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No, the actual size is perfect. The Galaxy is far too big. I hope Apple will not make the iPhone bigger!
Maybe yes maybe no i think that IPhone 5 will be better then 4S
The screen size change has been hotly debated, but if the WSJ is weighing in, I think it's a safe bet that a larger screen is coming.
Unless it fits comfortably in a pocket, then I would not be in favor of a larger model. 
If retina, I don't see why not. Bigger retina, definitely better display. 
literally, the next iPhone should be iPhone >4
What I wonder is whether Apple will retain the aspect ratio or if they will also go 16:9. If they go larger, 3:2 will mean that the iPhone 5 will also be rather wide.
I was worried that my Galaxy Nexus would be too big. However, after the initial shock, I can't imagine going back to anything smaller. Anything under 4" seems like a useless toy by comparison.

I'd tell them to go larger even. But I know they won't do that. However, even expanding to 4" will impress more people than it offends.

Plus, the argument about pocket-ability doesn't make sense to me. I have no trouble with my Nexus. Surely the next iPhone will be thin and that will keep it easy to fit in your pocket. I'm just glad that all of my iPhone friends will finally have to stop justifying the screen and admit that larger is better.
If this is correct; I wonder how Apple will market this new "unique" feature ;-)
The more I see of the galaxy note, the more I like the size. The iPhone by comparison looks tiny.
Androids will never be like iPhones. I think we should not make too big screens because this size is really enough ... And if they are made bigger and bigger it will turn into something like a tablet ... Menu is mostly just a bit to fine "lie" in hand and that we can fit in a pocket;)
When are we going to learn that Apple doesn't let out details and these articles are nothing but speculation. If you were to to do a study of the number of predictions for the next Apple product before it was released for the last decade, I'm betting 80 percent of them were wrong.
Awesome <3 I Am Waiting For This :)
Agreed, +Thaddeus Pecorak . I was playing with my dad's 4S over the weekend and while parts are still elegant and miles ahead of Android, as a whole my dad feels the same like when he had an Android... overwhelmed.
+Ron Miller, The WSJ is known for pretty reliable news when it comes to Apple products. That said, nothing is for certain until Tim Cook is on the stage hawking the latest and greatest.
Having used an Incredible 2, nexus and iPhone, my preference is for the 4 inch screen. Just seems right. 
Iphone is for people who know brand but don't know phone
Jesus! Why such a bee in the bonnet about what phone people want to use?
Childish at best.
My theory is that Apple wants to increase battery life, and a phone with a larger footprint would potentially allow more space for a larger battery. The 3.5" screen will likely continue to sell for years if Apple continues its pattern of turning old iPhones into entry level products.
Apple needs keeping improving iPhone as always has been doing!
It seems that fanboys will have to replace all their iPhone docks too!
+Rich Fletcher has it right. I've tried both and prefer the iPhone and that's having used a 4.3" screen.

They're just phones.
They aren't phones anymore, they are mobile computing devices... Of everything I do with that device, phone calls are probably 5% - 10% of it...
True, +James Pakele . I should have said "They're just mobile computing devices".

My point is there are many to choose from and people are just getting too worked up about their choice.
I don't he meant it quite like that.

Whatever they are - is it really worth the infantile bile that's all over these posts about anything other than google products?

I don't need everything on one device, I need reliability and consistency.
I have tried (and enjoyed) the gs2, the desire, the nexus s......I choose the iPhone because it works for me.
I loved android for the tinkering and the Roms etc, but ultimately it's not 100% what I want.

I don't piss and moan about it at every opportunity though. 
It's worth about as much as the bile spit by MG and Gruber... ;-)
Nothing about Apple from the WSJ should be trusted. All the "rumors" it reports are planted leaks by Apple to control our perception.

Back in 2010, WSJ reported "rumors" that the iPad was going to be $1000 (or something like that). Everyone believed it, just as Apple wanted. Then Apple revealed (with typical heavenly fanfare) that ~gasp~ the iPad was going to start at $500. "It's a steal!" "Grab it before it's gone!" "Apple's practically giving it away" And so on.

