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Thank God customs is preventing these pest-infested cell phones from infecting our domestic mobile device farmer's crops.
+James Lawrence I know right? I mean I want this phone, but I had the EVO 4G and now the 3D, so for almost 2 years I've had a WiMax phone and been paying 10 bucks extra a month to sprint... for nothing
+Brad Dillon the ten dollar extra charge isn't just for 4G. It's for all smartphones. Sprint changed the wording a while ago. I just activated a 3G only device last week and the charge still applies.
Sigh, I have been patient for the last 2 months waiting for this phone!! I didn't get an email from Best Buy saying that the pick up date was I can only hope that some made it into the country without issue and its waiting at the store for me to pick it up. If you haven't noticed...I am an optimist! hehe
+Chad Cesaro Correct. I was charged extra when I got my HTC Arrive Windows Phone over a year ago.

I asked them if they thought that was stupid. They said Yes it is stupid, but it is our new policy.
+Thaddeus Pecorak Apple is just mad that they can't compete anymore. They have to hold their patents close cause that's all they have left.
+Chad Cesaro if they did that I was unaware, because I've had a smart phone for a while, had a treo and then had a Pre THEN got the EVO 4G and at that time I had to pay the 10 bucks extra
+Brad Dillon I've had little to no problem with Sprint's Wimax here in NYC but I've had the original EVO for two years now. I want the Galaxy S III whenever it comes out but I don't know when they are gonna launch 4G LTE here. I'm considering a move to Verizon.
+Brad Dillon Yeah, it started with the EVO 4G but like I said, they changed it afterwards. Sprint plans are still cheaper than comparable ones from Verizon and AT&T and include unlimited (albeit slow) data, so I don't bother complaining about it. There would have been far less confusion if they would have just raised their prices ten dollars across the smartphone board from the beginning.
+James Lawrence At least you had WiMax. Here in Detroit, WiMax was not fully rolled I paid the 4G "tax" without the faster network. IMO, Sprint should start their LTE rollout here! :-)
+Wilson Oryema "The iPhone 4S has outsold every single other smartphone on the market since its release..." SGSII?
+Wilson Oryema Yeah? And how many of those are repeat customers who are upgrading their phone or replacing their broken phone? I know a lot of people who, in the last 4 years, have had 4 or more iPhones. Me? I've had 3 phones in my life. So you'll have to excuse me if I don't care much for the statistics on how well the iPhone is selling.
+Wilson Oryema these sales figures are all over the place. Seems we can't get an apples to apples comparison (no pun intended:) I just thought last I had read Samsung had the highest marketshare on mobile devices, based mostly on their SGSII line.
+Wilson Oryema if you really believe this is just Apple defending their IP, you have your head in a dark place. You need to do a little homework and look at what they're actually using in these markets all over the world to attempt exclude the competition. You don't go to the ITC asking to exclude others over hyperlinked text or swiping to unlock unless you're worried about your ability to compete.
+Wilson Oryema Hey you're the one getting all bent out of shape over this. My point is that not all sales are people turning away from competitors in favor of Apple. A lot of those constitute returning customers that want the latest iPhone without actually needing it. They call things fitting that description a fashion accessory.

Fact of the matter is that most people don't actually need a smartphone of any type. The market is much bigger than it really should be... But I guess that's just an opinion now.
+Wilson Oryema As much as they are patent trolling these days (and losing pretty much every time), it's turning in to the mark of a weak company that has nothing more to offer. They are fine now, but they are also riding on the coat tails of Steve Jobs.
+Wilson Oryema your responses have no basis in fact and you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
+Wilson Oryema, you don't know what you're talking about. This isn't about some fundamental enabling technology, this is throwing every single patent in my portfolio at another company to see what sticks so I can get them excluded. Apple isn't the first or the last company to do it, but don't get it twisted.

Like I said, do your homework and don't just come in here spewing the company line about IP integrity.
+Wilson Oryema "Apple have been filing many lawsuits against these companies for years, even while Steve was still in charge." Yeah? And where has it gotten them?

You seriously need to chill out. This is just a conversation.
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