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32GB Fire Phone will cost $199 on contract on AT&T — available for pre-order today, ships July 25th
Amazon's new Fire Phone, which was unveiled at an event today in Seattle, will go on sale for $199.99 with a two-year contract on AT&T. That's for the 32GB model; the 64GB model will run $299, also...
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Disappointing. I thought they were competing with Google on price after the tablets. Instead this is an expensive android phone without Google services. I'll pass.
Yeah, I was really expecting them to compete on price because I'm not really sure what the hook for this phone is. 3D's a gimmick, I can download Google Goggles and do nearly everything Firefly can, and premium hardware is available other places. If you have all Amazon stuff this is the phone for you I guess but if not, I don't see why it should be.
Not 100% sure if or when it will hit the UK - but looks different enough that I might give it a try.
If it's easy enough to install an aosp ROM maybe it does have a future, but something tells me Amazon have it very locked up.
What would be the point of putting an AOSP ROM on it? Then you would loose all the features that make it stand out and useful vs every other device
$200 on contract? PASS!!!! Better luck next time Amazon. 
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