Genius? Yeah, I'll admit. Deceptive? You bet. Matters at the end of the day? Sadly, no.
I don't like their fanboy trolling either - I prefer gruber as he tends to back his articles up with facts.

What I see in the comments on google plus is just angry juveniles. 
+Rich Fletcher Personal attacks on me, for pointing out where some of it may be coming from? Nice. Who's the angry juvenile?
I don't like the eternally widening smartphone trend.
+Google FUD WSJ may not be right all the time, but their ratio is better than most. I'm not big on believing rumors either, but if I were, WSJ would be near top of the list as far as Apple products are concerned...
+James Pakele

Don't be so over-sensitive. It was hardly a personal attack.

Jesus - it just never changes.

On an italian blog, someone did the math and found out that by extending from 3'5'' to 3'8'', keeping the same ratio and resolution, the ppi would lower from 326 to 300 which would still qualify as retina. This would have a series of advantages, such as no additional work needed for the devs to adapt their apps. I think it might be a reasonable compromise.
who needs a bigger screen - Steve J.
(remember?) he will be mad definitely to the people in apple..
If they extend the screen down and make the home button virtual while keeping the phone the same size, I don't think the bigger screen will be an issue. 
Keeping the aspect ratio is important, and is an issue.
I had an iPhone 3GS (and loved it), but decided to check out the Samsung Galaxy SII which I currently own. Both phones have their pros and cons, but one thing is for certain...I could never go back to a 3.5" screen. While I have been very happy with my Android device, I am due for an upgrade in the fall and the Galaxy SIII did not 'wow' unless the Nexus impresses me, I may switch back to iPhone for another cycle...however, that is only if they increase the screen size. 3.5" just seems like a toy now.
Google+ is so anti-iPhone and Pro Android.
I think they said that the last time... don't bet on it - Apple do not conform to market opinion, they create it.
4' would be nice, more is just ridiculous. The Galaxy Note for instance, would never want to use that.
I disagree with +Thaddeus Pecorak that iOS is dated (Windows 95? Come on now...) and that anything smaller than 4.3" is too small. The increase in pixel density was a far better initiative for increasing screen real estate than making the device physically larger. I love the iPhone footprint and the comfortable way it fits in a pants pocket, and wouldn't want to see that compromised.

I do completely agree that the unused space above and below the screen needs to be explored. I would rather the screen encroach into that territory than widen the phone itself. The home button can be relocated to the side or even back of the device to make room. If that allowed the display's aspect ratio to become 16:9, that would only be a huge perk as far as I'm concerned.
it will still have the boring interface.
I use an iOS device and a Galaxy Nexus daily. Having come from a 3.7" Droid to where I am now, the iPhone screen is too small for me. It's smaller than the Droid that I bought in 2009 and used for 2 years! The Nexus, though, is as large as I would want to go because for me, it can be touch and go to use one handed. The comments about larger phones not fitting in a pocket are absurd, though. My Nexus fits just fine in my very-tight, very much girly, pants pocket. It's thinner than an iPhone too, and feels better in my pocket. That said, a 4"-4.3" iPhone would be on my radar but I will not buy it with anything less than 4".

Everyone needs to remember that screen size is purely a preference. There is no "best" size. Whatever size the new iPhone is, people will still buy it. Some will want larger and buy it anyway, some will want smaller and buy it anyway, and for some, they will like it no matter what size it is. And still, some will buy it and love it and make justifications for why it is perfect, even though they have never even used anything different and/or they have just convinced themselves that whatever Apple chooses to do is the only way that things should be done is "the best" for everybody. And to those fanboys I say...oh nevermind, it's already been said.
+Sean Reynolds I wonder why too. I assume the Android nuthuggers are more likely to be on G+ I guess.
It really depends on how u use the "phone". For me, I don't want a bigger one.
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