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Ben Smith
Good thing I already bought one. Also that's absolutely ridiculous and fuck Apple. I better still get Google Now. Fuck. Apple.
Over universal search patent! Apple I despise you. 
Mark A
Noooo! I was going to buy one!
Ben Smith
Apple is now the Republican Party of the tech world.
Someone seriously needs to sue the patent office.
+Dan Morrill +Jean-Baptiste Queru +Android +Nexus Dear Google brain trust. Please take the fight to Apple so that you can get back to innovating. The patent on universal search can't possibly be valid given that there are several examples of implementations that pre-date apple's use. Some of those examples likely come right from Google.
This is business and i won't demonise Apple for what they are doing especially when you consider that Google has admitted that their purchase of Motorola is largely for the patents. Patents are representative of intellectual property, and intellectual property translates into capital. Moreover, since their purchase of Moto Google has initiated proceedings against Apple for patent infringement.
Ben Smith
+Nathan Kofahl like how voice search existed on both iOS and android before Siri did? And Android Voice Actions existed on Android before Siri did? I want to break precious fragile things in frustration and imagine Tim Cook's face on each thing. (I'm not overreacting am I? lol)
Phil Edge
"I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion [£25bn] in the bank, to right this wrong."

All I hear in my head is the above quote every time I see crap like this. Jobs been dead yet effects us everyday smh. I know Google said lawsuits are petty and beneath them but I think it's time to go ham as Jay Z would say and destroy Apple in court. I say we start an online boycott to never buy Apple products again
Dear Apple:  until you stop behaving like this,  I refuse to purchase any more of your hardware, software, or content.
I feel really sorry for the US; your district judges appear to be stupid, or corrupt. I really hope software patents never get adopted in the UK / EU!
+Victor Zell You're neglecting the fact that Google's acquisition of patents was a defensive gesture once Apple got all litigation-happy.
Really apple, get over yourselves!
Did Samsung's lawyers get their degree out of a Cracker Jack box?
This is bs, apple is shit scared of google's superior voice functionality in jelly bean and is trying best to prevent early adoption by banning g nexus...f u apple
If you're over reacting +Ben Smith than I can't imagine what they would categorize my feelings as! I just want to walk into a nursery and grab the nearest two babies and use them as boxing gloves to punch the rest of the babies!
Google is going to have to be willing to help break the system the way they pushed the spectrum auction a few years back.
+Steve Nixon I agree with you. It seems we have a lot of low quality judges
I wonder how Apple proved that a niche device such as the Galaxy Nexus was causing it irreparable harm because of the infringement of some of its patents.
Am I the only one who finds it deeply suspicious that the USA courts threw out Apples' case against (US company) Motorola partly because of the disproportionate damage a ban would do to Motorola. Yet when it comes to the likes of Samsung and HTC (non-American companies) the courts seem quite happy to inflict disproportionate damage on them.

Maybe I'm being paranoid but this ruling does fly completely in the face of the Apple vs Motorola one.
The fuck. I was about to get one too
One of the reasons I don't buy Apple. Nonetheless, the patent system is quite terrible and needs to be fixed. This is ridiculous.
Seeing as the Galaxy Nexus is Google's flagship device, perhaps finally they'll unleash on Apple. I'm so sick of this bullshit. On the one hand, I'm proud of Google for not sinking to Apple's level, but on the other hand, I just want to see Apple get fucked with an injunction of their own.
Google is impressing people and gaining support by working diligently and introducing products and services that people simply love and that Apple just can't keep up with. They're always lagging behind Google nowadays.
I'd respect Apple more if instead of being petty and arrogant they also started working to ease things for their customers instead of ensuring a monopoly which is on its death bed already.
As tired as I am of all this nonsense, Apple isn't where you need to be directing your rage. I am not an Apple user, nor will I ever be, I don't like closed systems I can't fiddle around in like I can with Android.

And quite frankly, I'm Google bias and if they make it I will come. 

That said, Apple is taking advantage of a broken system. It just makes good business sense to do what they are doing. Everyday there is no Nexus device on the floor for someone to buy, is a day they might buy an iPhone.

So, stop raging at Apple and rage at the patent office, and the decision makers therein. That's what's wrong here, not Apple taking advantage of a situation. 

