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They dont want their secrets getting out!!
Wow, I guess he did lie. He said he would veto cispa. I guess that was just to get reelected. 
amy bridgeman
how do all you Obama supporters feel now? 
I'm getting really annoyed by politicians and government.

The problem is, they Both, work all day long, 5 - 7 days a week, on screwing everything up while average joe six-pack has to spend his/her time making a living and taking care of his or her family.
+amy bridgeman That he was still a better candidate than I-can't-decide-what-I'm-going-to-do-in-office Romney. Besides, this isn't an Obama thing. This is a politician thing. The DMCA was the start of all of this crap. It's a case of give a mouse a cookie...
We'll have to see what the executive order says won't we. That's how i feel.
But why +Breisha Smith the positives are getting far and few between of course Congress is even worse. Vote Em all out! 
lil zombies everywhere! Get a brain its not about rep or dem its abt our rights n freedoms!
All of these politicians dont care abt the average people they care abt greed n power n if you think your presudent doesnt want the same youre an idiot
me either Drew I knew it would happen
+amy bridgeman You just acted like this is Obama's fault. So which is? Obama's or the politician's? Because there is a pretty big difference. If you are saying it is the political machine's fault, then yes. I agree with you.
+amy bridgeman trust me... as a fan of guns I have been pissed off enough in recent months... now this? I just am tired of being pissed at our government at this point.
Democrats will always do more to trample individual rights in the name of "society" than any other group.  Not surprising they're doing it once again.
For everyone that has doubt that this is the fault of Obama why is this the fourth time this has came up since he's been in office? Also the last time it came up it stalled in Congress because he said he would veto it. That was obviously because of the election because this is the EXACT SAME BILL. 
Like the patriot act 1 and 2 you mean? Not American so just getting this into perspective. cheers
Have y'all read the plan? Or are you once more using the Fox-news - Bitch now, and never ask questions - method?
Yes, I've read it.  I also read the PATRIOT Act and keep a copy on my iPad.  Why? Because I enjoy photography and I run across the occasional cop who tries to tell me I can't take a picture of something because of the PATRIOT act - despite the fact that nothing in that bill ever mentions photography.
No. Fox makes it all up. It's cheaper than paying their writers.
Brad T
Everyone should listen to the Coast-to-Coast AM interview with Thomas Drake, ex-NSA agent that blew the whistle on the US Gov't domestic spy program. It's absolutely insane what the gov't is doing illegally. This is more than enough for impeachment. 
As I recall, a BJ was grounds for impeachment. As for Drake, he's gotta sell his book....
The nation doesn't have the stomach for impeachment. That's not a criticism, but rather an observation of just how divisive and destructive impeachment is to society. 

I never cared for Bill Clinton, but his impeachment was a good example of what not to do.
Impeachment? The president can now legally kill any American for any reason without restriction. F*ck. He is God.
+Kenneth Spicer Clinton wasn't impeached for the BJ, though that's what his apologists always say.  He was brought under impeachment for lying to Congress under oath.

Then he just said he "misspoke."  I couldn't stand Clinton, but impeachment was the wrong course of action.
So, how many times does Obama have to Lie before its too many for you supporters? What issue did you choose to back Obama over that would be the deal breaker for you? Is it CISPA or something else?
The only change I have seen is taxes went up and he has begun to reveal the deceptions that he made to stay in office.
I hope we manage to survive with our rights in tact so we can reverse the damage he has done!
We are not children. All presidents lie. Ronnie/Bush with their Iran Contra. Baby Bush and his WMD. Tricky Dick. etc.
And the alternative to Obama is what idiot? Let's face it the soup is pretty thin. We had an election and the the choice was dumb and dumber or Obama and Biden. The republicans are worse than the Democrats and that is saying a lot. Do you think there is a plan here?
+Diego CDeBaca I hope you realize every politician lies. The ones above mayor are usually corrupt as well. I've heard local politics is usually less corrupt. Anyway, the "other side" caused just as much damage when they were running things.
+Kenneth Spicer ...and you when you said that Fox makes up all its news.  I guess you don't have to be elected to be a liar.

At any rate, I know well that presidents on both sides have lied to the public. There's a bit more at stake when you lie to congress under oath while you're under investigation for misconduct.  You forgot to mention that part.  Was that a lie of omission?
Just another excuse to erode more rights away. 
A BJ wasnt grounds for impeachment...LIEING ABOUT IT WAS.....keep your eye on the facts and quit trying to distort what happened.... only mention your blinders on I see....
+amy bridgeman , we feel bad, but still happy we made the best choice. It would be far far far worse with any of the other guys.
Obama is doing something. Run for your lives! Get a grip people. Your psycho vet and the nut from Alaska lost in 2008 and your filthy rich moron (oops, Mormon) and libertarian cartoon boy lost in 2012 despite billions spent trying to buy them the White House. You get another chance in 2016 and every four years thereafter. (Hint: there aren't that many angry white men left. Maybe reach out to women, young peolple, minorities, you know, Americans.)
The era of the crusty old white man is over and so is the Republican party . 
+Thomas Aschemann This IS obamas fault bc he is the president of our nation n yes I do not support any part of our government but Obama is pure evil n only is looking for complete power over America n We call that a dictator. Never in the history of our Nation have so many orders n laws that take away our rights laid down by our forefathers except under obama. Get a clue!
Don't need government help for this. Seriously... they will just make it 10x worse as with everything.
+amy bridgeman guess you had your eyes shut during Bush's administration. He laid all the ground work.
David Z
He keeps this up there might be a another 1776.
+David Ziegler I think we need another 1776. Only way to undo the screwed up laws in this country.
+Ted Murray dont put me in a catagory. Im neither dem or rep Im an American thats all. I believe in my n your freedom from all political wrongs. I didnt support Bush. Stop deflecting thinking it makes Obama look better bc it doesnt. 
+amy bridgeman sorry, it just looked like you were singling out Obama. If that's not the case then I misread.

