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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review: Do UI refinements, Google Now, and a few new features add up to a must-have smartphone OS?
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Apparently, Apple thinks so. 
Landon R
After using it for almost a week I'm going to say that's a yes.
I was considering writing a strange strangely similar to those written above. Lucky I didn't
Look what I started ... :) 
Given I'm stuck in Gingerbread (not that I actually mind) coz Sony are slow at releasing the updates I will get ICS and JB (if it becomes available).  Its a shame that the updates from OEMs are slow, but then again I could just install a custom ROM.  Have to say, as a Symbian diehard (I used Epoc and then UIQ, who remembers that?) I think 'Droid is utterly brilliant.  Not actually found anything that I don't like yet :-)
+Butz Peteza The white version isn't available to public, at least not at the minute. It is a special version that was given out to all that attended Google I/O.
Apparently, Apple thinks so.
There.... that's what I was gonna say & I said it!
+Abe Abrahamian I agree completely, they completely changed the smartphone arena with the first iPhone, practically destroyed the Nokia market share but I don't see anything truly innovative from them at the moment.  My boss thinks they'll decline slowly now and end up being bought by Google.  I will chuckle if it happens!
Why is Apple mentioned in every Google post..? Can we PLEASE enjoy Google and not worry about other companies?
+Emmanuel Lopez I have bought my last three phones sim-free and saved on a contract instead.  These days (here in UK anyway) its actually cheaper that way, especially if you pick your phones carefully (mine is an Xperia Mini - its less than £130 direct from Sony and you can shop around for a much better price)
+Paul Foster isn't your Mini on ICS yet? I thought Sony started the rollout already.

My Neo got it a few weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it.
Thanks +Mark Anderson Really hope that they will release the white one to public too. Anyone knows when will +Nexus 7 be available in Asia?
I really don't want it, but I absolutely NEED it!
Been on #JellyBean for a few days now. I absolutely love it! Big shout out to the devs on #XDA . If it wasn't for them my CDMA G-Nex would still be riding the dairy train. I won't go back
Bwahahahaha..I just picked up a ice cream sandwich&I'm luvn it! My 2great nieces&nephews r shown ME stuff!Easy peasy ya'll!
cant wait to have a stable version on my One X....!!
Another article that makes me question the immunity of members of +The Verge to the cult of Apple. It really seems that Apple being the best is all but a given. Sadly this appear to impare the impartially of certain reviews (this being one).
Yes!!! Google Now is dope. Not the corny interaction you get from Siri. Just direct answers.
+Robert Elliot there are definitely those who are impartial but dieter is far too ready to pounce in a negative way on anything un apple. Apple make good things but its more that there is often a stance of Apple is the best, everyone else is aiming for second. Surely that's not a good place to start a review.
I grant you that this is just my opinion and I could be seeing what's not there and doing dieter a disservice but its the general feel I get.
+les freeman I have been putting Google Now against every iPhone 4S I can and I have yet to lose. Most questions are 10 seconds faster on Now.
I would say just the UI refinements make JB a must-have OS. Not to over use it, but it really is like butter!
Same here. I have the 4s too, and I def like Google Now better.
I was saving my Sprint upgrade for the next iPhone (upgrading from the Nexus S 4G).  

Now I'm only a small bit of restraint away from hauling ass to the nearest Sprint store for a Galaxy Nexus.  Very small amount of restraint.  VERY small. 
I have yet to try +Google Now but I think it will win against Siri because it is powered by Google's advanced search technology. This is just the start of something big.
I've been running 4.1 for about a week on my gnex and I have to I love it. There was nothing wrong or lacking with ICS but JB does things I didn't know I need. Google now is just brilliant and is the best thing about JB.
I think the reason manufactures will be slow to update is because there is no point in there eyes, until a nexus device is the best mobile companies will b slow to update. And if your that bothered by it why didn't u buy a nexus in the first place
+Robert Elliot i have the 4s and the vzw nexus, and i can honestly say that I prefer the nexus. The customization and UI are the leading reasons. Also, the apps argument that some use is a mute point. No one is going to put 500k apps on their phone. I have maybe 150, and only actually use about 40 consistently. Nexus right now has the better product. Googld right now has the better OS, for now. It may change. I dont see why consumers care more about the company than the product being used. Better is better, no matter who makes it. Hell, if RIM came out with a better OS and hardware than Google or the Nexus, I'd go with that.
My only concern with JB is the lack of flash support - I know its about time it got replaced by HTML5 but I'd like to know that I can (if I want) view desktop sites with a decent chance of compatibility (man, read that back to myself, what a world we are living in!).  But other than that I would install it (excuse the pun) like a flash!
+Tom Denny I have a Sony Xperia Mini - my only gripe with Andriod is that I have stuff I don't want installed and can't get rid of it.  Seriously thinking about rooting it and installing Cyanomod
+Paul Foster download and backup flash on your phone before Adobe takes it off the play store. It'll still work
+Robert Elliot My biggest reasons were (in this order) battery life, speed, keyboard, and hardware quality.  For the past almost 4 years I've had a Sprint Android phone and a AT&T or VZW iPhone.  When I had the iPhone 3G and upgraded to the HTC EVO, it killed the iPhone in everything but battery life.  Now I have the Nexus S 4G and the iPhone 4.  Prior to ICS, the iPhone 4 just wiped the floor with the Nexus and EVO for what I use it for.  Lots of phone calls, lots of email, lots of being on the go - with Gingerbread, and even CyanogenMod and a custom kernel the Nexus S just didn't do it.  I was almost ready to abandon Android and give in to iOS. 

ICS changed all of that.  My Nexus S easily rivals or bests the iPhone in everything but keyboard and battery life, but those are now only a small marginal difference.  

For what I do I use a ton of minutes, and really hammer my phone.  I'm all over the next Nexus now, I'll wait until fall for the successor to the Gnex, but my order for a Nexus 7 is already in (replacing a iPad). 
Loving JB preview so far on my GSM Galaxy Nexus.

+Ben Dinger get spare batteries and a wall charger for them. I got one for each Android phone Ive had and its made it much easier to deal with. Even iOS has its battery issues, my friends use the old iphone charger I have all the time at my place.
+Paul Foster  You can root your phone and use an app lie titanium back up to backup the app. Or if you don't want to root it I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find the adobe flash apk that works on JB from android forums likie XDA or Rootzwiki.         
I'll wait and see if 4.0 comes to my phone for a bit longer yet. I may end
up rooting it to cut the tether to Sony. I'm not fussed by their
customisation really, its not bad, just not sure its worth not getting the
latest version for.
the reviewer was pretty ho hum about it all....maybe he needed a B12 shot
The Jellybean upgrade for the Galaxy Nexus is soooo worth it. It fixed problems with the phone I didn't even know it had... Just the smoothness and consistency of the system itself is worth it. Not to mention the Google Now feature and the enhanced notification bar... Android has finally 100% matured into something awesome. 
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