If you were a business owner and had the opportunity to remove your competitor from the picture for any amount of time, be it a day, or forever, chances are, you would. Why? Because no competitor means more potential money in your pocket.
Its not about who did it first it's about who holds the patent.  I'm tired of being mad at Apple for the lawsuits.  It is their right.  I am mad at Google for allowing this to continue though.  Samsung and HTC don't need Android.  Unless Google is letting their OEM's just burn until they get Motorola up and running it just makes no sense.  This is a direct shot at Google and they need to respond in kind.  Enough of this BS
+Daniel King don't let that stop you if you can buy 2 had mine since December and still think it's the best overall phone on the market
+Myroslaw Bytz if that's the argument you're going to put forth you can equally assert that Apple's actions were defensive because Jobs warned Schmidt, who at the time was on Apple's BoD, that this was the course of action Apple was going to take if they moved forward with their Android development.

To assert that their acquisition of Moto was in 'defence' is far fetched and fanciful.  
Apple is a jealous piece of shit company!
So much drama in this comment conversation. 
Universal search. That's not a first. I had an app on my very old Palm Pilot that searched every file on the device from one search box.
Never buying Apple product again...They are behind, and they know it too!
Damnation I was ordering one next week... guess I'll have to wait until the new nexus comes out.
I think Google or Samsung (or both) will probably have a response to this and try to keep the Galaxy Nexus from staying banned. I wonder if Google will have a response to this whole situation.
+Don Shane it is about who did it first. If what you are trying to patent I already you cannot have a patent on that. I don't know how is the patent but what I know is that all of this shit is caused by a broken patent/intellectual property protection system which need to be drastically changed.
Apple is always suing other companies for infringing their patents because they're running out of "fresh ideas" and that's the only weapon they have left to fight the competition.
+Naval Gilles It's not about growing a pair. It's about not being douchebag turdwad trolls like the assholes at Apple.
However, it is time for Google to go apeshit on this pathetic cancer of the tech world and sue the shit out of the motherfuckers.
Wow apple won stop until they get money with every android tablet/phone sold like Microsoft...
While I thought that Apple's allegations against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 were ridiculous, I saw that were at least enough similarities that Apple thought it had a case. This however is just crazy. The Galaxy Nexus is obviously different than any version of the iPhone: its larger, does not have the metal band around the outside, its a different shape, and whatever similarities exist in the OS are there because Apple has taking cues from Android. Why hasn't that come up in court yet?
This is why I never bought one Apple product....and never will.  
Bottom line, the design is stolen. Everyone knows it. Everyone would be pissed if Google did it to you. 
let's remember that apples tried to obtain copyright on the words "app" and "multitouch" .... innovation? technical patents? forget it ! should redirect to
Well, I wasn't intending to ever buy another overpriced Apple product again anyway. So, I guess I can't use that threat in retaliation. 
+Eng. Jorge Santana the problem is that the intensions behind MS are different from Apple. The former is happy to live alongside, as long as they push the cost up for Android OEMs, that allows Microsoft and Nokia make some money. Apple is trying to prevent any devices on the market at all, hence they are not after licensing by injunctions.
Actually, you are incorrect +Conrad Hinojosa. Stolen in the sense that a wheel is round, glass is clear, the sky is blue, water is wet, etc.
The "slide unlock" is defined in such a broad definition in the patent, that basically if you move anything anywhere with your finger on the lock screen you violate...
How long before Apple goes after the Nexus 7?
Marv Jr
How long before Apple makes a product that differentiates itself from the former product within its own product line?
Apple, once again, being thoroughly unimpressive in the marketplace. This is not how you win hearts.
Apple quite clearly have found somewhere to spend their money. It's into the judges pocket.
Marv Jr
Apple = groundbreaking... right. The FIFTH iteration of the iPhone is the first to support 4G... supposedly. That's groundbreaking?
+Ben Smith lol, I love googlers getting their panties in a wad. Let's talk in August and see how it turns out after the trial.
Marv Jr
After the trial... sorta like Oracle?
+Conrad Hinojosa I know I'm overreacting and I know part of that is because they're going after a Google product. But I assure you I would have been at least 80-90% as pissed off if Apple had done it to any other company. It's just anti-competitive bullshit and everyone that's paying attention knows it.
+Michael Rutherford, oh c'mon, that's a stretch even for me. The wheel? The sky is blue?

