVO 4g LTE (running on pageplus)
4.1 on my GNex from Play store. Yeah! :)
This question is about an upcoming The Verge App?
+Darren Mansell Being a root user tremendously increases the value and longevity of a phone. It's no surprise that Verge readers -- a self-selecting bunch of technophiles by definition -- might have recognized this.
Lol! Something wrong. Looks like Android has no fragmentation what so ever looking at the comments. 
Tim KH
4.1 AOKP on my Acer a500
4.04 MIUI on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII
4.01 AOKP on my HTC EVO 4G
+Aditya Dodda I think that fragmentation is over-rated as an issue. After all, though my GB Galaxy S is two major generations behind now, it's still capable of most everything I want it to do. It would be a problem if most developers stopped supporting older firmware versions, but so far that doesn't seem to be an issue.
+Tim KH How's AOKP on your EVO? Wife has one I've been thinking of rooting. Any usability issues? Does the ROM fit comfortably in the available memory partition?
ICS 4.0.4 and hopefully 4.1 very soon once the Nexus 7 ships.
Gingerbread on phone (work) and ICS on the Xoom.
Jelly Bean of the 4.1 variety.
+The Verge Next time when you do such a poll, just post comments with every version of Android, block commenting for people and let us +1 our choices. It would be so much better if made that way!
4.0.4 on my SGII thanks to CM9! Even on nightlies it rocks!
4.04... Awaiting a delicious incremental update.
2.3.7 - EVO 4G
4.0.4 - Galaxy Tab 10.1
4.0.4 - SGS3
Stock Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4, on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.
ICS (via CM9) until I can get the Galaxy Nexus next week.
4.04 on nexus s
4.03 on TF101
What's the cheapest ICS capable phone I can get? Can't be any worse than my Samsung Galaxy Portal.
4.0.3. It seems like most of us in the comments are the 10%.
JoPa Mi
ICS on all devices. Sgs, Sgs ii, and transformer prime.
4.1 on my galaxy nexus
cyanogenmod 9(4.0.4) on my galaxy tab 10.1(from I/O last year)
4.0.3 on my prime. 4.0.4 on my phone.
Stock ICS on GNex and Xoom (one of the 15 Xoom owners out there) - happy to hear that Jelly Bean should be arriving on both this month!
+M. L. Hunt I totally agree. But, again we also have results from google during I/O. As someone who likes numbers, I don't see how these replies fit to what google claimed during I/O.

1 obvious reason is the superb default integration of google+ in 4.x.x .
JoPa Mi
+Michael Wells I would say the original galaxy s, for your provider. You will have to root and put a custom ROM on though.
4.1 on my VZW Nexus and 4.0.3 on my TF300
+Aditya Dodda I certainly agree with you that Google's expressed intention of decreasing the dispersion across versions has pretty much gone nowhere.
Android 4.0.4 on my Nexus S 4G.
4.0.4 on my Xperia S and 4.0.3 on my Tablet S
When do you guys think that CM9 will release 4.1 (Jelly bean)?
Mark A
4.0.4 on HTC Sensation via CM9.
MIUI on my Hox (HTC One X), and 4.1 Jelly Bean on my Gnex.
4.1 on my GNex, and 4.0 (Very soon to be 4.1) on my Xoom :D
4.1 gsm galaxy nexus
3.2 galaxy tab 10.1(wifi only)
2.3.6 original galaxy tab(P1000)
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