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Amid growing tensions between #Israel and #Iran, two Israeli graphic designers have created a Facebook campaign aimed at challenging the warmongering rhetoric, as first reported by +972 magazine.

Ronnie Edri and Michal Tamir designed an emblem that reads, “Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We <3 you” and now dozens of Israelis have added it to their Facebook photos. The campaign also spurred the creation of similar emblems by Iranians.
Online campaign challenges growing tensions between the two countries.
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Now, THAT is an awesome use of the people's voice. Well done.
Not nearly enough of the anti-war voices in Israel are given a hearing. It's vital.
nice, but so? what will this accomplish. israelis have nothing against the people of iran, just a government that continually speaks of seeing the country disappear. in a democracy, israelis have multiple voices. what kind of voices can come from iran?
There's a hugely significant protest movement in Iran. The point about this is that both governments suppress all opinions that run counter to their agendas, so social media is a platform for undermining that. Spreading messages that might otherwise never be heard.
Dear Pontus: I am glad to here there is a significant protest movement in Iran, but I cannot accept equivalency between the governments of Israel and Iran. For all of its flaws - and there are many - Israel is a democracy, and there is freedom of speech and of press. Some of the popular, mainstream media reflect a hawkish tone that matches the slight, but real, hawkish majority of public opinion. Media such as Ha'aretz and many others with widespread distribution in Israel offer many commentators and journalists whose opinions run counter to the majority - and without real fear of repression, jail, and, etc. Israelis, by and large, feel a real existential threat from a nuclear Iran, which has stated its interest in seeing the "cancerous Zionist entity" wiped off the map. If, in fact, the government of Iran were to change its tone, you would see Israel do the same. May I remind you of the "warm" relations between Israel and Iran in the days of the Shah. Was he any better for the average Iranian than the current regime? That's for the average Iranian to answer for him or herself. Nevertheless, there is nothing inherent in the Israel-Iran relationship that precludes normalcy. Even the Palestinian issue isn't necessarily a "deal-breaker." With goodwill on all sides, and less hateful rhetoric, aggression, and delegitimization efforts, accommodations can be reached.
Israel is more free than Iran, but there are different forms of suppression and this 'slight majority of hawkishness' is seen as a huge and overwhelming majority by the rest of the world. Israel has an enormous nuclear arsenal already, fear of Iran is irrational at best. The majority of Iranians don't want their government and they are repressed, but this constant aggression towards their independence from IsraeliAmerican hegemony in the region only holds things back. Human solidarity, subsuming governmental policy can only be a good thing that opens up channels for suppressed voices on both sides.
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