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Not really surprised by this. With Notes and Reminders becoming separate apps in OS X Mountain Lion, this makes total sense, and I was figuring they would do this. Now if I could have more than one of these open at one time, such as in separate tabs, that would be fantastic.
The backing away from Google Maps leaves me wondering if it's the data and the services that could let Google come out ahead of any competition in the smartphone market? It seems quite late for Apple to get into location and mapping only as of now.
I think I would have to agree with +Matthias Käppler on this. Are IOS users going to unnecessarily suffer with an inferior product or at least be given the "choice" to have Google Maps remain on their devices?

And if Google Maps leaves will people still upgrade to the latest IOS? Personally, I might give it some thought.

Google Maps works for me 99% of the time. Not sure I would want to trade it for something that works 90% of the time or less.
Alleged leak for marketing. Skydrive and dropbox are much better
My main concern with the Maps app is losing the ability to access transit info. My local transit agency has a decent mobile website, and there's Google Maps in the browser, but the Maps app just works the best for me. Losing access to that functionality would be an issue for me.
They really need Photo Stream on the web.
+Stuart Allen I have not personally seen the replacement but have only read about some of the feedback of the potential open source Apple version (the company is not coming to me). I certainly I think the move comes as a result of +Google Maps requiring higher licensing fees (

Hopefully what you say about "choice" occurs in this situation. I would hate to see Google Maps removed from iPhone. Also, I do believe that with all of Google's products, they have a vested interest in making sure they are available to everyone and on any device.
I have an iPhone and iPad and love Apple. But i doubt it's going to mean choice. It's in Apple's interest to have their own map service. One because the apple / google partnership is clearly diminishing. And two because of this:
If i were apple, i'd want to be protected against the possibility of relationships going sour, google rips up any special deal apple has, and apple has to pay for every ios user that is over the cap.
If i were apple, i'd recognize that i'm a big enough company to develop a service on my own. Browsers are a choice because of past lawsuits. Maps are fair game. I doubt this will be choice, but your guess is as good as mine.
+Stuart Allen That does look really incredible, though I'm afraid it would choke my poor little iPhone 4. Or a 3G network. Now I am really looking forward to the WWDC keynote!
+Thomas George Being late to the party doesn't necessarily mean sucking. Look at Faceboook (taking over MySpace, Friendster, etc.) Or Apple itself with the iPod. And of course Apple doesnt want to pay fees to Google. They have the cash to replicate and potentially supercede the functionality of Google Maps.
Tee Jay
+Marcel Klimo they have the money, but not the brains! Google maps will be a clear winner for a while. Apple can't compete even if they made their own.
+Trisjen Harris Money can buy you talent and having a great management team at Apple can really help to make a competitive product easily. We'll see how things turn out.
These "horserace" articles about Google vs Apple are annoying. I am an android user and love it. I neither hate or love Apple but can admit they set the standard for user experience. But I still really hope for a RIM resurgence and I love the Lumia. Enough with the device envy....find a device you like and get the most out of it.
I can't wait! Hopefully my 4S can keep up! 
i have a bad feeling that the 4s is gonna be laggy as shit with OS6. Just like the iphone 4 with OS5
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