I don't take sides with either of the two polar extremes, btw.
+Kenneth Spicer you libs are all the same. Barack Obama could do our say a anything and you guys all fall in line. Every one of your networks work so hard to bend the truth. The only one that tells out like it is is Fox. Chris Rock stated that the president is our boss?! The last time I checked, the president works for the people- to uphold the laws of the constitution of the United States of America, not to try to find ways to circumvent them. At inauguration, Obama placed his hand on the bible and swore to do so. He neither believes in the bible not the constitution but you somehow are ok with that. Come on man. Do your homework.
whats the big deal?! what is wrong w you people do you want someone telling you where to go n what they deem fit for you to say? Good luck bc I will state my mind any damn where i want to. For my rights n freedoms I will gladly be persecuted. If you think following like sheep will keep yoi from the slaughter youre wrong.
+Jeffrey Rash it's funny how you say liberals blindly follow their news network of choice when I see people blindly follow Fox. Stop blaming one side when both sides are equally to blame.
+Ted Murray how long can you blame this on Bush. It's getting a little old. In 2006 gas was $1.86/gallon, unemployment was 7.5, and the American economy was prospering. Then came Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. That is the year they took over the finance committee. Bush tried to stop them from doing what they did with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 17 times. Keep playing the blame game and refusing to take responsibility for your party's irresponsible spending and taxing. The Obama administration has yet to even propose a budget, let alone a balanced one. That's against the law. But I suppose since your Muslim president says it's ok then it's fine.
+Jeffrey Rash Apparently you can't even read. I never said I side with Obama. I clearly said both sides are to blame. And stop being racist toward Muslims. Obama isn't even a Muslim.
Kenneth you're a tool! How about you suck a little reality and admit you Dems have your heads up your asses just as far as republicans do. If Democrats are so wonderful explain Obama's reason for amendments to the NDA. 
Don't you people know there's world rulers? They choose everything. We can vote but it's ultimately there decision. Plus the government will do what they want, they will lie and say this passed when it really didn't. We don't have a say in anything really.
nothing will ever change as long as Americans are divided n in fear. we allow these politicians to cont to rape our country n noone does anything. They want us to fight w each other to keep us down. we are the ones who ae supposed to run this country n somehow the monkeys are running the zoo now. Wake up n unite not as rep or dem but as Americans!
Shhh...its a secret! Loose lips sink ships!
Maybe Obama's a secret Mormon.  One can never be too sure....
Well duh... How else can the government coerce the country into agreeably joining the new world organization without being prepared to make it happen by force?
Im never voting again 
Well once your NWO .... your NWO 4 LIFE :)
Par-tay!  Rock The Boat!!!  Rock, Rock, Rock the Boat!!!  Gotta dump the Dems overboard!  Gotta dump the GOP overboard!  We will Rock, Rock, Rock the Boat!!!
This is just the beginning of what obama is going to do to tear america apart. Wait until obama care releases the new mandatory chip ,you think your privacy is being invaded now you havent seen shit. Impeach him while we still own our souls. 
btw Jared if you know anything abt voting it only counts certain states n your president won awfully he just has gotten away w it
+Jared Mericka you really are a douche lol I bet you are against bigotry or racism n yet you are hating the entire bible like gee Idk but Id call that bigotry. Grow up lil boy people are individuals. And besides what has God ever done to you.
I had a feeling the conversation was eventually going to turn to religion. Funny how political conversations tend to do that.
you really hate it when someone doesnt agree w you how sad for you :( 
the idiot Jared the democrat brought it up but I guess bc I believe in God Im the enemy Im ok w it. 
then mind your own countries politics. you dont live here or have any idea what we are going through under this idiots rule!
+Cameron Parry I respect your beliefs how abt respecting mine. you have no idea what God has done for me or anyone else
Lets see Obama was named after his Muslim father and continued to study Islam? Let's just call it what it is. Obama is a Muslim. You don't want to say that because it would mean you elected a terrorist sympathizer into office. That would make you look bad and against what America stands for. The USA used to be full of hard working people that took responsibility for their actions. Now most people want everything handed to them like the rest of the Eurotrash countries. Democrats and liberals want America to be more like Europe so we can be in the same financial boat as them. Fuck that. I say we get back to being the land of the prosperous hard working meat eating red blooded Americans that run our economy. Get rid of the fake Americans that wanted to be on the side of people like Jane Fonda, who committed treason by the way, draft dodging Clintons, cause he had no balls to fight for our country, and don't forget about Feinstein the true one that tramples on our bill of rights.
Im done only zombie sheep around! See you at the slaughter idiots! 
+amy bridgeman One Nation Under G-d indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all. Even for those that don't know the pledge. ;-)
A little ... sometimes I just think common sense has to come first . Its so hard not to want to tell the religious to get a second grade science book and grow up . But your right , trolling is trolling :). 
+Ted Murray he has stated himself on more than one occasion that he is proud of his Muslim faith. Take your blinders off man.
Look I love science and have read it. That doesn't mean I agree totally with how the world or we were created. The essence of being human or providing humanity is to allow and respect people's beliefs. One friend of mine who I say G-d bless you; he returns it back by saying Science. Now do I believe him no. Do I take his positive energy toward me... Absolutely.
Ed Hunt
Tell it like it is!
Never argue with a fool, for they are surely doing the same. I work on a gov. network everyday. And it has been under Obama's Administration for 5 years now. There will be no draconian actions. It would be counter-intuitive to correcting our economy. As for you nay-sayers, you're just spewing ignorance and panic.
Sort of like you did when you accused a major news network of just making it up?  

