The Picture Game is a 10 minute writing exercise for anyone who wants to participate. The rules are easy.

1 Pick a picture posted on the page.
2 Take a few minutes to just look at the picture.
3 Set a timer for 10 minutes.
4 In a notebook or new word processing document, write something inspired by the picture until the timer runs out.
5 Repeat!

You can share what you wrote in the comments of the picture post, on your own blog or Tumblr, or keep it private.

In addition to scrolling down the main page, you can try and find a picture by looking through the collections:


Places & Landscapes:

Passageways & Rooms:

Not Human:

The Secret Life of Objects:


During the 10 Minutes of writing, do I have to describe the picture, or make a scene based on it, or...?

You can write whatever you're moved to write. The point is to just go, go, go for 10 minutes and let whatever comes out of you come out. There is no wrong way, there are no best practices.

Also, don't worry about writing something good or impressive, just write. 

Do I have to share what I wrote with everyone?

It's up to you if you want to post what you wrote. You don't have to! You can keep it secret and keep it safe.

Can I play the game with older posts as well as new ones?


Can I suggest pictures for the game?

Yes! As long as it's on the web somewhere and you can send me a link. Please tweet it at me: @tinytempest

I want my picture featured in The Picture Game, how does that happen?

Just get the admin's attention by tweeting a link to me: @tinytempest

I don't like that you've featured my picture/photo/art here, will you take it down?

Yes. Just tweet the link to the post to @tinytempest or comment in the post itself and let me know you want to take it down.
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