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Mississippi's new law requires school boards to vote on which version of sex ed they'll teach, and then parents decide whether their kids can attend. Democrats in the House passed their version of the bill with an opt-out provision, but Republicans in the Senate wouldn't let that through.
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Yet another example of a need for a -1 button!
Isn't Mississippi #1 in the nation for illiteracy, obesity, teen-aged pregnancy, infant mortality, and poverty? Looks like they're trying really hard to maintain that #1 position.
The GOP version also allows parents of girls to have a boy castrated for looking at their daughter or asking her to friend him on Facebook.
Mississippi: First to defend virtue, last to scold Uncle Cletus for his "special" hugs behind the shed at the Church Social.
Have these people lost their minds? This is a time when parents, and their young children are to be closer together to protect these young girls and boys from being raped by these sick people who think this way. Why is everyone inside the home's of these families.

Sex education is the best protection that all children need to defend them selves against the people who want to take advantage of them when mommy and daddy are not at home. Just look around and you will see the harm that has been done to many young children already. Open your eye's people this is not a game. It's a sickness.

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