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Want a prettier Google+ experience? Of course you do!
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That whitespace is a placeholder, but it could be handy in the meantime!
So, the lost of space is still there... no interest... Guys can't just wait ? ...
No! Whitespace is the best feature google+ ever implemented! Why would I remove it? :)
b-b-but... no whitespace is removed... just pushed to the sides.
Oli Lan
Or just resize your browser.
+James Field I honestly think your being a little bit deliberately obtuse here. In each other example, this white space is balanced and all useful interface is concentrated. With G+ the white space is smack dab in the most useful part of my screen with actual content on either side of it. You can't possibly believe that balanced whitespace in the wings is the same thing as a blank spot in the middle of my display.
+Tim Rayburn, I certainly do think just that, but that's just my opinion. It doesn't matter where on the screen the content is placed, there is simply more wasted space on the other 2 social networks. My only complaint about the new G+ layout is the presentation of portrait images. Instead of the black bars to either side, the images should just be enlarged to fit the width of the post.
Why load something that fixes a bug Google will probably fis in 3 days?
I just don't understand.

Google employees must have large screens to work on. Why hadn't they noticed a gaping white space before launching the new design?

Google has never given us a polished product at launch. For someone who uses Google services for just about everything, details matter to me. I hope they get their act together soon.
Chao Li
... i just make my window narrower so that i can fit my twitter app on the other side of the display. I don't get what the big deal is with the white space.
Everyone does realize there was more white space on both the right and left of the centered design? Does it really matter where the white space falls, especially since we have been told from google it will not be white space for long?
+Jeremy Techtmann But for anyone using Facebook, it then becomes familiar. Doesn't burn them as much I would guess. Facebook has that centered design with just as much whitespace if not more
I wouldn't mind the white space, but the speech bubble border, the avatar, and the white space all make the posts longer than they need to be. Anything that makes the post windows wider and the posts themselves less tall is better as it reduces the amount of scrolling required.
Facebook is riddled with advertising and spam designed to screw with us. It needs that space. Google hasn't done that and my hope is they won't.
They said they won't. But...since I use AdBlock+ everywhere, I don't see the ads anyway :|
+Jack Heath when the lines of text get wider it gets more difficult to read (going from the end of one line to the beginning of the next). This is why sites these days are constrained to a certain width and then centered and why you do not see sites that go from edge to edge like in the old days of the web.
I think Google needs to not copy everything about Facebook. They carried over a lot of the good, but Facebook was not designed to be navigable, it was designed to look crowded and social and get you clicking all over downloading 3rd party apps. Google doesn't need to hype it's social aspect, it can still make a page that's efficient, usable, and clean focusing on blogs that target circles of similar interest since it doesn't need spammy 3rd party apps building family trees and list of who you went to school with. It has that built in.
+Kivell Orr I do not think it will be ads. I think +Vic Gundotra said it was something exciting and secret he could not talk about. Ads do not fall into that category.
+Jeremy Techtmann Oh yes I know. Saw the post. [That's why I said "They said they won't"] When i said I don't see ads anywhere, I was referring to those on Facebook.
+Jeremy Techtmann Different people like different line lengths, and while the current layout is very narrow and the avatar images distracting IMO; I'd say regardless, the way posts are built it's really more of a message board, not a chat session. Google has chat already with hangouts. So making posts looks like chat too is redundant.
+Jack Heath research shows that the perfect line length ranges between 40 and 55 characters per line, or in other words, a content column that varies between 250-350 pixels wide (it depends on font size and choice).

I would also have to disagree with it being a message board. I really do think these interactions are more of a conversation (chatting) than just a "message board" type of interaction.
No matter what g+ looks like the best part of g+ are these interactions with others. There is no other place online I can have discussions/debates with other intelligent people like you guys. G+ ftw!
Wait until the rest of the Facebook crowd start to migrate. Average IQ will plummet.
I already saw two guys comment "first" and "second" on a post. It has started... [though it was a meme post so I guess that was to be expected]
+Jack Heath I really hope not but fear that may be the reality some day. Will enjoy it while I can :).

+Kivell Orr never understood that whole nonsense.
Dont trust this addon with ALL my google+ data - no thanks
cntrl+scroll ftw!
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