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Paul Miller is leaving the internet for a year
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Rob Go
Is this for a book deal? Yeah, I'm angry... and jealous.
Rob Go
Also, send me that horse hamburger flipping gif.
0.o I wish you the best of luck Sir Paul. May your sanity hold out. Baring that... let the drugs they give you have fun and 'trippy' effects. You're embarking on trip I'm not sure I'd handle with all my marbles left intact.
I'm certainly not jealous. Interesting experiment but I think as his colleagues and friends are so 'plugged in' he won't miss much. Will just be unable to effectively do his job. Especially on the move. Respect for the act itself however.
Lightning bolt....Lightning Bolt....
Just the idea of this gives me anxiety. Talk about radically redefining a life style. Good luck.
Let's face it, it makes a good old nokia 3310 a very viable option if you're excluding the internet.
I wonder how much more commuting this will add to your day-to-day activities just to get things done.
+Jared Chambers Also, how to track transport times and so on, I find that sh1t totally invaluable... is it just me or did he not mention email?
So, basically, he is leaving the Verge? He can't possibly cover tech effectively without internet access. This sounds like a publicity stunt or, as mentioned above, for a book or long-form piece. Maybe back in a month to write a piece about how it is impossible to live effectively today without the internet. In fact, maybe that is the plan from the beginning.
He says he'll be using snail mail on the article.
Tim Box
I'll give you week before you crack!
He doesn't want to text message or get bogged down on the internet, but he wants to play snake on his phone. Hmmm... Anyway, I like the idea in theory. Maybe a lighter version of this — limiting usage would work best for me.
The more I think about this: if Paul is still being employed by the Verge during this "year" or "indefinitely", then that pretty much clinches it that this is a planned "investigative piece" research (being generous and not saying "stunt") for a piece he will write afterwards (after a period much shorter than the year). There is no way he can provide sufficient value to the Verge, a site about the tech world, without accessing information on the internet.
so that means no smartphone, either? uh, no thanks.
Does the verge even have a setup for mid-90's style office interactions, like conference calls, to facilitate this? I imagine video calling, chatting, VOIP options, email, and so on are the standard here. How will this interrupt everyone else's workflow?
I give him six weeks before he's grovelling at +Joshua Topolsky's knees asking for a broadband hookup. "Please Josh, just a little taste..."
Maybe he hasn't thought this through. He does know that his job is on the internet right?
If I did that, I wouldn't be able to make a phone call at work. Our phones are IP models.
Receiving compensation for an article written primarily for consumption on the internet would be classified as "using the internet", correct?
+Daniel Cook Probably not, really, but I would say that the value of any articles he writes will be very limited. What I expect to see is possibly a series of articles about his experience "offline" until he comes back in a month or so. He can just write them off line, hand them off to Josh to publish. Call me a skeptic.
There is no way that I could ever do this. I'm pretty sure we are all physically addicted to the Internet.
Man, I can't even conceive of how to do research without the internet, and I still use the library heavily. How do you deal with not having access to worldcat to find book locations?
I'm really curious how he can do his job without being on the net at all. I don't buy this one bit.
Back to snail mail for paying bills and getting bank statements. Ugh....
Who in the WORLD is Paul Miller?????
+Skoti Brendel i think that smell actually comes from the tourists. the sidewalks are caked in piss and dogsh*t. as far as this dude signing off for a year?? i guess we will hear from you in a year then.
This will be about as meaningful as going without electricity for a month. You can do it.... but what's the point.
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