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How to choose the best Promotional Product supplier

When it comes to branded gifts, the competition in South Africa is crazy! So how do you know which company to choose?

Since the whole purpose of branded gift giving is to impress your clients and nurture client relationships, it’s crucial that you choose a company that offers quality branded gifts. Sending your client a poor quality gift can do more damage than good since it might give them the impression that their business is not important to you.

Another reason for giving branded corporate gifts is to promote your brand, thus reaching potential clients. Again, if your gift quality is poor, it will send them the wrong message.

How to choose a reliable, high-quality branded promotional gift supplier in South Africa?

Look at their experience
If your corporate gift company has only been around for a year, make a run for it. Rather opt for a company like The Promo Group with over 60 years combined experience in the promotional gift industry.

Ask for testimonials
Speak to their customers and find out if they are happy with the service and products they’ve received. Chances are if they are satisfied, so will you.

Explore their product range
Do they offer a variety of gifts? Since every client is different, it’s vital that you put some thought into their branded gift. You’ll want to work with a company that has a wide variety of gifts.

Don’t waste your money on bad quality branded gifts that won’t get your message across. By using an established, professional and reliable company like The Promo Group, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your clients.

The Promo Group has a wide variety of products to suit all of your clients’ needs such as the Any Cartwright 'poykie' or the Barron clothing range as well as Altitude clothing.

They have an in-house branding team offering services like Laser Engraving, Debossing, Digital printing, Embroidery, Hot stamping, Heat transfer printing and much more. Get in touch with one of the team members today to work with one of the best branded gifts suppliers in South Africa.
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Printed Pens Will Always Be Effective

Reasons Why Printed Pens Will Always Be Effective Promotional Products
For many years branded pens have been used as promotional gifts since it is easy to print your company name or logo on them and even easier to distribute them at exhibitions and trade shows. Everyone uses pens, from pupils to professionals, thus printed pens are one of the most effective methods to promote your brand.

Below are more reasons why printed pens are considered a great promotional gift.

They are useful
People will seldom throw pens in the dustbin without trying them out first; thus a printed pen will always be used. Even more so if distributed to business people and what’s even better is the fact that more people will come in contact with your brand if these printed pens are used at business meetings. Pens are one of the promo gift items that can be bought in bulk since there will always be a need for them. Ink will eventually run out, and customers would need a new supply of your pens to act as a constant reminder of your brand.

Printed pens are affordable
As a business owner, you can be as flexible with your budget as you wish since the price of branded pens can vary from cheap to very expensive. Most startups opt for the most cost-efficient option just to get the word out, but if you are trying to impress professional business people, you will definitely want to hand out a better quality engraved pen. Printed pens can cater for any target market in spite of its size.

Printed pens offer the widest coverage
Unlike other branded gifts or branded clothing, branded pens provide the most extensive coverage as well as excellent brand exposure. It does not matter what the age, gender or location of the recipient is, anyone will find a use for printed pens.

Even at the rate technology advances, people will always use pens since nothing beats the traditional way of writing on a piece of paper.

Speak to an expert at The Promo Group and let them help you design and order your printed pens so you too can enjoy the benefits of promotional gifting.
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Give Your Customers Branded Promo Gifts They Will Actually Use

Branded gifts and branded t shirts say a lot about you as a company like how important quality is to you or if you put a lot of thought and strategy into projects. Anybody can hand out free promo gifts and hope for the best but by giving quality, creative branded promo gifts and printed t shirts you are sure to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Why are Branded Promo Gifts and Corporate Clothing Important?

Since building your company’s brand is the key to growing your business, it’s important to utilise every marketing opportunity available to you. Branded Advertising Gifts or printed t shirts are a low-cost marketing strategy that will help you reach more customers as well as build customer loyalty in the long run.

According to, 80% of consumers own at least 5 – 10 promotional gifts and corporate gifts from various companies and 85% of them do business with those companies after receiving said branded gift. Why would that be? Because people like things that are familiar.

Why is it important to give quality branded promo gifts or corporate clothing?

If you give your customers quality printed gifts, they will use it for longer periods of time which means longer lasting exposure of your brand. If you combine quality with creativeness, you’ll make a lasting impression and score yourself a client for life.

