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You can listen again to Danny on The Chris Moyles Show this morning HERE:
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danny to win the voice uk come on team danny ha
Love the picture LOL! :D <3 xx
OMG. I just commented a smiley face and the next comments are smiley face too. Hahaha. Lol.
I don't understand what they are doing.....:)
don't talk about Justin Bieber like that! that man is no compare to him!
LOL, love at first sight <3 x
love the script, love the voice, anyone who dosent, please do not message me or i will press the report abuse button
i love you guys, your one of my main insprations in my music!!! xx
Good job on the voice, but I wouldn't choose Matt
haha lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx iloveyou danny xx
i love danny o'donoghue hes so cute xx
oh la la merci la fitttttttttttttttt
chris et stupid
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