Honestly, I could care less. As an iPhone user, I enjoy what Google is doing with Android because they are forcing Apple to get better with their product (and that argument goes the other way too) 
+Trey Fordham There are a number of companies that already do that. It's actually common enough that they have a name: Non Practising Entity or NPE for sure ... I'd rather call them NullPointerException s
+Conrad Hinojosa I would be okay with that argument if Apple didn't literally have the courts ban Galaxy Nexus devices. How can you say there's competition when Apple is trying to destroy the competition?
That's to point +Conrad Hinojosa. The Apple patents are for very obvious things. And never for anything that has never been done before. I actually am clueless regarding how they are granted to begin with.
What exactly is this universal search patent and how does it not include the voice-assisted search of phone contents+web on my first Android 2.1 phone ages ago? It seems like such a vague patent. 

This just seems like poor sport to me. All law and business aside, Apple should compete like gentlemen and not pick apart their opponents with patent trolling. Being the customer of a company that engages in open corporate warfare feels distasteful, like being a number used in Facebook vs G+ arguments. I just really really hate this stuff when it becomes this petty.
+Jason Ackert You are absolutely right about the system being broken.
At the same time, it takes a certain level of douchebag to abuse such a broken system when they can't measure up to the competition.
I wouldn't sweat it too much; just like with HTC on the One X, this is not fundamental technology.  Designing around it shouldn't be all that difficult.  Any of you with a One X or EVO feeling like you're missing anything after HTC's redesign to get past these patents?

In the end, they're going to spend a bunch of money and leave a bad taste in everybody's mouth.

Bitter business is not good business.
Marv Jr
It's illegal to have an outright monopoly, but to get the competition's products banned because of patents that would not have been granted anywhere else in the world, thereby eliminating competition... that's okay?

I understand fully now.
I'm boycotting apple. Hopefully my friends will join because that's just stupid. That's like ford during Chevy because their trucks also drive on 4 tires....
+Ben Smith see my comment to +Michael Rutherford, I completely agree with you guys in terms of Apple being anti-competitive. But Apple will do what they need to do (and what the Judicial System will allow) since the system is fundamentally flawed. Don't get me started on the Judicial System (especially after yesterday's technicality ruling from the SCOTUS)
What I don't get is why can all these companies get together and stop supplying Apple with components.? This will kill them.
We agree. The system is flawed. But come on. Apple doesn't have to do this shit. They're the biggest assholes when it comes to this kind of stuff and it's just stupid. I think this time since US consumers are involved it may actually have a negative impact on Apple.
So basically my point is, the anger towards Apple is misplaced. It needs to be directed towards the patent/judicial system.
Marv Jr
+Ben Smith I truly hope it has a negative impact on Apple.
+Carlos Martinez I've been boycotting them for about 2 years now and see no reason for changing that philosophy.
The problem with that approach +Ben Smith is that there are still a very large group of people that love Apple products and don't care. And, if they like Apple, I actually don't have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is Apple attempting to take away my choice with these ridiculous lawsuits.
I just want Apple to make kickass products that make their competitors make even more kickass products that make Apple make even more kickass products. How are we going to get to our technological singularity with all this pitiful scuffling?
+Andreas Rønning agreed. I would totally change my perspective on Apple if they would stop being petty and start being innovative. I used to be an Apple fan until the iPad came out (the iPad was so horrible an "innovation" that it may have made me cry).