Good advice about arguing with a fool - or a partisan.
He might as well rewrite the constitution the way he wants it 
+Seth Leitman But isnt it a fine line between positive energy and a gentle mocking when someone says ' God Bless You' . Most people of faith are not very tolerant so its almost like saying ' Your going to hell and I'm not ' . This is only for Seth Leitman . 
Sorry Seth thought you were just be an a** like the rest. 
William Randolph Hurst was a "major news network", he invented "yellow
jounalism" and used it to start the Spanish American war. Just like the
other jerk with his WMD's.
Look how many of us are tired of the friggin spam saying we were receiving a 10 million dollar inheritance if we gave someone our bank account. Look free speech isn't the issue here. It's the war that the Chinese are creating by trying to jack and hack our infrastructure. At least that's what I have read the reasons for it are. Now if you don't think we are watched at what we say and do you're nuts. Just don't be trying to hack banks or companies and stuff. However, What is the point of destroying the company providing G+ to say what we are saying!!!!
Please.. his just getting warmed up.. unreall
Nah +amy bridgeman I'm what they call a rational person who loves G-d and respects all that makes us great!
No I'm not saying your going to hell. I would never say that +Cameron Parry what I'm saying is you have the right to say whatever you want. If you want to though not have a crazy ass response to things I learned to honor where people come from. If I ever gave any other impression I totally did and or want to put ya in hell. Science is your logic. I get that. However in my heart You still go to heaven. G-d loves you too in my opinion. 
+Cameron Parry I understand as well that most people of faith might want to have their way with ya. Yet I'm not like that. 
Ha.. I've been pissed at our government since the 90s the government is a joke.. they only make presidency because they get bought out.. why are people blind to this still, I swear if they were shackled and forced into slavery they would still support or government
WTF is wrong with these two parties!? What do they have against privacy and the Internet 
This is the one and only accomplishment of Anonymous. 
Seth I dont quite get your spelling of God w G-d?
We will do everything and anything to keep this bill from being passed. This isn't a bill set to protect your or my information it is to keep us from communicating between ourselves
So... Anyone here actually read the article?
In my faith I am not allowed to write it any other way bc only in prayer books, the bible or Torah is that word to be spelled out. Just the way I write it. It's still G-d !
;-) +amy bridgeman
I guess Romney was a better choice. NOT. If republicans want a republican president, you've got 4 years. Hopefully you can come up with someone better than Romney! !!!!!!!
+Larry O'Dell I was never thrilled about Romney as the candidate.  Then again, I wasn't really excited about any of the primary candidates for the Republican ticket.  
Is there any executive order that Obama won't sign. Aren't EOs treason? Why won't Americans wake up?!!!!
Look....Relax ,cyber security is for the lawless, not for those who watch a little porn online and are afraid that your wife might find out.
When is everyone going to realize that this 0bama wants to rule like a dictator.
We lost our rights as soon as the ink dried on The Patriot Act.  This is just another nail in the coffin of democracy.
they will make it up as they go along like the fact obama made it against the law to threaten his life. never in the history of presidents have they ever needed such a law. Hes a paranoid dictator. Tbey can say its alot of things doesnt mean they cant change it once its in affect
+William Beem interesting. Given that the executive order involves only suggestions that President Obama recommends major US Internet companies to comply...

I just wanna know why one of the more moderate Presidents in recent times should warrant the reaction,

Democrats will always do more to trample individual rights on the name of "society"

Seems a little exaggerated and hyperbolic.

I'm not happy to see CISPA back, but it was much better worded than SOPA, and there is no reason to not figure out some way to better secure our infrastructure.

And he's not making it mandatory, its voluntary.
Blind lead the sighted down a dark alley as the blind can see without light, but the sighted are afraid of the supposed boogieman in the dark..
If Obama upsets so many people how did he get elected. Maybe because republicans are brain dead. And remember, a woman can't get pregnant during rape because her body shuts down
"obama made it against the law to threaten his life"  excuse me; but this is a false accusation it is and has been since before Lincoln a federal crime to threaten the life of any US President active or retired.. in fact it is a crime to treaten anyone's life,, even stupid people!
+Roy Charles If a american is out doing crime (robbery, rape, murder) then that american deserves to die. Don't want to die? Then don't do crime...simple.
The hell with the government, they are putting us against each other 
Bring it, and this combat vet will show you what it means to be an  enemy of the state.
For all the people tired of our government try Canada, too cold? ?? There's always Mexico
not liking or supporting obama hasnt got anything to do w a party. I dont like him n Im no republican. I dont wish to be put in a box by politicians. He is aiming for a dictatorship mark my words
+Jim Avila well shut my mouth! You're right! I actually just leapt to the conclusion that CISPA was the unnamed bill.

Now I'm very curious to hear the President's plan now that I realize this article is actually about two different bills.
As the head of the executive branch of the federal government, a president can issue executive orders only to employees of the federal government—and only regarding implementing federal laws or programs. A governor can likewise issue executive orders to employees of his state government regarding the laws or programs of that state.