What Advertising Gifts should I give my customers?

There isn’t a straightforward way to answer this question since every person has different needs and different tastes. There are however some items that the majority of people use on a regular basis such as USB Memory Sticks, Camp chairs, umbrellas, water bottles and printed pens. Another approach would be to give seasonal gifts. A printed fleece jacket or a scarf is great for winter.

Don’t just pick one promotional gift and give it to all your customers, pick a few and take the time to figure out which branded gift will have maximum effect. Keep your goal in mind: To build customers that will keep on coming back.

Where can I find quality branded promo gifts and corporate clothing?

That is a question with an easy answer – The Promo Group. With more than 60 years experience, you can trust them to know their stuff! They keep up with current trends in order to provide you with a wider selection of branded promo gifts you can ever imagine. There is something for everyone. Get in touch with the team today and make a lasting impression on your customers.
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How To Choose The Best Promotional Items To Promote Your Business
Oftentimes, business owners get so caught up trying to build their brand online that they forget there are other ways to market your business than posting a tweet, a blog or an email campaign. Promotional gifting and corporate clothing is one such option
Everybody likes to get free stuff! But if you’ve received a thousand printed pens, it will hardly make a lasting impression on you as a potential customer. It is vital to think out of the box and be creative when giving promotional gifts or advertising gifts. Whether you are taking part in a big event or you’re giving a regular personalised gift, you will need that one item that will WOW your audience. What happens if your potential customer loves your branded gift? They will keep it and use it which will strengthen brand recognition.
When selecting the perfect promotional gift or branded clothing, it’s easy to get stuck since there are so many options available. Here are some things to keep in mind.
Cost per impression
This means what will the item cost you versus the lifespan of the item. If you buy low-quality items, your cost per impression will be higher.
How does the item align with your brand?
It’s crucial to find an item that complements your brand as well as the message you want to get across.
Is the item useful?
When choosing a advertising gift, make sure it will be used. The more the branded item is used, the lower the cost per impression and the better chance you have of obtaining a new customer.
3 Types of branded merchandise people love to receive
Unexpected Gifts
If you want to make a lasting impression, innovative and creative branded gifts are the answer.
Thoughtful Items
Everyone likes to be taken care of. By giving thoughtful printed gifts like umbrellas, lip balm and water bottles, customers will know you put some thought into their gift.
Items with High Perceived Worth
These types of products include branded power banks, USB memory sticks and portable blue tooth speakers. These are the types of corporate gifts your clients will keep and use for a long time.
The Promo Group boasts a wide range of promotional gifts and branded clothing you can use to wow your customer. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out how we can help you choose the perfect promotional gift.
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Promotional Gifting Is Beneficial For Your Business
Why Promotional Gifting or Advertising Gifting Is Beneficial For Your Business
It can be quite the challenge to come up with a successful marketing strategy and even more so maintaining a campaign that resonates with your target market. What you’re after is that vital competitive edge that will keep on driving new business, thus growing your client base.
Why Promotional Gifting and Branded Corporate Clothing Is Beneficial For Your Business
You can print thousands of flyers but chances are 5% of the recipients will actually look at it while 1% might actually show interest. When you compare these statistics to those of advertising gifts, it’s clear to see which one will be more beneficial. According to, 85% of people who receive promotional gifts or branded clothing from you, will do business with your company in future. Now that is the type of results you are aiming for.
Don’t expect to see results if you buy the cheapest corporate gift you can find and slap your logo on it. That’s not the type of message you want to convey to your clients. Well planned, creative promotional gifts will go a long way. Your customers will know you are serious about the quality of products and services you offer. And they’ll be using the item for longer which means more exposure.
Ready to reap the benefits of promotional gifting?
Good for you, because The Promo Group is ready to help you find the perfect promotional gift or corporate clothing for your customer. With over 60 years combined experience in the industry, we know exactly what your customer wants. Not only are we passionate about keeping up with the trends, we are reliable when it comes to delivering the goods.
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Branded Corporate Gift Ideas For Small Businesses

Promotional items and branded clothing can be a highly effective strategy to increase awareness of your brand and serve as a permanent reminder of who you are to the customers. But how does one select the right promotional gifts for your business?