I'd gladly go back to being a fan if they made quality products at a price that wasn't absolutely fucking crazy. Maybe only, say 1.5x market value instead of 2-3x market value. :P
Occupy Wall Street?  How about Occupy Apple Store?
Marv Jr
+Conrad Hinojosa I don't think the anger is misplaced at all. Anger towards a company lights fires under their asses. [Most] companies don't like to have negative pub that can give customers a cause to rally behind and affect future sales.
What else should we expect from Apple?? This is the same company who tried to sue Amazon for the use of the trademark word 'app store' which they got as a gift from salesforce CEO.
Marv Jr
+Rick Huizinga My wife has a Blendtec... I wish I could drop her iPhone in it and be like, "Oops!"
Oh come on, really Apple? A patent infringement on search? Do you really want to go there?
I'm going to "vote" with my wallet and order the Nexus 7 now. This shit is getting out of hand. -sent from my POS iPhone 4s with a defective power button less than a year into lifespan. 
I really don't understand this. Actions like this make me want to abandon all Apple products.
To be honest the nexus 7 looks like iPad 1 but 7" and rubber bottom...
God bless America. Your patent system needs a fix!
+Eng. Jorge Santana it's a tablet, how else is it supposed to look? And Microsoft came out with a tablet WAY before Apple did so in reality who copied who? Microsoft started it all... but one day Apple is going to get sued so bad and they will finally get a taste of what they deserve.
Our Patent System sucks =(
I'm glad we didn't have this situation during the birth of the automobile, or we would only have one brand allowed to use 4 wheels, one brand allowed to use an internal combustion engine, one brand allowed to use a steering wheel, etc.
Nice legacy for St. Steve and apple: litigate rather than compete.  I'm surprised that apple didn't sue someone because MolbileMe sucked/
+Conrad Hinojosa you can't claim stolen if its not yours. Apple didn't invent the touch screen device, a mouse, a tablet, apps, search, etc. Yet, Jobs claimed war because he felt Google stole their idea. I'll give it to Jobs, the greatest con artist to ever live...
I'm bout to buy one right now! Take that Apple
So the search giant isn't allowed to unify their search... interesting
Marv Jr
+Eng. Jorge Santana I could see how you'd say that... the camera on the N7 looks like the home button on the iPad...

If that's the only similarity... and the two aren't even related in their scope of action... then how exactly does it look like an iPad?

But, to the subject: The Galaxy Nexus looks, acts, behaves NOTHING like an iPhone...
+Justin Hall I'll redact it until Apple decides to sue Evolution for stealing the idea of changing something mind-bendingly slowly over time. :P
+Eng. Jorge Santana Know your history. Tablets and smart touch screen devices have been around way before Apple came out with their "i" devices. #smh
+Rey Villa I know Microsoft have been making tablets for a decade. Besides running windows none of them look anything like the iPad. Again I hate this IMHO it stifles innovation but the try is the nexus 7 looks like a iPad 1...
+Victor Zell the difference here is that Apple isn't strictly trying to protect, what they perceive to be, their intellectual property. They are trying to eliminate the competition and keep us from having options.

As much as I'm still mad at Microsoft about being lazy for YEARS with Windows Mobile and for Windows Vista, they at least understand how to deal with these things. Microsoft gets companies to sign non-disclosure agreements and then demonstrates the need for a licensing agreement. HTC and Samsung both have them with Microsoft.

Apple, on the other hand, just wants Android to not exist. Your thoughts, Sir?
We should all stand up and say we aren't going to take this boycott apple products in the end they need to realise that we made them, and they are not bigger than us the consumer. Apple your IOS is a ripoff of UNIX, Debian and other flavours of Linux, does the future outlook really look that bad that you have to choke hold your competition.
The Nexus 7 is 7", case closed. Jeez what a strawman. If as consumers we're down to comparing devices by the broadest definition of their physical attributes this industry has bigger problems than patents.
Marv Jr
+Justin Hall Integrity? Come on... "Great artists steal..." 

