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Google Drive launches officially
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Cloud storage that might actually work for me. =)
Awesome. I love a nice integrated solution. Hope the mobile/tablet apps are good.
of course my work blocks the access to this... Anyways, I thought Google Doc was supposed to be like this? Or well, Google Doc could be folded into this easily and disappear... I'm just saying Google has too many things going on, stepping it's own feet everywhere. They need to centralize and streamline its services vastly...
I do not see an iOS app yet unfortunately. I'll just stick to the docs mobile site for right now I guess
Microsoft Skydrive gives me 25GB for free, as much as I usually prefer Google products over MS, I see no reason to move
Disappointed. I though it would be a way to drive the Google Street View car from my browser. :-(
is this better then Zumodrive?
man this is going to kill dropbox. i feel bad
Don't want to get rid of Dropbox. Anyway to have Google Drive and Dropbox sync the same directory instead of each syncing its own?
A syncing folder within a syncing folder? Good, good, but we must go deeper...
Waiting for my email to notify when my drive is ready...
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