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So... I'm now connected through my iPad, iPhone, Google Glasses, Sony watch, HP Laptop, in-car entertainment system, ... . Going to be busy switching daylight savings time :)
I think the best quality of watches for their price range is Bulova! Also, this just looks big on the wrist!
If it worked properly with my phone it would be yes, but it doesn't...
Is this as buggy as their LiveView though?
If you can't play Angry Birds on it, it won't sell.
I agree with the Pebble praise. I thought I'd miss color, but the epaper screen just seems like a much better idea.
If I but a 'smartphone' watch I want something universal and it will be cool if I don't need to load it up every night.
It does look beautiful. The only thing I wonder is the battery life, since bluetooth is a must for most of the main features
Smartwatch doesn't interest me, but i'm fully waiting for the wireless headset pro! Why do they take so long to release it!
So it does the same stuff I can do on my phone? How...useful.
No, no, no! You don't get it! Just think a bit: M.A.S.K. communicators! #80s
+Chuck Poe I work in a secure building where no personal electronic devices are allowed, so this watch still wouldn't help me.
Inspector Gadget's niece, Penny, can finally call her dog on her watch.
I think if I have this watch,when I wash my hand will be problem.
"Using the SmartWatch, you can read texts, emails, and social status updates, control music playback, and even activate your phone's camera. The wrist accessory uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your Android 2.0+ handset."

Umm... so it lets me read content on a tiny screen that's already on my 4.3" screen phone? WTF would anyone read anything on a screen the size of a postage stamp if it can be read on something larger? And when would you ever have only the watch on which to read? Never.

This is a cool product with no practical application except being a watch.
Patiently waiting for Apple to make a watch peripheral. THAT I would buy the heck out of!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually I don't know why Apple doesn't make a dumbed down version of the ipod nano that pairs with the iphone. It seems like a low hanging fruit.
I already own a Wimm One. No thank you Sony.
That is like the Nano but I still like it!
+Vincent Pun Actually, there's a third party manufacturer (LunaTik) who makes a wristband holder for the current iPod Nano that allows you to wear it as a watch. I saw it at the Art Institute of Chicago in March.
Meh.. unnecessary in my opinion. They have to make it really sexy looking for my to want to wear it on my wrist.
I always thought when this came I woud be amazed with it. So much has happened that this is just so hum ho.
Nahh, I dont think Sony will make it. How long can you read anything on your watch?
People don't wear watches like they used to. Not sure a smart watch has anything to offer over a smart phone, except being attached to one's wrist.
Oh look an iPod Nano with android-quality icons. Just what I wanted.
Meh. I am using the iPod Nano as my watch now and it is good enough. I don't need Twitter on my wrist. I have a smartphone for that. Nice try though.
evereyone is going to be lazer focused now!
See... I would definitely not buy this thing, because my intuition tells me that Sony has absolutely no loyalty to this as a product. It's just another thing they need to make money on...
Tim's view might be true, though. Let's see if it endures some time!
Seriously guys WiMM one. already in use and loving it.
Does the wimm have an accelerometer?
WiMM has wifi, gps, accelerometer, and bluetooth.
I like this android base watches. they are just too expensive for what they are.
Wearable computers with micro interfaces are in my estimation tech existing for the sake of tech. All of the same features found on this device are found on my smart phone all via a much larger interface. I do not mean to downplay how cool devices such as this and WIMM are. Both are very cool. I'm just not sure why they exist?
cell phones
WATCHES?????'s an iPod touch on a strap?
Holy wow cool whatch i getting me on of them things
"SmartWatch"? Uh, if you're truly smart, you won't pay $150 for something that big and ugly.
Until I can get an Omni Tool like Cmdr. Shepard, I'll have to pass.
Isn t just awesome?invention+innovation
That looks awesome but i think facebook and twitter are quite big so i don't think it will run well.
gadgets... at some pt ppl are going to sicken of gadgets.
a new fancy but old style

watch was hottest product as same as today's smartphone
Looks like the tiniest tablet on a strap.
It almost does everything your phone does so what is better about it? 
Sony has the worst customer service
SMART! New technology these days....
If anybody other than Sony (or Apple) made it, I would check it out.
I am not a fan of watches, but I think it's cool.
That looks so lame. Some actually wants to wear that on their wrist? It looks like a medical device or an oversized watch for slow people
This reminds me of people in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy thinking digital watches are quite cool... :) Don't Panic!
I tried the Sony LiveView with a Samsung Galaxy SII. I was disappointed and returned the unit. I could not get most features to work. Perhaps it works better when paired to Sony Xperia. I hope this new thing works better with 3rd party devices
thats awesome costs 2 much!
I think I am the only one of my friends who even wears a watch anymore
everybody is copying (stealing) from Apple. pathetic. i wouldn't buy these copies even if they cost $5. it would mean encouraging stealing.
This will be obsolete once we all get our Google Glasses!
I don't see anything "revolutionary" in this. Just another Android powered gadget ... this time it's a watch. Nice and all, but nothing inherently new. The next big thing will most probably be something like Google's Project Glass. And only, if it's fully voice controlled. Who wants to learn morse code just to be able to control the new breed of "key-/buttonless" gadgets? I guess not too many. My next gadget should work without getting in the way. It's only possible if the display is fully transparent (like glasses or contact lenses) and the control interface does not take away even one of my hands from actual tasks.
Dick Tracy,. Not fiction any more.Does come with a yellow watchband?
check out motorolaACTV watch. and compare them
Looks good, definitely if you're out exercising and logging in your running miles. I would find it very hard to read Twitter and Facebook with such a small display and that ugly font size, even if it's for catching up on the latest things.
The commercial has a groom ignoring his wife in favor of this watch. I think we are becoming too connected...
what people come up with these days to be "bigger and better"
Can it display "Rolex" as a screensaver?
Since I have owned a cell phone I have stopped wearing a watch. Is this the new way to go or will it flop?
I'd consider buying something like this. Just not from Sony. I don't buy anything from Sony.
Oh, but you are wrong, Colin Stetson
because the US is a consumer country and when this watch is released it will be consumed regardless it being crap or not
Just duct tape your iPhone to your wrist 
not if it was the last watch on earth! :) SUck Fony.
I'd rather get the new Pebble e-ink watch
cool watch, but I'll stick to my deadringer
First Google Makes Smart Glasses, Sony is making a Smart Watch, what's Apple going to do? The iNecklace?
Pretty cool can't wait for its arrival over here
Sony, Just make something good for once, Please, so I don't lose all respect for you!
I already use my iPod nano for this... Though its only uses are music and a watch thanks to the clip on the back :p for everything else I use my smartphone :D
Very 007isH ;-) for sure, not sure I would wear something that bulky on my wrist and if you wana get robbed, that would certainly be the way to go...people are already robbing people for their iphones... not a good idea....
Jo Mead
ok... really?! do we really need a touch-screen WATCH? GET A LIFE PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jo Mead
i really and truly believe that ppl in America can now sell ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not quite. Good start, though. Maybe after a healthy revision.
A lot of people seem to be missing the point of devices like this. As a cyclist, i love it. Phone goes in bag and i can not only track my route but also change my music tracks and volume by remote. Open your minds people, the possibilities are out there due to open-source.
Can you wash your hands with this on your wrist? Not being able to do that would be a deal breaker for me.
Maurice I hope all is well see you soon. Seanbrian
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