PS... his so-called Gun Control Exec. Order was in fact a proclamation  I believe, and handled much differently. In the United States, the President's proclamation does not have the force of law, unless authorized by Congress. If Congress were to pass an act, which would take effect upon the happening of a contingent event, and subsequently the President proclaimed that the event happened, then the proclamation would have the force of law.
Its aimed at foreign corporations stealing idea's of American corporations. Republicans will criticize anything Obama does. Elections over, get over it
Well as Mark Twain said about the US Congress that Asylum of helpless and incompetent jackasses who don't wheather they are going or coming Amen to that
look at that stupid idiot people reelected.
Well now Obama wants to be a dictator. That's an improvement from his first election when everyone said he was the anti-Christ
Kenneth Spicer. Republicans don't get their news from fox, they get it from the internet. They can't put it on the internet if its not true

These are different times, than then times past. We must know our enemy, sometimes the greatest enemy is ourselves. Prevention from self destruction in order for the preservation of life sometimes making decisions that we don't want
Either President Obama does nothing and shows no leadership or he's starting his first steps towards a Dictatorship.

Haters gon' hate.
+Gato Surplexus "I hate you william chase with all my heart and soul and you have no redemption now.  Steal a loaf of bread so I can cut off your hand forever, baby.  Bad road."........................."no offense intended or received, william". 
Which is it? You offend me by saying you hate me (although you don't know me), and you want to cut off my hand, then you say 'no offense. First: I am not a thief, and will never be a thief. Second: come at me with a knife, you better have a lot of training, and no fear of death, because I will feed you that knife blade first. Third: watch what you say and don't offend someone for no reason. We all express our views as intelligently as possible (sometime anger and frustration over-rules our intelligence {human nature}). but to attack someone (verbally / physically / socially) warrants a counter attack in-kind. 
Just curious how many of you who trying to impeach Obama also a gun supporters ?
+William Major STFU up with the racism BS. Obama is just a treasonous president. That's why we don't like him.
George Orwell's "1984" wasn't supposed to be an instructional manual.
 ~ Internet meme circa 2008
racists on both sides +William Major.  don't point fingers until you realize both parties are full of idiots and racists.
Leave the clean up to you.
It's your usual job.
Sean Reynolds I was being sarcastic about the internet and l hope you were also. That's where I read Obama was the anti-Christ
Great, how will they try to hide it this time?
Vet or no vet respect is respect you give it you get it, its that simple. Who's masking, no need to write in caps . Whos talking about iraq plus different president whos cleaning up the shit left behind . Discuss the topic, if you have unfinished business take the next plane to iraq
Thanks for the heads up.... time to mount up the offensive defense. May the Swartz be with us!
+Aaron Swartz 
They'll sweep it under the rug and lie about it when it's discovered. 
I glad more and more Americans are waking up. Americans need to get " mad as hell' about the destruction Constitution.  They would rather have us surrender our freedoms and our very lives to World Communist State. 
The elite are having a party and we are paying for it.
This tyrant needs to be stopped, all he is trying to do is grab more power, and that comes from the people. This idiot needs to be put out of office for the good of the country.
+amy bridgeman u said u believe in GOD. Pray he gives u a good sleep n a buddy to listen to u at home. So at least v dont c u here. Obama a dictator, lady hv a beer n chill.

Same story every time!! Blame it on foreign country to restrict our freedoms !!! "Fool me once shame on you , Fool me twice shame on me !!! 
If the American government upsets so many why do they stay here, its not perfect but its the best country in the world
I am not worried about some schmuck in a cave taking my rights, those in the federal government are the ones doing that.
The world is ever changing.  So far I am not sure if it is for the better, or for the worse.
You idiots voted for him. Be careful what you wish for. Change, yeah change. 
Land of the free , and home of the brave our national anthem where take off our hats and put our right hand over our hearts. The same government who has provided America's favorite past time defending our freedom and crying over cispa or lets just for wait another 9-11 oh... yeah I think thats better.
One of these people is more psycho than the others.... Who is it? Go! 
Put your faith in God not man, you'll never be satisfied with our government because it's in their nature to screw things up 
It's funny how how the internet has turned rumors to facts... 
I guess we'll see.

I'm betting we have no last bastion of sanity left.
This was introduced by the House in response to attacks around the world. Obama threatened veto. Gee, wonder why? . . . With more recent attacks the President is revisiting the idea, no doubt with a few tweaks. Relax, your day-to-day lives will not be affected but you can continue to freak out with Obama's every action if you want. Kinda' funny, actually . . .
the machine take over is in ya  face robo planes that pick their own targets and the machine  listens to all you say and send vide e mail  next no cash  codex alimanterius austerity  spreading from one country to another  thanks  wanker bankers
lets make sure it doesnt happen
Will this finally wake up the sheep? Probably not. How do all the brainwashed people like Obama now?
Next will be the ban on guns. Maybe the sheep can bring hot chocolate to the armed guards on their street after we have Martial Law. 
+Cameron Parry uh no the north would not destroy the south in under a day maybe with help but as for the fact that this would not be a war between south and north there is a major difference. This would be a war between the conservatives and the liberals most of which would destroy the liberals
+Jared Mericka Jared ever notice most of the "first world" you speak of is either communistic or held on a chain....yeah just putting that out there
+Jason Habiger you need to stop listening to the media and start paying attention. Both parties sold out on us long ago.
I could at least understand somebody supporting Romney, simply because Obama is far and away the worst president we've ever had. But to still support Obama at this point in time is TOTALLY MIND BOGGLING! Our country is in serious trouble right now. People have to unite AGAINST FUKING OBAMA or we're going to lose our freedom.
Everyone knew this would happen. Gues what!? IT IS ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE. Game over 
+Chris B Johnson amazing truthful and made me laugh at the same time all in the work of someone who actually pays attention. That's awrsone
+Zach Alcorn why is this downhill? hacking servers is wrong its not your server to be on. The regulation of security of servers and websites is the same as requiring a bank to lock up their money. If anything this executive order will bring a new age of security to the web for the common user. 
Great post Chris. But perhaps the biggest media lie of all
is calling the 85 Billion a month Bernanke is handing to Wall Street, "Stimulus to the Economy." Whose economy????
Warren Buffet?? Billionaires?
+Chris B Johnson - Well, because it's in all caps, I guess it's all true, innit?  

