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Retina MacBook Pro hands-on
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Is a piece of art, and expensive as one.
the cheapest model is 2.200 usd
the other with superior procesor clock and hard drive capacity is 2.800
it should be 1,417 gbp yet is actually 1,800
At first i thought this is so awesome, but unfortunately i hate (Mountain) Lion. Then i noticed that it has no ethernet, only glossy and integrated memory, sounds not so great anymore. i hope lenovo will bring a thinkpad with this awesome display in matt
+David Sidler  Oh what? No ethernet? I didn't even notice that. Well that's lame. =\
There are thunderbolt adapters for FireWire and Ethernet
I guess that's nice, but it's pretty lame that you have to buy an adapter to use something that's been standard for some time.
That's the point of this model, moving away from legacy
I think they want people to move towards Thunderbolt, why would they put Ethernet on there?
Ethernet is not legacy for most of us... In Apple's mind, they feel it is and feel wireless is the future.
Again this model isn't for anyone, that's why there is still the current MacBook Pros with "today's" ports built in
This particular model is the foundation for Apple's future and some people will like this 1st change and some of us will stick with the current builds. They're not forcing you to buy this model.
I don't know what they (whoever "they" are) feel exactly, but I see it as a negative in two ways:

(1) A wired connection is almost always going to be more reliable and performant than a wireless connection

(2) There is no support for Thunderbolt in Linux - so you can't use the adapter at all (even if you want to exercise that choice).
Thunderbolt is still fairly new, Windows only recently started to catch on and I don't think Apple wants us to use Linux distros on their machines.
I've always hated that argument "Nobody's forcing you to buy it!" I think it really doesn't make sense to leave off a major connectivity standard, but if it sells well without it then that's fine too. But defending someone else's oversight with what is essentially "Lol I dunno" is annoying.
As for Ethernet, would of been nice to have built in but obvious Apple doesn't see it I their future when it comes to most consumers.

Some of us are more of power users and if we want all that... There's always other laptop makers out there that will give it to you all in a bulky package compared to this model (as of now)
I'm just saying that +JR Lyles because they do offer the current build of the MacBook Pros, they haven't gotten rid of them 
+David Hee Who cares what Apple wants people to do with their (the consumer's not Apple's) machine? I think it should have an Ethernet port and am voicing my opinion as such - not sure why you feel compelled to defend them.

I think what is most annoying is that this type of defense revolves around the absurdly obvious.

"Did you know that they don't think they should have an Ethernet port on the ones they didn't put an Ethernet port on?"

Did you know that you can buy the old model if you don't want the new model?"

Really!? What revelation - thanks for pointing that out!
+David Hee it's called macbook pro, but no ethernet and glossy display is not so pro. Wired connections are always more reliable and usually faster than wireless connections, that's what count for pro users. Why do you need 2 thunderbold ports when you can daisy-chain thunderbold, they should have replaced one of them with ethernet. 29$ is a scam, even a free adapter would be a joke. it's a laptop not a desktop where i have to carry around cables.. (imo ethernet is more important than that HDMI port they added)
+Richard Raseley Get over it. If they're right, people will be fine without ethernet, and future laptops will start losing ethernet port. If not, they'll put it back in on eventually.

I doubt they will be, since I think people are more than fine with one less cable to attach to their portable device.
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