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People are apparently sick of frictionless sharing
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Probably due to the fact people don't like being forced to share everything when all they want to do is read a story. No Yahoo I am not giving you access to my info so I can read a story on your site.
When I see these articles, click them, then see an external site wants access to my facebook profile I go out of my way to permanently block them henceforth.
it's basically like having spyware installed that spams your network contacts with chaff data on what you do online. I can't see who would want or be interested in something like this.
Does it have to do with how it's integrated with facebook? I know that I like the ereaders software and reading news through the browser more than the facebook app.
Frictionless sharing is just a bad idea. It's annoying, intrusive and a bad way of discovering good content.
When it comes to sharing, Friction=Value, the 'friction' is the filter which just lets through the worthwhile stuff rather than everything.
one can simply copy and paste the title of the article of interest and google it, you get to read the article without the annoying "XXX recently read "article title" "

I really don't like people on my fb know what i'm reading or what my interests are. This is really where G+ comes in tops. It is not an intrusive experience that FB is fast becoming.
and yes i block all social reader apps or remove them completely.....i agree with what +Lewis McGeary said :)
I've never used Facebook apps and don't intend to any time soon. Hell, my account isn't even going to stay open much longer considering the time I spend on Google+.
Facebook: the only network I love to ignore.
I wonder how the other "frictionless sharing" apps are faring? (excuse the rhyme)
Are people turning off their Rdio and Netflix sharing too?
Surprise! Facebook did something that kind of sounded like it could have been cool but then completely botched the execution and now nobody likes it. Kind of like... everything they do.
Why oh why would I want my friends to know exactly what I'm reading online?
+Fawad Kazi You can see Facebook in the internet..... Just type in your browser.... It`s kind of a social network... But I think you wouldn`t like it.... it allready saw the top of it`s popularity... ;-)))
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