If you expect me, for one, to believe you, then back this up.  Provide evidence of what you are saying instead of impotently yelling and screaming about it.  You have one chance, and it had best be in your next post if you want me to believe what you have to say.
Go Obama that's 8 years he's going to be in the White House go Obama let's go
Two questions for Obama supporters. Why are you so quiet about his halting the investigation of Fast and Furious and how is his approving Bernanke's 85 Billion a month to Wall Street going to cut down on the deficit? Now please answer these questions or get the F outta here. Nothing personal of course. Ö¿Ö
 +Ron Fleishman  well if you want to get into deficient spending we can discuss how the one way to truly eliminate the deficit is to increase taxes witch the Conservative right will not let happen for some illogical reason witch with your lack of thinking I assume  you are 
Nothing personal, of course
+Ron Fleishman - How do you expect people to be critical with no background?  Provide background, or get the fuck out.  Nothing personal, of course.
Ron you won't get answers on questions like that because most of his supporters have never heard of Fast and Furious, BenBernanke, Benghazi.....they are ignorant.  They voted for him because he's a black man, because he's cool, he's a celebrity to them. No leadership knowledge needed or expected.
Get that clown black man out of the white house that idiot americans voted for and maybe just maybe things might turn back into order and normalcy
+Ron Chandler i know fast and furious is and it wasn't a good idea, but it wasn't his, one of his cabinet members made a mistake and he protected him. The left simply wanted to use fast and furious to make the administration look bad when the previous one had many more failing, and to my knowledge was a radical republican administration. 

the Benghazi attack was no reason to start a war in Libya over  the guards advised the people who did die to leave but they did not they suffered the results  of their dissension 
+Douglas Saylor I don't see how that is possible since Mr. Obama has not gotten us in two wars or drove us into an economic decline unseen since the great depression 
Douglas I don't agree with everything Bush done as a president but there is no denying when that man said he would do something (whether wrong or right).....bam it was done. 
Ha ha ha ha people like Jared Davis make me literally fall on the floor laughing my damn ass off. One of the great things of this country is you have the right to say whatever you long as it doesn't infringe upon someone else's right. In saying that I'll say, "Get that fucking clown who is pretending to try to lead us and this country out of office and maybe just maybe things might go back to some sense of normal. Second, you can beat me up, choke slam me, murder me.....I will never ever never call Obama my president.'' I label him as that black man 
I find that people who looks for the worst in people should look for the worst in themselves. For the President haters! All I am saying is trust the system that is created and we all work on ourselves. 
+Jared Davies are you going to answer my questions or not? Obama is against everything that America has ever stood for including the constitution. I was a proud American until Obama got re-elected. Now I have to hope people like you don't sit back while Obama destroys this country.
+Upforfun R.Douglas the security of servers is a pressing issue in the united states. A listed in the article national security servers and servers containing millions of user information is at risk. 

Also the term "monkey paws" is extremely racist and archaic.  If you are ignorant  witch your destruction of our language and apparent racism shows, please never contribute to this or anything again.
+Justin Gilbert of what? 

obviously your posting random things that have nothing to do with anything

that is completely irrelevant and random, I have idea what talking about

what is he supposedly stealing?
+Jared Davies Obviously, you can love your country without loving it's leaders. In fact, it's unAmerican to believe otherwise.
+Timothy W I don't believe you are a solid judge of what is american and what is not 

so please don't say things you cant support
By the time this asshole is finished with our country (that's right!!!! I said OUR COUNTRY.... NOT YOURS OBAMA!!!! ), Russia will have more freedom than us! I hope all you morons that voted for this idiot, gets a stomach virus that last a lifetime, from all the BULLSHIT lies he had feed you all! 
Mr. Will Ingram, I am 44 years of age. I don't mean to disrespect you when I say, "Man, are you on Crack when you make a statement like that about trusting the system and work on ourselves?" The very person that is suppose to be running this system and guideding us people at the bottom of the totem pole...that person (Obama) is tearing it down
+Jared Davies I'll repeat my questions. How is Bernanke's 85 Billion a Month that's being handed to Wall Street with Obama's approval going to cut down on the deficit and what are your thoughts on Obama's halting the investigation of Fast and Furious?
Snopes is funded by George Soros (the Obama donor who sold his own people out for cash) you can't trust any thing on that site.

