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The Verge at work: sync your text everywhere, never lose an idea again
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great idea for the continuous note taking client/clients. cool video too.

That made my day..Thank you Paul
The Verge at work: sync your text everywhere, never lose an idea again, as long as you only use Apple products

There, I fixed it for you.
Why not just use Evernote? It works across iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP7, OS X, Windows, and the Web. And it supports sharing notes when you're done with them.
Let's be honest - It's a video about a how seamlessly you can handle your notes on iOS and OSX and then a few odd options for other platforms are mentioned as well. 11 links, 6 of them are for the Apple Ecosystem, 1 is platform agnostic (Dropbox), 1 is for Android, 1 is for Palm, 1 is for Symbian and 1 is for Blackberry.

Feel free to do Apple-centric videos and articles, but don't try to pass them off as platform-agnostic. I have no problem with "Here's a great way to sync your notes accross the Apple platforms" but "Capturing and syncing notes - Verge at Work" sounded like something that could be useful for me (Android/Linux/Windows user).
+Daniel Singer Exactly. I only have two kids left now, Steve Jobs used the rest of them to make a rug and his coffin was made from my favorite tree, cut down in my garden when he died.

Seriously - I hope everybody use the tools they prefer, be those tools from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Your mom's basement or whatever. I have no problem with other platforms and I operate on 3 different ones every single day. But I just wasted 4 minutes and 37 seconds of my life watching a video about syncing notes on a platform I don't use. All I'm asking for is a more honest title to the video.
I use Google Docs to record every piece of my idea.
notational velocity is beyond awesome. It should be ported to every system in the world.
I actually use an app called Notesy to sync my text notes with NV on Dropbox. I also tried PlainText which is very good, but I finally decided for Notesy.
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