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Amazing the versions that are out there, chek this one out ;-) G
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i love you guys the script is awsome.
Twilight books on the shelf :') LoL (nice one, but nothing will ever beat the original :-D)
he doesmt even look like he's singing...he just looks like he's texting!
lolz! m agree with ethan :)
but whatever the song is good:)
i really like this song you know... then i got the album .. then i fell in love with breakeven as well. haha
Dan Box
He sounds like Bruno Mars. Not as good as the original though obv.
Honestly I started to play that, didn't look and I swore it was the script. 
original's better.. These guys are good..! got their two albums and all their songs are great !!
love your music 100%
cover your mouth with your hand. whisper a wish into your hand. post this on 3 other comments. look at your hand.
woooooooow that is awesome dont be so hard on yourself dude!!!!!!!??????
wao you amaze me, have you tried sothing by fall out boys, you could do DANCE DANCE very good.
I like your style...keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice song,I'm feeling it
never mind but i didnt lyk it n u mr ali will see u
You are a very good singer! I would give you a record deal (if I had the authority to do that) :P
hehehe!!!! i would make you a great reader......
Really good. Simply Awesome! Good voice love that song.
he could be a live singer on a stage in hollywood he is a
really good singer
Why didn't you like this- I really don't care, but love to hear your always helps me better understand. I have a script on Amazon called tattoo granny, if u have time would u please check it out. Thanks.
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