As for those concerned with "cyber" security and such...perhaps you have missed the past week where the King has decreed you can be targeted and killed anywhere, anytime, for any reason. No evidence, no court, no trial. Just the King's signature. You have much bigger things to worry about.
T Mare
How many more lies must he be caught in before impeachment is thought about?
+T Mare Democrats don't get impeached. Only Republicans get impeached. The liberal media makes sure of that. If Bush would have done even a fraction of what Obama has done they would have been crying for impeachment. In fact they where. 
I hope so.  IT is shameful that the best of our governmental security experts are prohibited from protecting our civilian online infrastructure.
+Upforfun R.Douglas Just because its a right doesn't mean you need to exercise it, if I want to hear your level of brain activity I would go to a morgue
+Jane Hull why pass legislation so people at power and water plants can surf Facebook? There is no other rational reason to have these systems on line in the first place. This is about ending free speech on the internet. 
Impeachment!! Now that would be a dream come true! Only problem is..... How are we (sane Americans) going to convince all the morons in this Country (who keep voting for him) that they're NOT GOING TO GET FREE HAND OUTS FROM OBAMA and TO GET A REAL LEGIT JOB LIKE THE REST OF US! 
 +ironduff nick  i love your sighting of ancient texts that have become irrelevant as wisdom since the turn of the 20th century 
Curtis, you're completely wrong. Read more about it.  Don't just say things as if they are facts like MSNBC and FOX. Be analytical.  It's fine if you do not like our president. Be critical, but you exagerated to the point where it becomes a lie. I hope you were also this upset about the Patriot Act.
+Billy Mullinax do you understand that to be impeached the president must first committing a crime, witch is in the case of Mr. Obama a mentor hitting the earth is more likely.
Jared, I've been accused of a lot of things but sheep was never one of them. You don't seem to have any grasp of what America is really all about. One of the fundamentals of the first amendment is to be able to speak out against your leadership. Obama is supposed be the president of the people NOT just Wall Street. His policies are destroying this country. We can't afford the national deficit to keep going up just to fatten the wallets of billionaires in this country while the middle class continues to die and more and more people go into poverty. If you lived in Nazi Germany in the 30s, I'm sure you would have supported Hitler too. 
T Mare
The problem is the people that voted for this idiot will just keep lying to themselves thinking "it's gonna change" when in reality, they keep asking themselves, "what did I do". 
yeah, right. White House is ahead of hackers and knows JUST what to do… 
+Ron Fleishman no we cant "afford the national deficit to keep going up just to fatten the wallets of billionaires in this country" so lets do what the democratic party suggest (btw that's Obama) raise tax's on the "job creators" 
The good news! You conservatives are never be able impeach Obama because you in minority! You lost my Friends and we liberals won with majority . So leave with it!!!!
Impeachment for what? Before you go classifying everyone who has a  voted for him as morons you should consider this, I own two businesses plus I work part time somewhere else and I am working on my masters degree so instead labeling people try, just try to listen to something else besides Fox, and Limbaugh and Romney and get a grip on the world. A lot of people who voted for him are hard working and trust me you will survive we had to put up with eight years of incompetence from George can handle a president that can do more than read a newspaper
T Mare
Because he speaks his mind? I hope he gets put 6 foot under too! Fuck him! 
That's real intelligent Marianna. What exactly did you win? 
Can you name one thing Obama has done to help those who are less than millionaires? Didn't think so. Our freedom is also at stake, but what do you care, you won right? Are you one of those in Cleveland who thought Obama gave you a free cell phone?
Raise taxes on the wealthy... Yeah that's the right idea..... Punishment for the successful! That's BULLSHIT too! Give me one reason why that is fair. 
+Ron Fleishman yes i can name something "Obama has done to help those who are less that millionaires" the whole medicare care....ya that helped the polar opposite of millionaires
Obama is an Idiot Amy you're (right) 
+Billy Mullinax I can give you tons of reasons why that is right. but I will name the most substantial IF YOU HAVE MORE YOU SHOULD GIVE MORE if your making 2 million a year you shouldn't be paying a lower percentage than someone making 50 thousand 
I keep seeing all of these statements about impeaching Obama let me point something out....the patriot act was passed in a different administration first of all, secondly why is it all the sudden republicans  have a sense of memory loss, this crap became common place with Ronald Reagan really if you want to place blame begin with the actor who was always an actor... I don't defend any of it but what I am saying is its nothing new people so stop acting like it is get your facts straight
+pierce gordon Obama invented Medicare?? OH....I thought he was the one who invented the internet. Meanwhile, perhaps you should do some research and see how much Obamacare is going to hurt small businesses. Who going to pay for it? Wall Street?
So, what exactly is the problem with Obama's cybersecurity order?  (CISPA is bad stuff, but that's a separate item.)   There are a lot of companies out there whose security is just completely broken: hackers walking around inside their machines and grabbing stuff.
+Ron Fleishman medicare it benefits the poor witch are the polar opposite of the rich therefore you're original logic is invalid 
Kim Stuart... Obama can't even read and follow the Constitution..... Until he can abide by the Constitution, he'll never do anything positive for this Country. I also never claimed Bush to be the best President..... As a matter of fact, I was not impressed with him either..... But at least he NEVER steered away from our Constitutional RIGHTS! 
+Kim Stuart Please answer my questions. How is Obama's approval of 85 Billion to Wall Street every month going to lower the deficit? And, tell me what you think of Obama halting the investigation of Fast and Furious? Hey, what's 30,000 lives among If we didn't live in a Corporate Monarchy which you support, he certainly should be impeached for that. 
+Billy Mullinax first of all I don't care if you voted for him or not agree with him or not but your comment makes you look like ignorant. It's only crap Billy if you don't actually take the time to get different view points, and research the items form a lot of different sources because that makes you ignorant. 
Our president is a lying creep....

