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Mountain Lion
Definitely wildlife - NOT a zoo or conservancy shot. I'll tell the story in the comments after the voting. Have at it, Lightboxers!
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Shooting wildlife is hard!  It's a nice shot of the mountain lion, but the sky and bare branches didn't help you, and I'd like to see what he is looking at so intently.  

Cool that you grabbed a shot of a mountain lion!  I don't like the blown sky or midtone-centricity; perhaps underexposing on this one could have saved you from both.   #delete3
We've become very used to photographs of captive animals.  I like the 'imperfection' of all the foliage surrounding the big cat.   #save
Although I understand how difficult it must have been to capture this one, I feel the subject is lacking a bit of detail, and the lighting is off. #delete5
Kitty! I like the framing on this, but the sky and his relative lack of emotion (while probably a good thing for the photographer at the time :) make this a miss for me. #delete6  
Too much distracting bits of tree and branches. The lighting of the day is awful which is compounded by being filtered through the tree which created distracting light spots on the animal.   #delete7  
I'm sorry, this photo was deleted by the Light Box Group.  Feel free to try again tomorrow with another photo.
As promised, the story, although I'm not sure how many of you will see it: 
This lion was found in a suburb in west Denver. Unusual for them to be found as close as this one was to an urban area. He was in a tree in a family's yard about 15-20ft from the ground. I was allowed as close as the news outlets were (not sure of the distance, but close) and shot him at 400mm. The tail length was estimated to be almost 5ft. long and DOW guessed that he was about 2 yrs old. He stayed in the tree most of the day. DOW cleared the spectators around 3:30p to give him a chance to come down and leave without being sedated. He did.

As for the comments, Thank You! Nothing could be done with the sky - the day was cloudy and I wasn't lucky enough to get any blue behind him when I was there. As for the tree branches, well, I wasn't about to go up there and start clipping. The branch where he perched was heavily shaded and I saw blowing out the sky as my only option of getting a decent shot of him. Suggestions as to handling these conditions differently are welcome. I do have other shots and cropped versions, but I specifically wanted feedback on this one. Thanks!
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