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Here's the first pic of Woz in the jOBS film
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I feel like they nailed Steve w/ Ashton but Woz needs to be about 65% swarthier 
Bad casting for Woz
Rob M.
They should have cast Danny McBride portraying Kenny Powers portraying the Woz.
Don't think they  quite captured the essence of Woz like they did with Jobs. 
The Woz was a much better looking guy than that dude.
Will always be Walden Schmidt to me...
Noah Wyle was a great Steve Jobs in "Pirates of Silicon Valley." I kinda wish he could've played him again.. Maybe he'd look too old now.
Lmfao at all the bad casting of Woz comments.

Even IF they throw in hookers, slappers, copious amounts of drugs, get Tarantino to direct it and hand it over to ILM to spruce it up with Star Wars'esque special effects it'll STILL require a hefty dose of rohypnol to actually go to the cinema and sit through it!

Then again, I guess to some it will be THE ultimate date movie.
At first glance I thought they had Jack Black playing Woz.

Kutcher really looks like Jobs. But the person who plays as Woz, he doesn't look like Woz.
+Branislav Antic I think Ron Jeremy today may be a little too fat but if he lost about 30-40 lbs he would be an identical match to Woz back then.  I even think Ashton is a little on the chubby side to play Steve Jobs but he looks close enough.
+Chris Cruz Kutcher isn't fat, but they'd need to sand about 3 or 4 inches of his wide arsed chin and jawline to make him match Jobs.
Couldn't they put at least a wig on him? Kutcher is so-so, but that is not the Woz.
I don't need the actors to be clones of the real people.  If the writing/acting/performances are good, they could be played by black women and I wouldn't care.
That guy looks like a comic sidekick for Kutcher! Bad casting for Woz.... Lets see how the performance goes.. might make up for it in that department..
they look just alike... i mean they say everyone has a twin,, and they found th3irs
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