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Bye. I guess no single product caused the Google brand more harm
Gee I thought that died ages ago.
Aww....I still to this day think Wave is a great product with a lot of potential. You will be missed :'(
I'm with +Curtis Cook. Wave wasn't a flop. It was misunderstood and poorly marketed. The technology and capabilities were awesome.
darn... I actually used it when it began... used it to collaborate with my production companies promotions team... ugg
+Kristian Serrano - I couldn't agree with you more. The biggest problem imo was how the invites were handled. If they would have got it into a lot more peoples hands from the start, it might could have blossomed into what they envisioned it to be.
+Curtis Cook It's hard to adopt it widespread if you can't communicate with any and all of your contacts within it. How did Google expect users to adopt Wave if it was available to the public for such a short period of time? Poor decision on their part.
let other mobile apps or webapps connect to google plus besides just google + sharing buttons on a webpage
Google Wave is dead. Long live Apache Wave.
Still don't understand why Wave failed and G+ succeeded.
no outside apis, wasnt promoted heavily after launch nor integrated with other google products, and lastly, and most importantly, not usable through a mobile app. it should be obvious by now that mobile apps gives any app a huge burst in adoption rates so people can "try" the service w/o being stuck at a pc.
Had a lot of potential. But Google never pushed it or, for that matter, really explained well it's utility to the general user. Had they done so, it would have worked quite nicely with Google Drive. Oh well. + cheap 1u server from Pacific Geek = my kinda fun.
Based on the demos I've seen, I really hope they roll some/all of the Wave functionality into Gmail or even Google+.
I feel some of the tech in Wave was a proof of concept for other apps. Real time whiteboards are a good tool for example.
Goodbye, Google Wave. You were way ahead of your time.
i tried it... it was NO google+. :-p
API = application programming interface. It allows you to write code that runs against the service in question.
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