Thieves have integrity(?)... to which Jobs was the master...
+Eng. Jorge Santana it looks like the ipad1? All the I pads look the same, all apple products look the same! The point is, apple is just afraid of android and are trying to eliminate them so they won't have a real competitor.
Somewhere out there Steve Jobs is smiling. 
So Samsung Nexus everything - phones and tablets?
Just the Galaxy Nexus phone +Dave Thomson. Although the older Galaxy 10.1 tablet was 'banned' a few days ago. No-one was overly concerned about the tablet since it's the original and not the current model.
+Conrad Hinojosa the design of a phone is a ripoff of an Alexander Graham Bell design, the injunction is ridiculous Apples Darwin is a ripoff off any Unix/Linux System they have no case... its a chance to sell a few more phones to morons who think its ok if there is a monopoly
Apple is proof positive that the patent system is broken.
+Rey Villa and all the TV manufacturers have patents for them... You do know Microsoft gets money for linux patents on every android device sold?
+Eng. Jorge Santana Even though they are bullshit patents, at least they are open to agreements. Apple refuses to agree to any license agreements with anyone #smh
+Rey Villa I agree Apple does not look for license but that's not there business. Microsoft business is licensing software and apple selling hardware.
Lucky me for having one. I would like to invite Apple to come and try to get mine.
+Eng. Jorge Santana They do both and it is definitely a part of their business if they're going around suing people because of it and getting injunctions over it.
BS and I was going to get one screw you apple I will never buy any of your products ever
I have both Now and Siri, and I can say, they are very different in feel. I cant speak to the behind the scenes tech, obviously, but from my POV, Now is safe
Apple is scared, and they should be... Google and Microsoft are innovating while they sit on the same OS design from five years ago... I think things are about to change for them and it's not gonna be so easy to bully their way out of it.
I'm just gonna put it out there since no one else has said it. I think Jelly Bean is Google's response to Apple's litigation. If you read Josh's review of the Nexus 7 (as well as Engadget's review of Android 4.1 by Darren Murph) closely you'll see that Jelly Bean appears to address the patents at issue. New lock screen. A "more visual" approach to assigning apps to complete specific tasks. Google Now. The Android PDK (so all partners can have early access to Android updates).

Perhaps this litigation explains why so many carriers and OEMs held off on updating their Gingerbread devices to ICS in the US? Maybe I'm reaching but, I think Jelly Bean is Google's response. I also think we'll see more frequent updates to Android going forward in response to Apple's tactics. This is why (I think) Google is going to expand the Nexus line to include all of its partners. So that it can simply push updates to respond to Apple's litigious strategy.

Time will tell it though...
"If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em!" Obviously they can't beat Google with their #iFail So they became a patent whore to block sales! +Chris Harrington I agree with you. I'm glad Google didn't sink to Apple's level, but I too would love too see Apple get fucked with an injunction of their own!

#FuckApple we all need to start a #Boycott  
Jim Lee
I don't imagine this injunction going anywhere further. Or at least that's what I hope.
I skimmed through all the comments, and I think everyone missed the point of what has occurred. This ban was directed to Samsung, however it was indirectly pointed towards a core Google device. Essentially Apple is trying to drag Google into this, but Google for the most part is taking the high road, just as LG did with the Prada when everyone pointed out the design of that phone.

Now, I'll go back to the point; this is directed at Samsung. Apple is grasping at straws in my view because they are being petty about patent use. Let face it, once all the dust is clear, the USPO will become a huge target in the political arena.

My opinion on patents are as such:

Software patents have to be related to hardware specifically. Don't pull some bullshit about how I rub my screen with my digit and it moves stuff. If its that broad of a patent, its should be like FRAND.

Patent physical form in EXTREME detail. What's the material? How does it feel? Does the material you say ACTUALLY feel like the materials suppose. And this shape bullshit, I'll patent the middle finger to that noise. Another thing, does it look EXACTLY the same?

If you patent a device, you need proof of concept. That will stop trolling. And, if you don't license a patent over a certain amount of time, you lose it, kind of like how Apple is snatching up squatters.

I can probably go on for hours about this, but the fact remains, a ban is a ban, even if its on a flucking fluke. (yes i said flucking).

But, I want to bring something up. Do y'all see Nintendo doing this crap to Sony or Microsoft?
Amazing how people kiss apples ass they the products are made in china and people worship them like it's some cool surfers who build computers at nighttime

Really getting sick of my tiny iPhone screen 
If I had Superman powers my first thing to do is destroy Apple completely..
Looks like the Google Galaxy Nexus Phone is still on sale in the Play Store.  Apple still has to post a bond and then Google will most likely appeal.  I don't believe anyone is being stopped from buying a Nexus today, so buy one and show your support of Google, Android and all of those who have helped create the Nexus.
Hitting Samsung with a search patent on Google's flagship?