The trick is to ensure your promotional products are unique, customised, usable and high quality. By doing this, it will result in a strong impression, serve as a powerful reminder of your company, and be something the client continually use for years.

With these qualities in mind, here are some great promotional gift ideas for small businesses, to help you make the right impression.

Branded Notebooks and Branded Diaries
Notebooks and customised diaries are ideal for handing out at meetings, enabling people to take notes in addition to serving as a permanent reminder of your business. Include your company’s contact information and you successfully develop a useful version of your business cards that a consumer will have a good reason to keep them at the office.

Branded Pens
Printed pens are a fantastic complement to a branded notebooks and are typically provided with them as part of a set. A great promotional pen isn't merely a nice looking writing implement with your logo on it. A consistently preferred option is the traditional banner pen or flag pen that contains a pullout banner that may hold a lot more details about your company.

Branded Keyrings
We all need a printed keyring, but why not take your branded gift to the next level? Keyring stress toys transform your keyring into something your clients will use all day long, and not just when they’re unlocking or locking a door.

Branded Plants
Having plants in an office space can result in healthier and happier employees, so consider giving your customers some assistance with a promotional plant. This unique idea will serve as a fulltime reminder of your business while making a genuine, positive difference to the user's workspace.

Branded USB Flash Drives
Data storage and safety is a primary concern for most companies and USB memory sticks continue to be among the most secure ways to backup and transfer valuable business information. For any business in the technology industry, branded USB memory sticks are an excellent choice.

Branded Water Bottles
It's a well-known fact that we should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. A promotional water bottle is therefore perfect for many office workers as it encourages them to stay hydrated while also promoting your brand.

