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Would like a Personal Chef to Cook for you?
Ever wonder what it is like to have a personal chef? This gives you a good idea. Bring on the food!!

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Thanks +Giovanni Casinelli I will check them out :)
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The Road to Hana and Beyond – Maui’s Great Coastal Drive

Maui’s Hana Highway is considered one of the world’s great coastal drives.
The twisting road filled with hairpin turns crossing 59 bridges on a narrow road that clings to the side of high sea cliffs is a trip not to be missed.
The Hana Highway takes you from the sleepy surf town of Paia to the isolated town of Hana.
The scene is filled with lush forests, waterfalls, and sandy beaches. There are many stops along the way to hike through forest trails or take a dip in quiet pools as you scramble across rocks in search of the perfect view of one of the many waterfalls.

#photography   #photooftheday   #landscapephotography  by +Margaret Tompkins +Landscape Photography  #landscapephoto  +HQSP Landscape  #hqsplandscape  +Google+ Photos  #travel   #travelphotography   #btplandscapepro  +BTP Landscape Pro +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo  #hawaii   #maui   #hawaiiphotography   #slowshutter   #longexposure  +Formatt-Hitech  #sonyalpha   #10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER  #stunningmoment  +Stunning Moment  #showyourbestwork  +ShowYourBestWork +Britta Rogge  #soothingphotography   #sonyphotography  
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Nice picture

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Celebrate World Penguin Day by Winning a Trip to Antarctica

Did you know it’s world penguin day? Wondering what world penguin day is all about?
Well, each year the world celebrates by spreading the word and helping people learn about penguins. It is at this time of year that the penguins take part in their annual migrations north, so what better time to celebrate the tuxedo-clad cuties.

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The Work Life Balance Challenge, How did it go?

Things have been going better for us than 2014. We’ve actually taken the time we need to slow down and get to know one another again and after wrapping up the first quarter of the year, we do feel that we are on track to live a healthier happier life.
I’m not saying that all has been perfect though and we still have a long way to go.
So I thought we’d share our success and failures with you to hopefully give you a bit of inspiration to find balance in your own life, but to also understand that nothing and no one is perfect and that if you too are finding it difficult, you are not alone.

#photography   #photooftheday   #landscapephotography  +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape  #hqsplandscape  +BTP Landscape Pro  #btplandscapepro   #sunset   #sunsetphotography  +Google+ Photos  #googlepluspotd   #travel   #travelphotography   #10000photographers   #10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER  #stunningmoment  +Stunning Moment  #landscape   #landscapephoto   #sky   #cloudscapephotography  +ShowYourBestWork  #showyourbestwork  +Britta Rogge  #promotephotography  +Promote Photography  #soothingphotography  +Soothing Photography  
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It’s Amazon River Week! Win a Cruise for 2 valued at $10,000 USD!

We’ve partnered with International Expeditions for an exclusive giveaway for PlanetD readers to win an all-inclusive cruise down the Amazon River of Peru valued at $10,600!

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Wow! Now that is a view! Flying over Maui!
A beautiful flight over both Maui and Molokai. This is the way to see Hawaii :)
Like it?
Why not Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. There is more where this came from!
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Outrigger Canoe – Maui’s Perfect Cultural Adventure Tour

As a couple that loves adding a hint of adventure to our travels, one would think that snorkelling with giant sea turtles or paddling through the open ocean would be our favourite part of an outrigger canoe experience.
As you can see from our video, we did love every moment of paddling and snorkelling, but what we couldn’t capture on film was the interesting and informative cultural experience we had on the waters of this beautiful Hawaiian island.

#photography   #photooftheday  +Google+ Photos  #maui   #picturemaui   #hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals  #btpanimalpro  +BTP Animal Pro +Animal Lovers  #animallovers   #animalphotography   #wildlifephotography  +BIRD Lovers & WILDLIFE  #turtles   #hawaii   #hawaiiphotography   #travel   #travelphotography  +Expedia +GoPro  #goprohero4   #gopro  
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How to make Hawaiian Poke

 We recently visited Maui and stopped at the Grand Wailea Resort for a quick cooking lesson by Executive Chef Ryan Urig. Poke is a favourite Hawaiian food of fresh fish, herbs and spices. Learn how to make your own by following the ingredients in this video! 

#video   #youtube   #travel   #traveltips   #food   #foodie   #hawaii   #maui   #seafood   #cooking   #cookingtips   #cookingclass   #recipe   #recipeideas   #recipeoftheday  +Cooking Channel  #travelvideo   #travelshow  +Travel Channel 
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Beautiful Maui, Our Week in Photos

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted an Instagram photo story, but we had such an amazing time capturing images from the beautiful island of Maui we wanted to share them with you.
As we make plans to share our travels more in the moment now that we are back on the road, we wanted to get our images of Maui out as soon as possible for you to see everything we were up to this past week.

#photography   #photooftheday   #landscapephotography  by +Margaret Tompkins +Google+ Photos +Landscape Photography +LANDSCAPE Photos  #hqsplandscape  +HQSP Landscape  #travel   #travelphotography   #btplandscapepro  +BTP Landscape Pro  #hawaii   #maui   #hawaiiphotography   #10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER  #stunningmoment  +Stunning Moment +ShowYourBestWork  #showyourbestwork  +Britta Rogge  #promotephotography  +Promote Photography  #soothingphotography  +Soothing Photography  #breakfastclub   #sonyphotography  
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+Abigail King


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Arctic or Antarctica? How to Choose your Polar Expedition

The Arctic expedition season is fast approaching and many people are wondering, do I go to the North of the planet, or should I wait to go South?
We’ve had the privilege of traveling to both poles and found both to be amazing adventures. We’ve taken away memories to last a lifetime and we must admit, we loved both the Arctic and Antarctica equally. But there are a lot of differences between the two destinations and to help you with your decision, we thought we’d showcase the similarities and differences between the two final frontiers on earth.

#photography   #bestoftheday  +Google+ Photos  #travel   #travelphotography   #arctic   #antarctica   #antarctic   #hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals  #btpanimalpro  +BTP Animal Pro +BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo page)  #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #penguins   #animals   #animallovers  +Animal Lovers  #stunningmoment  +Stunning Moment  #reflection   #reflectionphotography   #googlepluspotd  +Quark Expeditions  #blackandwhitephotography  
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Travelling the world together writing and photographing our adventures to all 7 continents and over 80 countries and counting
Adventure Travel Couple Dave and Deb. Sharing Adventure, Travel and Inspiration on their top ranked travel website
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Polite Canadians and a $1000 Daily Giveaway

While traveling the world, we have come to the conclusion that Canada the best customer service out there. We're always so happy when we are

Great location, great staff, great service. Loved our stay at the Trump. It's the little things that set it apart like the personal service, pillow menu, TV in bathroom mirror and the amazing chocolates at turn down service. Go to the spa too, it's Fabulous!
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