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New 'Prometheus' video: watch robot Michael Fassbender cry
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Sigh...I think I'm going to stay off the internet for a while. I had no idea his character was a robot.
Graagagh! Been trying to avoid anything about this film as I'm a huge fan of old Wriggles (Ridley Scott) and want to go in with innocent eyes.
This movie can't come soon enough.
It seems like trailers like this are made more to augment the movie experience, than to spoil it. It's pretty cool.

Can't wait for the movie!
I can't wait for the movie either, Ridley Scott seems to knock 'em out of the ballpark each and every time! :P)
I love supplemental content like this to promote a film. Flesh out the universe and prime the viewer.
+Casey Attaway Let's hope so. I'm avoiding watching this, even though I now know Fassbender is a robot, as I've no trust that the marketing people who push these things care whether they spoil the plot or not.
Yeah I see what you are saying +Joseph Hughes . I wonder if certain directors (like Mr. Scott) demand to have a bit of creative control over trailers and stuff like this on movies they are directing?
Jean B
Ironically, +Joseph Hughes, your comment about the spoiler was the spoiler for me.
The quality of the trailers for this film, that were not actual in movie footage but evidently suplemental material, is extraordinary.
it's been so long since i've been in the alien/aliens universe, i forgot they friggin had robots.
I love how they dropped in that piece about being able to follow directives that humans might find distressful or unethical. A nice reference to the android Ash in the original Alien movie, which Ripley though was malfunctioning, but was in reality following just such a "distressful or unethical" directive.
Yeap, there's been a robot/android/artificial person in every Alien film. In order, they were: Ash, Bishop, Call, and now David (A B C D, get it?)
+Thomas George I'd avoided knowing that till this post, and I doubt they'd repeat the 'it's a robot' reveal as it's been done before. I think I just miss the unknowing of seeing a film in the pre-internet age. I saw Blade Runner without knowing a thing about it, and that was a great experience. It probably doesn't spoil a thing and I'm not going to avoid social networks for the next 2 months, but I could have done without +The Verge putting it in the title. Hey, could be worse: I read a comment about a character in Game of Thrones that now has me having them on a 'death watch' every time they're onscreen.
+Joseph Hughes - Any particular character on Game of Thrones you are concerned about on a death watch? I swear like half the characters you meet in Book 1 (the first season on the show), are either dead, dying, presumed dead or left in a "condition unknown" type of cliffhanger, by the time you get to book 5. For me one of the best and worse parts about the huge ensemble in those novels is how the story isn't driven by or dependent on any one character and how the author is not afraid to chop of the head of any prominent character should the story require it. at the same time it is kind of annoying that his habit of doing so keeps on making the story meander a bit when after five books, IMHO it should be starting to bring events to a common head.
+Joseph Hughes and +Thomas George: I read the Game of Thrones books (well the first 4) and I know who dies and other stuff and it kills me as I watch the show because now I'm waiting for it and it hurts my heart. But I do hope this season kicks ass.
I totally get what you are saying +Joseph Hughes . The last movie I remember getting to see without knowing anything about it that really blew my mind was the first Matrix.

All the trailers showed barely anything and about the only words I remember from them was the quote from Morpheus about how no one can be told what the Matrix is, they have to see it.

That was so awesome! And you can never go back and see it that way again. I think that adds something so unique and priceless to movies like that. You would think more directors and writers would try for that same effect today.
anyone else think too much is given away in the trailers for this movie? One trailer I saw what seemed to show a major climactic event in the plot....albeit very quickly
He speaks fluently in German and has that British accent when he played in Inglourious Basterds. Michael Fassbender is impressive. Charlize Theron is beautiful and talented. Two great actor/actress in one movie, what's not to like? Plus, the movie is Sci-Fi in space. Love it. Going to watch it when it comes out.
Yeah you gotta wonder. Maybe it was to make us think that was a big reveal, when the real truth is much larger and more shocking. (we can only hope)
+Casey Attaway Yup, the actions, story, and the philosophy in the Martix is what made that movie great to watch. It's time for me to unplug from the my daily Internet usage. Or do I want to? hmmm... :)
creeeeeepy, I like it! ͼ(ݓ_ݓ)ͽ
I can see it now, in 20 years Google will be divested into two companies, Weyland Industries and Cyberdyne Systems. Wow!
+Kimi Reed no those are the traits of a psychopath. Understanding emotions but not experiencing them.
i suppose that would have been more impressive if that was a real interview with an android and not an actor in a movie... good acting, tho
"'Let's build robots with Genuine People Personalities', they said. So they tried it out with me. I'm a personality prototype. You can tell, can't you?"

Marvin must have been Generation 7.
With how advanced they are, you would think that they would be a little less creepy.
Can't wait to see this movie... on another note, this video is almost identical to Quantic Dreams teaser/ tech demo... YouTube it
+Chris Miller synthetic things can dry up too? To give a more convincing blend into human society?
He has to blend in with humans, humans blink. Make the android blink. To whoever it was that asked why he did so. 
Now THATS just cool. It reminds me of the faux commercial we saw in the theatre for iRobot.
thanks for the spoiler headline and no chance not to read this, Verge & "Hot on Google+" :(
release the movie already! do it! do it! do it!
Very good looking robots are the best :) Wonder if I can find one on ebay...hmmm :)
I like my robots travelling back in time form the future to kill John Connor.
You guys are a bunch of consumer bots, responding to marketing prompts like obedient drones.
No one seems to wish a robot .. well I do .. Happy Birthday David :)
Interesting he seems so real.... Happy Birthday David !!
the david robot is creepy as hell, the rest of the movie looks effin awesome scary scifi i cant wait
Wow, this is gonna be awesome!
+Marcus Olsson since you asked; I did not know that M. Fassbender's character is a robot! My bad I guess for wanting to watch the movie without hearing anything more about it before. But that's impossible these days.
Ok David ................ When you will kill us?
Yes DAVE oh I mean David so this has nothing to do with space oddity then! Ok well I'll watch it all the same but only because of the irish accent 
Yeeeeeeeeeaaas! Cant wait for this film :)
kinda cool kinda boring and ya when will you kill us
Very interesting...I don't think were too far off from this technology...providing we don't destroy ourselves in the process.
Just relised hes a robot...0-0
Wait til he discovers...Shame
I'm surprised people still even consider AI, especially after all that unfortunate Skynet business.
This made me more excited about the upcoming movie! can't wait!
wired but intresting and wow i like it
Would be an excellent movie... but for reality, no way.
Looks more like a psycho killer not a robot
how would you like to wake up and see this guy at the end of your bed???
i think i am finna get nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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