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When you have one too many hats to wear, come to The Social Media Hat for help!
When you have one too many hats to wear, come to The Social Media Hat for help!


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Take your Blogging to the Next Level

Many individuals and businesses aspire to become better bloggers. Perhaps you’re looking to add an additional revenue stream, or perhaps you’re hoping to use your blog to establish your expertise and authority in your field. Whatever the reason, you’re on the right track! Your blog can do all those things and more for you, but it will take time and hard work.

That’s where I can help.

Here are a number of articles I’ve published which you can spend some time reviewing and learn several key techniques and aspects of blogging that will help you.


How To Start A Blog -

How To Use A Blogging Planner -

The Content Pyramid, How To Structure A Successful Blog -


101 Blogging Tips for Successful Business Blogs -

How Often Should You Blog: The Ultimate Answer -

What Does It Take to Blog 3 - 5 Times a Week? -

You Do Not Have To Blog Every Day (gasp!) -

The Importance of Ignoring Your Blogging Schedule -

Cut Your Blog Writing Time by 50% with a Blog Template -

WARNING: This Will Improve Your Blog Traffic by 25% -

They’re Just Words. Edit Your Blog Posts Ruthlessly. -

How to Blog Like Mike -

Lies, Damn Lies, and Blogging Statistics -

How To Focus On Your Blogging -


Generating Blog Ideas -

Tell Your Business Story, One Blog at a Time -

Vary Your Blog Posts With These Three Styles -

How to Orchestrate Themes Into Your Content Marketing -

Are Your Blog Posts Riding Coattails? -

How to Create Brand Interest and Value with Newsjacking -

The Epic Post on Epic Posts: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content -


How To Promote A Blog Post -

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Shareable -

Super Charge Your Blog Reach as a Triberr Power User -

How Many Titles does your Blog Post Need? -

Should Bloggers and Businesses Share Old Content? -

How to Revive Old Blog Content -

5 Reasons Canva Will Rock Your Blog -

How Bloggers Can Leverage Instagram -

Should I Also Publish Blog Posts On LinkedIn? -

How To Make Social Media Management Easy -

Are You Forwardlinking? -


How Long Before You Start Making Good Money Blogging? -

How To Make More Money Blogging -

How To Save Time and Get Paid Faster -

How To Set Up Recurring Invoices For Your Blogging Business -

3 Steps To Gain Hundreds Of New Subscribers With A Lead Generation Machine -

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Best of luck with your blog!

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Getting all the traffic you could ever want? 😲 I didn't think so. Here's how to pick up another 25% ➡️
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What does it take to blog 3 - 5 times a week?
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Give Your Social Networks The Spring Cleaning They So Desperately Need
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Make Your Blog Come Alive with the Help of Emotions
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FREE WORKSHEET -> How To Structure Your Blog For Success
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What's Wrong With Asking For Reviews on LinkedIn?
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Why Followers, Not Follower Counts, Matter Most
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