God Save the USA from Obama!!
Alex, you mean the Patriot Act authored by plugs (Joe Biden)? 
+Kim Stuart listening to the mainstream media is not my idea of research. Now are you going to answer my questions?
+Jared Sauble Improper English really messes up your statement, and Bush lied through his I am having a difficult time understanding the justification for your comment about when he said something it got honesty the president signs laws and if you have a congress that will not work with you than it is kind of hard to get it done as you put it
Obamaites are fools, affixing the shackles to their own ankles. But hey, you got your EBT cards...right?
Let's face it -- privacy does not exist and Obama is signing all kinds of executive orders to further that agenda. If you do not like it write your representatives and take a stand. Complacency does not protect your rights.
Yes they did Ron which is why the Tea Party came along and has grown so large and powerful in a short time. I'm a Conservative not shackled by some letter after my name.
+Jamie Keefer your just not getting it. If you want the government to control the internet then move to China. Personally I would rather be free. 
+Marianna Baker in this last election there was only 40% Republican turnout and only about half of the conservatives in this country are registered to vote and Obama won 51% to 49%. Your the majority my ass. less then 25% of the conservatives in this country actually voted. Keep dreaming. 
+Marianna Baker too bad your PHD hasn't given you any street smarts. How does 85 Billion a month to Wall Street lower our deficit and how is halting the investigation of Fast and Furious benefit the over 30,000 who were killed by it? You young people with your college degrees really seem to be clueless when it comes to real life. Want me to change my opinion of you? Then answer my questions!
+Breisha Smith It's because he's black, you know you have no other reason for feeling that way
No, Pierce. Stop listening to Obama and the Obama Media Group. As for gridlock, good. Precisely as the founders intended. 
Obamanites are not answering my questions because they have no answer. They are sheep who are helping Obama destroy our country by their unwillingness to fight back. America is in trouble.
+Ron Fleishman no were not answering your questions because your annoying your like a parrot just repeating repeating just shutup
Is this tee party gathering? Sorry I am just on a wrong place than. 
The ironic thing is we have seen what you liberals do with power. If you get the power over the internet you people would literally ban everything you don't like. This includes right wing websites, any website that doesn't agree with global warming (I mean climate change, or whatever name your using this week), and anything else that you don't like. For crying out load your trying to ban guns based on what they look like. That's like banning all red cars because you don't like the color red. You people had large sodas banned in New York and your trying to pass a bill in California that will make pedophilia a sexual orientation. Do you really think we're going to let you have control of the Internet? You people have proven to be irresponsible with power. 
Thank you Mr Pierce Sheep for confirming that 85 billion of month in handouts to Wall Street is okay and allowing 30,000 people to die without an investigation is okay. You're the typical Obama supporter and dumber than a parrot.
Yes, gridlock is good. It prevents any big changes unless there is a large consensus as opposed to one party ramming through their agenda. Checks and balances. It's a fundamental pillar of our Republic.
+marinaan yes your outnumbered, its because this is a conservative country and your king Obama is waking the conservatives up. 
Yeah, Marianna anybody who supports Obama with nothing to back their argument is always in the wrong place. So why don't you please leave. I don't support the Republicans either.   So take your "tee" (sic) party BS and shove it.
+Curtis Pavlovec deadlock? cornerstone of our government  that's a new one,  makes as much since as building house on sand 
+John Benussi I wouldn't worry much. The USA is still mostly conservative and in the last month I have seen more and more conservatives join the fight. By 2014 the liberals will not have a chance. We need to start passing the word around and get people involved. The liberals do it, so should we. 
+Alex Klindt conservative is progress you moron. Liberals support failed Marxist policy. Conservatives created the strongest and richest country in the world in less then 100 years. 
what people don't realize is no matter who is president they have to follow the orders too. If Romney was Pres it would be exactly the same. 
Obama is so far to be a good president. America deserves more a wise president who believe in principles of America. God bless America
+Naphaun Baylor Exactly! Democrats and Republicans are the same party. People have to wake up to that before it is too late.
Pierce you are emblematic of the problem. If you don't understand gridlock and know that our founders designed and intended for it...I'm scared of what else you aren't aware of.
History is no longer taught in our schools and this thread is proof of it. Good grief.
+Alex Klindt I have already said this once but I will repeat it for you. Conservative voting turnout in the last election was about 40%. Only about half of all conservatives are actually registered to vote. In the last election Democrats had a record turnout and only won by 1%. It was 51% to 49%. Do the math. Only about 25% of conservatives actually voted. 
Funny how the socialists like to pass laws restricting freedom. 
+Alex Klindt the biggest excuse conservatives gave for not being registered voters is jury duty. I know its a stupid excuse but that's life. I am doing what I can to get as many registered as possible for the next election. 
Mr. Sauble, I am proud American that has strong patriotic beliefs, one man doesn't tear down a system. It is a collection of individuals that do, not knowing what, who, or why they believe in the way they believe. If the system sir, is ran by one person then why is it so difficult for one to get anything accomplish? 
+Will Ingram that much power in one mans hands is dangerous. That's why the country has been set up with checks and balances. The point of America is that we the people are in control. The government works for us. We are the boss. 
dey wanna take yer gurns!
Rich white, thank you for the political science lesson, but here is a history lesson for you let's cut away what you know about politics, and let's remove what you read or watch on the news station of your choice. By the way I will not name them by name. Can you sir tell me one that I do not know? The belief is the system not the person! 
+Will Ingram I don't get my political knowledge from propaganda. Have you actually read the constitution? That's the ultimate history lesson about our rights and what the government can't do. What's happening right now the constitution specifically says they can't do. That's the point. Also I don't understand your question exactly. Do you want me to name a news organization or a history lesson? I didn't quite follow your post on that. 
+Johnny Haxx why is my name racist? You people really need to lay off dropping the racism card. You have called wolf so many times the term racism today is a joke. 
T Mare
Ignore the idiots Rich....especially the one who plays friggin Pokemon or some 5th grader bullshit.
+T Mare to be honest, sometimes I just want to understand these people. I mean everything the Democrats are doing has been tried before and failed miserably. Like Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, even China. It all lead to the complete and total loss of freedom and then genocide. I just don't understand if they actually want that to happen or if their unaware it happened. Has the education system in this country just completely stopped teaching history? You know what they say, if you don't study history you're doomed to repeat it. 
T Mare
A little? Dude. Seriously....
T Mare
The whole thing is and always will be a stalemate. 
+Rich White hilarious, comparing the federal government to Nazi Germany. Saying that things aren't looking good for China right now. Bringing everything back to the cold war. You're like an encyclopedia of out-of-touch conservatism. 
T Mare
Good one Johnny! Lol!
T Mare
I'll join ya Johnny! Haha!
+Alex Klindt shows how much you know about history son. Hitler was elected. Actually the majority of the population acted exactly the same as they do now about Obama. People cheered for him and idolized him. He promised things would be more fair. He then slowly started taking away freedoms. Those Freedoms started disappearing faster and faster. Then he took their guns. The rest is history. For you not to see any similarities in what's going on today is just downright frightening. You really should pick up a history book and learn for yourself. Don't take my word for it its historical record. Russia and China fell into communism pretty much the same way. Russia was an economic issue and a little more complicated. But you get my point. Rather than just blowing it off as propaganda pick up a book, I dare you. 
here we go again....the tired comparison of Hitler to Obama
T Mare
And what would the "wrong side" be? You mean the side not being oblivious to how screwed this country is? If so, then I'm quite fine. Thanks for your concern. 
+Rich White I know about Nazi Germany. I know more about Russia than you, as it's a hobby of mine and China's looking pretty damn good right now. Really you've only said things that I could find from some hick in a Micheal Moore documentary, that's why I laugh at you, you're quite honestly amusing.
+Kahil Nettleton starting by attacking conservatives out of the gate tonight are we? Are you actually going to comment on the topic or you just going to throw around attacks on conservatives like you usually do? 
+Kahil Nettleton by the way you guys constantly compared Hitler to Bush. What I was comparing is this country's state of affairs with what brought along Nazi Germany. The comparison can be made with any president not just Obama. However he just makes it easier. 
+Rich White Yes, I know...that is a tired tactic that neither facts nor history back up.  You'll have a point once an entire group of people are being blamed for the country's problems and they start rounding them up.
+Alex Klindt and targeting American citizens with drones is nowhere near as bad right? Seriously? Bush wanted to know what was going on, which I don't agree with by the way. Obama wants to kill American citizens without a judge and jury. In fact he doesn't just want to, he already has. 
+Rich White ahhh...trying to play that card now?  Only American citizens on foreign soil who pose a credible and clear threat to the U.S.  Did you even read it?  It was in plain English.
Well let's see how many more of our civil liberties they take before people pull their heads out of T.V. land and wherever else and band together to put a stop to this global take over crap!! Quit being sheep! !
Johnny have you seen all three movies? I've got them on DVD.
+Kahil Nettleton no judge or jury did you get that. How often does the government get stuff what's wrong. Do you really want to trust them to make a decision of who lives or dies? For god sake white conservative gun owners are on the top of the terrorist watch list under Obama. That's me. Obama is calling us terrorists and he wants to right to be able to strike suspected terrorists without a judge and jury. I'm sorry that's wrong I don't care what party your part of. That's called tyranny. 
+Michael Thornton You do realize that its everyone's fault right?  Congress creates our laws and we voted them into office.  Vote more wisely next time.
+Jason Jerdee You clearly do not know what an executive order is.  They do not and cannot create law.  They can only enforce existing law.  Only Congress can create law.  Come on...we all learned this in grade school.
We the people do not need a Congress !!! Wake up people they are calling the shots vote out Congress elect your city Mayors. And im sure the good old usa will change and become way Better!! 
+Alex Klindt are you high. Actually, seriously. Are you high? When did i mention the second amendment, and how did I misrepresent it? I was talking about Obama killing American citizens without a judge and jury. 
+John Benussi
lol...really?  starting a debate by making personal attacks?  Debating skills elude you.