If you need to find the perfect promotional gift ideas or corporate clothing ideas to make your brand stand out and take it to the next level, The Promo Group can help you. We have an extensive range of promotional products on offer to suit any business or brand identity.
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The oldest marketing strategy is still the best investment for small businesses!
Promotional products, branded gifts, branded clothing, year end gifts, call them what you like, may be one of the oldest marketing strategies still used in business today, but they are still every bit as effective as they have been over the years. Like so much in the 21st century, marketing rockets forward at the speed of lightning, especially with the move to online marketing strategies, with new methods and ideas that seem to emerge every day.
For small businesses making taking their first steps into the daunting world of marketing, this pace can be difficult to adapt to, and equally difficult to actively engage customers in order to reap the advantages of the more expensive forms of advertising available today. Promotional gifts and branded corporate clothing are a great option for small to medium businesses, they are easy to implement and highly effective, and while promotional products may not be the flashiest of marketing strategies, their effectiveness in boosting exposure to your brand and the increasing sales they bring play a major role in making them a powerful marketing tool.
What does The Promo Group offer?
The exposure gained for your brand through the effective use of promotional gifts and branded clothing is significant, and all for the price of a batch of notebooks, printed pens, USB’s or key rings, to name just a few of the items you will find in the massive range of promotional items from The Promo Group! Spending your business capital on promotional products might make you a little nervous and feel like a big gamble, but the investment in promotional gifts and branded clothing is a lot cheaper than virtually all other forms of branding and advertising, and if you know your target market well, the dividends from a financial perspective will definitely work in your favour!
With a phenomenal thirty years worth of experience, a superb reputation for outstanding customer service and a group of innovative and creative people teaming up to share their passion for the power of promotional gifts, The Promo Group will show you exactly how to make your investment count!
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The Promo Group introduces you to the most inexpensive way to increase your profit margin!
For over thirty years in the promotional gifts industry, The Promo Group has had a single-minded dedication to increasing awareness of the exceptional value of promotional products in building and increasing brand awareness, and their unwavering commitment to this goal is very clear in the consistent growth of their impressive range of promotional products and branded clothing and the exceptional service they offer their clients.
A true measure of the success achieved by this highly experienced and passionate team is in the fact that the majority of their new clients contact them on the basis of superb third party recommendations from long-term clients who have trusted The Promo Group to deliver quality on time at highly competitive prices, every time! The Promo Group understands exactly how important a great return on investment is to their clients, and, based on their expertise, their commitment is to assist business owners to enjoy the increased profit margin that an excellent ROI will bring to their business is unwavering.
What does The Promo Group offer?
By definition, a promotional product or promotional gift is a low cost product that can be distributed in large quantities to loyal customers and potential customers, as well as creating a buzz at promotional events of any kind. It is important to make sure that the promotional product or branded clothing coincides with your business and corresponds to the event to make it truly effective. It is also essential to brand your company information so that it is clearly visible on the promotional product, as well as ensuring that the branded gift you give your client will have both an immediate and long-term value.
The Promo Group team will give you the friendliest assistance in finding just the right promotional product or branded clothing to suit your company and introduce you to the best marketing tool to increase turnover, give them a call today, they will not disappoint you!
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Create goodwill for your company by making use of promotional gifts and branded clothing from The Promo Group.
Using promotional gifts and branded clothing as a way to ensure that customers remember your company, as well as to introduce your brand to new clients, making it one of the most potent marketing tools available, a tool that offers cost effective, long lasting returns like no other form of marketing can do.
Companies using promotional gifts or corporate gifts for marketing, whether it is at a conference, corporate function, year-end gifts or any other marketing opportunity, are able to find true value for money through this form of marketing, especially as marketing and advertising budgets get tighter. Whether yours is a large corporate business or small to medium business, branded promotional gifts are definitely the route to choose if you want to make a lasting impression on your customers. With the widest selection of promotional gifts and branded clothing in South Africa, The Promo Group has over sixty years worth of combined experience, and a great team to boot, to assist you in finding just the right promotional gift to suit your target audience, whether you are looking at large quantities of cheaper giveaways or more high end items for executive clients who form an important part of your client base.
What does The Promo Group offer?
The Promo Group also has a fantastic selection of promotional gifts that are perfect for children, which is a great way to the heart of any parent, featuring everything from fidgit spinners and cubes, which have earned mass appeal recently, to lunch boxes, stationary sets and water bottles. If you are involved in any charity focussed on children, or acting as sponsor for sporting events, for adults or children, you will do more than please the children with these gifts, it will also expose your company to the parents who form part of the business world.
With the benefit of many years worth of experience and a passion for what they do, the team at The Promo Group bring imagination and originality to every project they tackle on behalf of their customers, pulling together as a cohesive team to offer friendly guidance and advice in ensuring that your promotional gifts will hit the spot perfectly! Bring your ideas and budget to The Promo Group and let them work their magic in putting together promotional gifts and branded clothing that will earn great goodwill for your company and keep the spotlight on your brand for a long time to come.
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Independent recommendations prove that The Promo Group is the team to trust for high quality promotional gifts.

The experienced, passionate team at The Promo Group will assist you with getting the most out of your branded promotional products or branded clothing, no matter what your goal is, part of which is to work hand in hand with you to make the most of your budget in order to impress clients as well as attract new clients as a result of the long term effects that exposure to your brand will bring.

With a vast and impressive range of promotional products and branded clothing you may well need to rely on The Promo Group team to guide you to solutions which will represent your goals in the best way possible using imagination and professionalism which will go a long way to making your choices that much easier. Whether you are looking for tech items such as power banks or printed pens, desk clocks, outdoor gifts and gifts that will make a client’s life easier out on the road such as a boot organiser and add a special touch to their home, The Promo Group will have a solution which will suit your purposes perfectly.

What does The Promo Group offer?

Promotional products and branded clothing are a sure way of stretching your budget further than any other form of advertising and are an excellent addition to any other form of advertising you may already have in place. The Promo Group has a user friendly website which allows you to search brands, themed ideas, corporate clothing and hampers, promotional clothing as well as eco friendly gifts along with special imports. With specials which are regularly updated on The Promo Group website you are able to stretch your promotional products budget that much further, especially with the expert guidance of the passionate team who pull together to make the entire process completely streamlined.

The Promo Group is one of the few corporate gifts companies who are so confident about the level of their professionalism and service excellence that their stellar recommendations are handled by a third party in the form of Visit this page to view the recommendations this awesome team has received from high profile clients who trust The Promo Group to manage all their promotional gifts requirements!
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