It really is time for Google to unleash the fury. It's not really Apple's fault that they are allowed to get away with this, but if Google stand on the sidelines much longer the entire Android range could get banned.
I'd be very surprised if the injunction isn't stayed.  There so much prior art and these patents are VERY obvious.  Unfortunately Judge Koh appears to be much less technically literate than other judges like posner and the judge who handled google v oracle
+Victor Zell Google has NEVER used patents offensively, only defensively.  Apple on the other hand is one of the least ethical companies in tech and supports all kinds of bad laws (like SOPA) and is one of the biggest abusers of the patent system
Mark Ng
This is going to stir up a real shit storm in the android community...
This is such total bullshit. Makes me glad I live in Canada.
As consumers, It's definitely time hit Apple where it hurts, to coordinate a social boycott of the "new iPhone" during its launch month would be a good place to start!
Mark A
Dear Google... please grow a pair.  Dear Apple... fuck you.  Oh, and USPTO... I would like to patent the concept of transporting subatomic particles via the utilization of conductive metallic substances when used in electron sensitive devices.  One hundred million dollars please.
why is apple so paranoid? they have amazing products that people love. and so does google. maybe these two should just make a love child together.
My fanboi lil brother told me "Would you go to work every day and allow someone else at work to take credit for all the work you did? I don't think so."

I told him "Correction... I make good ideas at work. People take my good ideas and make them better. I applaud them and in turn take their 'improved' idea and make it even better. Now THAT is better than crying to the boss about him taking my ideas AND it spawns improvement. Unless of course I'm all out of ideas... hint hint ;) "
So if I wanted to buy one, should I do it now?
Yes. Yes you should. In fact buy like 10.
My contract is near end and I have been looking at a purchasing a new phone. I was considering either the iphone or an android device. Apple just made my choice easy. I despise anti-competitive companies that think that they are entitled to be the only player in a market. I just now ordered a Google Store bought Galaxy Nexus phone. Screw you Apple! Choice is good--stop acting like a spoiled child and just compete.
I hope Google stop making apps for iOS because not only Google is nice to Apple but they made apps for them like Google +, Chrome. Apple is really ungrateful & that why Google & Microsoft are hurting Apple where it hurts, there wallets.
Honestly, I think it's a shame that the consumer has to suffer as a result of these silly patent lawsuits. When you stifle innovation to just one corporation, you're left without choices...
Don't buy apple products anymore!!!! Screw them
Good artists copy, great artists steal.
- Copied and re-hashed from a great bullshit artist.
vivek s
Sad day for Android fans as jelly bean shows real promise in user interface areas for which android has been taken a beating for some time ...Samsung and other vendors are not going to update their phones to JB very soon ... 
Competitiveness just flew right out the window.
Don't like competition? There's a lawsuit for that.
For those worrying about updates, I called their customer care. No matter where you are in the world you will get Jelly Bean over the air.
Ban all iOS devices for copying the notification system from Android!
Everyone on Google+ turn into honorary patent attorneys every time Apple "wins" one of these things. Probably less than 1% of you even know what the hell you're talking about. Apple thinks its patents were infringed. A judge see enough in their argument to at least give them some time to prove it. Wouldn't you want the same treatment if you had a patent? 
+Reginald Watkins While that is fair, the patent system is flawed. Apple should have never been granted some of these patents. Heck, Apple has patented things they haven't even built yet. The fact of the matter is that Apple should innovate instead of stifle. This kind of suit has the potential to basically destroy any smartphone, not just Android. 

On a side note, no one sees HP suing anyone over the smartphone and trying to get the iPhone and Nexus devices banned. Since, y'know, they actually own the patent for the smartphone.
Let's see. Patent over voice search and unified search. There's a whole lot of prior use here, nearly every pre-iPhone 4S Android device has similar functionality. And then there's also Xbox Bing, which is the exact same thing, and Apple isn't going after them. This should be handled like copyrights, if you don't protect them, then you lose them, and Apple obviously isn't protecting this one.

But also, anytime the actual banning of a device comes into play, and the company seeks that over monetary damages, then maybe these things need to be subjected to more scrutiny. You'd also think the simple idea of a Search patent used against a Search company deserves considerably more scrutiny than this.

