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Exclusive: Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad and Android revealed
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A bit late to the game but welcome regardless...
+The Verge, you all are such wonderful people. Good morning. Edit: I thought it said it was released, not just revealed - dang. 
MS Office coming out for iOS first?!
I would see that as MS bowing down to the King....
Actually the article is slightly incorrect.  MS Office is already out for RT and will absolutely be out on WP8 long before it's released on iOS or Android.  It'll probably be on WP7.8 before it's on iOS or Android as well.
Seems a bit counter productive. Well played Microsoft! 
My laptop will collect dust then! 
Not sure if it can top Google Drive. 
I wonder the charge that these applications will demand.
Great! Finally maybe there will be a spreadsheet app for iPad with quality and functionality comparable with Excel for PC.
And they are going to make me buy an Office Subscription to edit documents? Yeah, no...... 
+darryl jackson actually this is released on windows before either mobile platform gets it. And by the way, ios is the queen, androids the king. 
Ryan Ng
I'm sure "The Giant Panda" doesn't come with Microsoft Office.
Will they create special new proprietary-lock-in doc formats for us to enjoy?

Gotta hope people take the opportunity (presented by the post PC era) to stop buying MS Office and handing them the monopoly power they have abused for so long.
I'm surprised they are't releasing it to Windows phones first.
Well at last android users will taste a bit of the conventional corporate office.
I'm also guessing that this is going to further encourage corporate Blackberry users to jump ship to Android/iOS devices.
I don't see any reason to be happy. The iDevices already had keynote and numbers and pages and all of them are better then their ms counter parts

