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All those gaps are why I built an HTPC. Unfortunately, my "front-end" (ie Win7) sucks.
boxee is the most convenient multimedia center i have ever tested so i gave it space under my tv. its a bit powerhungry compared to more recent boxes but i love the remote and the overall feel
The best set-top box is a $100 barebones PC with XMBC installed.
I can't believe there is not a single mention of an HTPC based on XBMC which is without a doubt the most powerful and flexible set-box your TV could have... :-/

Otherwise, the article is very well made
raspberry pi + xbmc + xbmc(android remote) = best sub-settop box.

providing you can get a pi
The PS3 hasn't got a lot of features ticket despite the fact it has a web browser. PS3 for example has YouTube, you just hit the broswer up and type
+Sean Campbell I'm still waiting for my Pi delivery. But, I'm not fully confident that it will smoothly do the job for Live TV and PVR functionnalities.
HTPC for the win. My major need was more than two ATSC tuners. HTPC is the most flexible.
Playing with AppleTV (pretty UI), GoogleTV, Boxee. have to say, the Boxee wins out. Supports everything, has netflix, awesome controller. AppleTV really is smooth to use, but found only used it for netflix. GoogleTV is.. still a mess. The controller should have been more of a game controller, as is, the apps aren't there for it (especially games worth playing).
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