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Grab your email address now
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+Thaddeus Pecorak - Exactly. Personally I see no reason to leave Gmail for this.  With the deep and increasing integration into everything google, Gmail has become far more than just an e-mail solution.
When I think of "modern email", I think of anything but Microsoft and Outlook. 
I grabbed an account just in case it turns out to be useful one day, but I won't hold my breath.
I will stick with gmail thanks 
Got my email -- just hoarding. 
Thanks but to embedded in GMail.
"NEW from Microsoft: Outlook email! New look, same spammy flavour! It's like Hotmail for hipsters!"
I love Gmail but I'll grab an account anyway.
I grabbed "Bruce.Wayne" - nice!
I seem to have done it wrong - I have an Outlook alias to my live/hotmail account.
still considering this ...i have enough addresses as is
Just got mine too. Thanks for the info
I'm not sure what is the point of this. It is so painful to change email address that I'm sure that they wont get that much subscriptions.
I'll stick to GMail thank you very much.
Wait, is this new? I thought you were posting a vintage advertisement. I guess people are dressing as idiotically as ever. This is up there with Canadian ads as far as cheesiness. (love you Canadians, but I've seen your billboards)
He looks like he's "hip" enough for an outlook account.

Read the terms of use. Microsoft owns your ass if you use anything they produce nowadays.
It's funny how #Microsoft  attacks #Gmail  on the side with their annoying ads but then they're copying everything #google  does: Google, Chrome, Gmail, etc.
I abandoned my Hotmail account because it is has become no longer user friendly,
(especially after having experienced Gmail)
• The messaging rules are inadequate
• The omnipresent advertising assaults me
• Slow service infuriates me ... This is new?
I just logged in with my Hotmail address, and I see, at first glance,
Yes, the interface is clean but otherwise?
I’m not interested to get
Stop saying it's a "New Service" : it’s MSN Hotmail / Live Mail, who has changed its name (again!)
and (In my opinion) is trying to attract new users and uniformise their look with that (ugly) "Metro Style"
I like the change.  I'm going to give it a try for a while.  I know, I know...I should be saying "LOL M$" like a true geek.  
I love the new look personally, makes me wish I used my hotmail account more often. Maybe I should give it a try for a while.
A 16 character limit on passwords seems pretty antiquated by modern standards. I know Microsoft has competent security people on the payroll; why don't they let those fine people do their jobs?
Cool now I can use Outlook for all the email I don't really care about in the first place.
Sweet. I scored Now to wait for the irony.
Shaun L
Errrm, think I'll stick to my own domain name and Gmail, thanks.
I remember the embarrassment of telling someone that your email ended with hotmail when most people heard 'hot male'. 
I went over for a look, was automatically logged in to my old hotmail account....It's pretty nasty. I'll be sticking with GMail thanks 
It's like going back in time. The metro "design" just looks like something from the 90's internet...What's the point?
Oh look!! Another pit to dump spam and stupid web site registration emails into!!  Because hotmail was becoming too filled up?
Now if they made this 15 years ago, that might have been cool.
I can't get past the "prove you're not a robot" part.  Why do those things suck so bad?
Warning:  Checking your email might harm the internet.  Are you sure you want to check your email?
Microsoft??? You must be joking...... 
This security thing on the bottom is very annoying.... the letters/numbers to make sure I am "real" hah
This isn't for gmail users, but for those on hotmail. Finally they can have some normal mail experience.
Could this be a sign that MS are looking to kill the traditional install of the Outlook client and put everything into the web browser, and hosting MS Exchange in the cloud a la Google Apps for Business?
not sure if I want to be associated with a hipster :)
Not sure why they don't just call it a Hotmail upgrade. I really like what I'm seeing. Not going to take me away from Gmail but its a move in the right direction.
is it just me or is it all jacked up in chrome... could be the work computer blocking elements or something
Welcome to Andy Sandberg's
Douchy stock photos ALWAYS make me want to change email provider... /rolleyes
Anyone else get a 'Hipster Guy' vibe from the image?
Cool this will force gmail to update itself even more.
Whats internet explorer and why were there so many of them?
No thanks.  And you'll get bad stuff on your toes if you don't wear socks.  And why are your pants rolled up?  And why are you wearing a jacket inside?  And why those god-awful red shoes?  And brush your hair for goodness sake.  While you're at it, could you just turn around and look the other way?  You're creeping me out.
It took Microsoft how many years to figure GMail is superior?
I like the metro style, but I doubt I will ever leave Gmail. So long using it...
Microsoft should stick to operating systems & software.. Google has email & web services well and truly perfected... apple design good hardware & good at lawsuits..
No need to hate on Microsoft. Competition is a good thing. Actually, Yahoo makes a pretty decent web mail too. (I am, of course primarily a Gmail user).
I'm way too loyal to Gmail than switch over to an email service that is considered a baby to Gmail.
I really loved the new outlook. We always needs competition and microsoft made it perfect. Finally I have a "google talk"with real people to talk, since it is integrated with facebook.
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The best of all, the chance to get a real good new email address I changed mine to
Uh, ya no. Why would I ever want to leave Gmail? Google is my god.
Free Google apps mail with my domain.... Microsoft can't beat that!
Loool , I'm gonna be forced to use this at college.We can only use outlook and Microsoft explorer
Give me Gmail any day. Much better than any Microsoft email service.
The only thing I don't like is going back to the old interface for Everything else. There is no consistency. Other than that it LOOKS & WORKS WONDERFULLY..!! P.S the only reason I use Gmail is because of my Android phone. Once I get my WP8 phone I will be going full Hot mail, Outlook, Microsoft everything..
Microsoft is Superior in cloud with Skydrive because they can send 3x larger files through email, Office Apps are miles ahead, better connection with Social Networks, syncs with any phone through Push E-mail, & looks better. The only thing to me is the ability to sync my text messages & call logs..
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