No, Rich was being serious...he literally thinks that we are heading to a place like Nazi Germany.  He's done this tirade on many other threads before.
+John Benussi Says the person who just made baseless insults a few posts back.  Come on...take your own advice bud.
+Kahil Nettleton that was a serious statement and thats your response? Are you here to actually contribute to the conversation or are you here just to troll.

You seriously think it's okay for Obama to have the power to make the decision of who lives and who dies? And this decision should be based on criteria that they set? Then you're going to deny the association that I make with the Communist dictator guilty of genocide in the exact same way? Rather than give me a smart alec put down, why not give a serious answer? 
If someone commits treason on foreign soil and is about to take American lives, they've given up the right to those things.  Or are you ok with a slap on the wrist for treason?

Hitler wasn't a communist.  You're the one saying that things are parallel here...that we are on the road to being like Nazi Germany.  Completely baseless.

Really?  You're one to talk.  Your tired comparisons cannot be backed up by fact nor history.
+Alex Klindt you see that's the problem with you liberals, the reason why you're not informed is because you never listen to the other person side of the story. I listen to most of your guys is wacked out policy ideas. I don't agree with them at all and can normally pick them apart with no effort at all. But I at least listen. You're shutting me simply because I'm a conservative. You haven't taken me seriously since the very beginning of this topic. And the comment about gun owners. Its fact. Obama's terrorist watch list has white conservative gun owners as the number 1 threat for terrorism. 
We are devided.. Always been... U can try to wake people.. But in the end u just need to know what u believe and know what side u are on.. Not waste energy on useless minds. 
+Rich White really gotta stop calling everyone who doesn't fall in line with your radical views a liberal.  Such an ignorant thing to say.

And Obama's terrorist watch list does not have white, conservative, gun owners at the top.  Why do you keep saying things like that when you know you cannot back them up?
+Kahil Nettleton the Bush administration did everything they could do to apprehend and question suspects that they accused of terrorism. Obama just kills them. With no oversight mind you. 1 man makes the decision who lives and who dies. And you guys compared Bush to Hitler. 
LMFAO...and you trash others for "defending" Obama....See what you just did for Bush?

Would be nice if you managed to back anything up rather than repeating Fox News/Limbaugh talking points.
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