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A little rebranding of +The True Perspective.

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#PTI's fascist attitude disgusts me to no end. Yes, in #Pakistan freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution. But as we've realized in the past 25 days, the constitution seems to nary matter to the PTI lot. They have twice attacked Geo news offices in Islamabad now. Yes the group that operates the Geo network is hardly a fan of Imran Khan and his ilk, but then on the other end of the spectrum we have Mubasher Lucman and ARY; even more repugnant and fascist in their tendencies.

Difference of opinion is a beautiful concept. But of course in Imran Khan's fascist new Pakistan, any disagreement with him or his ilk would be punishable by massive abuse involving one's mother and sister, and in the case of Geo, arson and stone throwing attacks on their offices. Even though he's not yet in power, he has given us a glimpse into what kind of "Naya Pakistan" he wants to create. A fascist Pakistan for all the fascists in it.

Today Pakistan should be proud. Because of people like Aitezaz Ahsan and Javed Hashmi, democracy in Pakistan is on the right track. Aitezaz Ahsan's scathing criticism of prime minister Nawaz Sharif is just a small reason as to why democracy as a process is so important to save; Ahsan would be behind bars if he'd tried to do the same to a military dictator. Hashmi (who has been called a traitor, a backstabber, a spy) stood on the floor of the parliament and deplored those in power to take heed. To respect the voices of those who are opposed to them. And Fazlur Rehman (for whom I have no respect), stood on the floor of the parliament and put the armed forces in their place. This is democracy. This is why it's important. Accountability for the people, by the people.

And as far as Imran Khan goes, he's made his point. He's done his job. Now he needs to go back to the parliament and hold the government responsible for its character and decisions. Street politics can only get you so far. Democratic principles are what will get Pakistan on the right track, on the path of success. 2017 is only two and a half years away. Work hard in KPK so the people vote you in power next time Khan sahib. Work on the 21st amendment; work on electoral reforms; make it mandatory for the next elections to be conducted using electronic, biometric machines. It's time you showed some maturity, lest you end your political career with no one standing by your side.

#azadimarchpti #pti #pmln

It's high time Imran Khan apologizes to the nation, and takes a leave of absence from politics. It's disgusting and shameful looking at how much damage he's done to Pakistan.

Very interesting to see people defending Imran Khan's call to send money from overseas using the illegal hundi system. If you're thrown in jail or deported, will the legal charges be paid by the PTI? There's a thin line between civil disobedience and insanity, and what Imran Khan has essentially done is declare a financial war against Pakistan. People say his movement is against the Sharifs, but so far all of his actions have been against Pakistan. If the conspiracy theorists weren't all supporters of Imran Khan, they'd all be coming up with theories about how Imran is conspiring against Pakistan. As one of my friends wrote, Imran Khan is breeding a generation of morally corrupt poisonous people who will kill Pakistan with their utter disregard for common sense. 

#AzadiMarchPTI #PTI #PMLN #Pakistan

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There are several reasons why I don't support Imran Khan. Read them here.

#Pakistan   #azadimarchpti   #imrankhan   #pmln   #pti   #nawazsharif  
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