Okay , maybe not numbers 
Amen, +Steve Adams. I'm not excited by this news at all, because we all know MS is going to screw it up. There's going to be a huge charge or subscription required to edit Office documents on the go. In fact, they'll probably bundle it with a desktop license, whether you need it or not, driving the price even higher. While MS Office is still the best (sorry, but if you use Excel the way I do, nothing else gets the job done), Microsoft's business model needs to die already. 
I hope it's incorrect that an Office 365 subscription is required to edit. Those monthly payment plans are not for everyone. A one-time fee is all I am interested in.
+Shreyash Nigam but for those of us who operate in a mixed ecosystem where the majority of those with whom we collaborate use Office, it's about time.
And.... following this link and some quick others... it looks like Access is not going to be included (unless I missed it somewhere).  That's what I need on a tablet and I really can't justify one for myself without MS Access.  _sigh_
what no way !!! Never thought of Office on any smartphone but windows phones 
if true, great. pages; nice gui but breaks documents. quickoffice suck. google docs is a joke. 
What else would we need at the moment big five thanks and keep up. 
Google Docs is great, just not within iOS
Requires a Office 365 subscription to edit? MS can get bent.
Works great on their tablet. If the same version is for the other platforms, they will kick it out of the park. 
My interest has died. On to Google Drive!
Hope they don't screw that like smartglass.
Took them too long, Google Drive is fine for all my needs.
Kingsoft Office > Microsoft Office or anything else they come up with!
Can't imagine much worse than MS on my Droid phone.  Sorry. (Didn't somebody already invent the buggy whip?)
what about office 365 for surface... it isn't coming to ios first. 
fede ra
it's fuckin' plenty of office software..almost all of that comes for free!! thanks microsoft we don't need your shit also in our phones..
Oh give me a break. Who is going to edit MS documents on their phone? Busy people you say? They probably just want to glance over a document and the preview and Google Drive do a good job in that.
It's about time. Will be very helpful to run Office on the iPad.
They just won't learn, will they?
Sounds like launch is aimed at businesses, consumers, since it's pretty useless without the 365 subscription. Microsoft focuses on B2B way too much.
i don't think i need it....i'm still using iPhone 4S... :)
Hopefully its going to be good so I don't stuck with the same shitty fake office apps :)
It's working beautifully as a preview app on Windows 8, if it's half as good on iOS it will sink OfficeToGo and QuickOffice et. al. out of the water... hell, it'll blow Office 2010 out of the water... seamless cloud integration, invisible multidevice integration-- I'm loving it.
V could understand MS's tie up with Apple. But releasing a version for android is truly surprising. Would redmond embrace open-source?
+Arun S — Microsoft could make a closed-source app for an open-source platform. Even Google's main apps, like Gmail and the Play Store, are closed-source, but the underlying PLATFORM is open-source.
An Android app is a great idea.  I'd pay E <= $100 for Mobile MS Office if it means I could use it unrestricted on all the devices a I own for the lifespan of that version-- i.e. "Office 2013" or whatever they call it and I can use one license purchase and it's good on my netbook, my Android phone and my iPad.  That is, of course, if it's just as good as the current preview out on Win 8 and completely interoperable on Android and iOS as well.  There just really isn't great content creation software for iOS or Android-- just really awkward, finicky, fussy crippled translators and viewers.  I'm just not gonna sit down on my iPad and build a spreadsheet or write an essay on an iPad-- yet.  Give me a real Office app and BT keyboard and I'll do so happily.
Well...Raymie I indeed talked about the platform. But keeping Gmail and Playstore closed source is justified coz had it been opensource, you and me could easily come up with a Custom ROM with which v could steal identity of thousands, if not millions
Right. I was just trying to clarify your remarks.
Mr. Moe
Nice. Can't wait to get this on my Galaxy S3
I thought we all agreed to use Google Drive/Docs
isnt polaris office more or less the same thing??? i have it preloaded on GS ll edit + view excel, word, powerpoint??
iPhone is very simle to use I m using it since last two years.
Going back to the bugs era. This will be version 1.0. How long should we wait to make it work properly. MS please remain with computers running windows.
Vel Ma
Why go from one patent troll to another? Get Meego or at least Android!
Cool, but too little too late? I don't miss it on either device, and I doubt I'd use it
Microsft of..fice?
Never heard of it.
I already have docs perfection with google docs.
well, I'm one of the rare ones who grew up with a II and Macintosh and
jumped to Windows back at the pinnacle of the horrible beige box Macs of
the late 90s and never looked back. But I also owned every Newton ever
produced including the prototype... so I think I can be fair and
objective... I like my iPad and my Touch very much, but in my experience
Metro OS out-Apples, Apple... I think it's a leap forward in UI design and
keeps your info more easily and readily accessible. Have you played with a
WinPhone yet? A Surface? I think they've taken touch to the next level--
just my visceral feel of using it-- iOS feels very restrictive to me in
comparison-- like old Windows 3.1 did back when I used a Mac. Just my
feelings. I like them both, but I think MS has finally set the standard
and come out a head for the first time.
[?][?] But we'll all benefit from having three robust and competitive OSs
out there to choose from-- as evidenced by Win 8's lovely low price tag. I
hope all major programs like Office or FB will be made for all three so
that people can choose what they like best without feeling trapped.
Sign of msft hedging its bets on surface rt / Windows rt?! The office thing was supposed to be THE rationale for getting one...
I've had pages and keynote for 2 years Microsoft. I'll have gladly get it for android because there's NOWHERE on the android market that has anything like this.
It's Microsoft's way of reaching in to iOS & Android users pockets and trying to push SkyDive and other online subscription based web applications. Check OneNote for Android. It's tied to SkyDrive as its only storage and free usage is limited to 500 notes. Beyond that you pay. Also, the interface is terrible compared with its competitors.
I feel Google Docs covers all but the most pressing document creation needs. Maybe I am a light user. Anyways, kudos to Microsoft for trying to change up its ancient model.
Documents to go works great on all my android devices going back to my g1
I feel Google Docs covers all but the most pressing document creation needs. Maybe I am a light user. Anyways, kudos to Microsoft for trying to change up its ancient model.
will the giant panda app be available in the toshiba google PLAY STORE I have a TOSHIBA AT105/16GB PRODUCT VERSION= PDA01U-00102M ANDROID VERSION 4.0.4 and is it A free DOWNLOAD OR DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT???
Software,intel & an awesome I.T kick!
Arun G
Have been waiting for this..

What an excellent job of MS now my iPhone will be a complete pocket PC. Warm welcomes.
I'm sorry but if you pay to use this instead of using Google Drive for free you're an idiot. Just saying. 
+Adam Decker there are many things google documents are still incapable of that make office a necessity. One could argue if you're using google docs at a real job, you are indeed an idiot.
+Chris Jackman One could also argue that you if you are editing a complex spreadsheet on a phone you could also be an idiot. We actually do use Google Drive at my international / Forbes nominated "job". For all communication? No. For any communication that is best done through mobile? Yes. 
+Kevin Bueso has it right. No need for yet another .doc reader/writer app in 2012. Fine, but it won't be worth buying for most. Kinda like Windows 8. :-P 
Does any regular user really need Office anymore?
+Nathaniel Walker about your ipad vs surface point.

You know, the mail app does support exchange........

I can view ppt, word documents, spread sheets on the iPad as well......
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