And on some level, shouldn't Apple going after Android, and only Android, when other companies are doing the same thing, with impunity and no retaliation, reek of criminal level harassment?
+Victor Zell - patents are supposed to be licensed if some company infringes. Not for banning products. That just trying to kill the competition and monopolize the market. Where's the inovation in that?
Mark A
On the plus side, This was the final nudge that got me to buy a Nexus 7.  Thanks, Apple.
I don't think this preliminary injunction will be overturned as Judge Koh was already reversed by the circuit court when she ruled against Apple previously. Plus do you think a Korean-American judge likes enjoining the largest Korean company? Judge Koh ruled in favor because she correctly followed the law. If you don't like the US patent laws then lobby your congressman to change it. 
Went to Verizon as soon as I heard about this. I am a new G-Nex owner now! Screw Apple.
I've always like Apple's notebooks, but seriously this is so fucked up. Fuck Apple.
+Mahram Z. Irani +Justin Hall +Rodrigo Damian All great points, and no arguments from me.

But considering Apple was brought back from the brink of catastrophe by a douche bag (who I happen to admire for his vision and standing by his convictions and beliefs)(that one was for you +Kevin Fowler lol) but a douche bag none the less, I've come to expect things like this from Apple.

That said, raging against Apple and screaming FUCK APPLE in a comment section of a post still gets you nowhere. Take the fight to the people who allowed this to happen, not the people that exploit the system.

That's where the change happens.
Note that Apple has the deepest pockets and can bring any company to its knees (Apple's profit > Google entire revenue). Apple is becoming the IBM that Jobs used to hate so much/
I dropped my nexus s in a sink full of water yesterday. After a night in rice it seems to be just fine but I swear, if it dies and I can't replace it with a Galaxy Nexus I will be PISSED OFF. In fact I am seriously tempted to go to the Sprint store tomorrow just in case but I would have rather spent that on the nexus 7 I'm already planning on (instead of a iPad 3).

I get where apple is coming from and honestly? They have a pretty good point and I'd seriously be pissed after the history of the rest of the industry copying forever. Also we don't know how Samsung has responded.

What I do know? Something that negatively impacts consumers is not a game plan. 
Devon R
So, what happens if you bought it from Google Play already but not sent? Or you got it from Amazon? Maybe people can make a mad-dash to Amazon to get one? If not sent either way, do you get a refund?  What the hell, I just got mine a few weeks ago and relieved that I did. 
Personally, I'm jealous of all you android users because a few months ago I realized that Apple was stupid and all hail android! Too bad I have to wait until my contract terminates to get an android! But, I am extremely mad at apple right now! I've been loyal to you for 4 years and your tearing apart the better company! I mean look at the app store! Google chrome is the no. 1 app after just hours after its release on ios!
+Nathan Kofahl , +Ben Smith : 
The interesting thing is that this patent has been filed on Dec 1, 2004 itself. And we all know that Siri came in last year. It took nearly 7 years for Apple to come this implementation in iOS while Android had this several years before the actual implementation. But since Apple got this patent earlier even with out an implementation, they are being allowed to do this. But Google really needs to come with a solid defense and make sure that no such silly suits come up again. Also this patent seems super vague!!! :( How can USPTO can give this???
Joe Pas
Can we seriously organize a date for this Occupy Apple thing, perhaps on the iPhone 5 release date (or near it)? I like to navigate to on all the Crackbooks in the Apple store and taking out my old EVO running ICS and taking pictures of all the tiny phones.  #boycottapple   
Folks, copying stifles competition.  When vendors on Canal Street in NYC blatantly copy Gucci products and sell them dirt cheap on Canal street, how is that furthering competition?  Also, a major Massachusetts company that made special electronics for solar panels to generate electricity lost major market share when its China-based manufacturer stole the technology and started copying the product and sold it at a lower price.  Remember, Google executives sat on Apple's board of directors when the iPhone was being developed and they didn't tell Steve Jobs anything about their secret plans to copy Apple's iOS with Android and then give Android away for free.  And guess who is majorly enjoying the fruits of the free Android OS?  Not an American corporation like Apple.  No, a South Korean conglomerate named Samsung.  So I think its pretty ironic that on the 4th of July certain Android lovers in the U.S. are bashing Apple and a United States Federal Judge and instead rooting for Samsung.
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