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No wonder if Apple is able to ban almost every serious android competition in us courts. Here in Europe androids market share is exploding and apple is loosing customers.
Have the contract tie-in got longer in the US as they have in the UK? I used to replace my phone every year, then it went to 18 months and then 2 years, at this point I opted out of the contract/renewal treadmill, bought a phone outright and got a sim-only deal.
I assume some of it has to do with a tighter grip by carriers.  I know a few people who will no longer upgrade with verizon due to some sort of  data plan chage that happened a few months ago.
We don't have these fancy. Contracts here, we pay for our phones on full.
Eric S
Waiting for Note 2 or Gnex refresh.
Most likely it is due to apple suing everybody. They sue so they can remain number 1 because they know they have an inferior product.
I've had my Glacier for 18+ months with a contract, due for an upgrade. I am waiting for the next Nexus phone(s) before I upgrade.
Thing is you can see all these people building themselves up into a frenzy over the iPhone 5 and hanging on until it arrives, I suspect there are going to be quite a lot of disappointed people
+Gordon McIntosh that's what I did. Dropped Sprint and got an unlocked gnex with a $30.00 Walmart/ T-Mobile prepaid plan. Just in the money I save I can buy a new smartphone in a year. All I have to do then is pop my Sim in and I'm golden.
+Robert Wilke That's my plan - I worked out how much I was spending on the contract and I was being owned. So I bought an SIII outright - very happy with it and the cheaper bill
Mostly everyone I know is done with contracts and carrier BS so waiting on the new Nexus from Google
+Anthony Garrett +Gordon McIntosh Same here at this point i'll have a choice for the holidays. New iPhone X or the new Gnex. Yes I know there are issues with an iPhone on Tmo at the moment. I think though that this will be alleviated with the new model seeing that it will be lte and more then likely shown to work on Tmo with HSPA+ until their LTE is up and running.
I would think this is due to the minor iPhone 4S upgrade, enough the minor upgrade is still one of the best, if not the best phone on the market.  Hopefully things will change with the unveiling of Jesus Phone 6
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