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About me:
I am the ruler of the pandas. That's why I post panda stuff.

I hae 7 siblings - most with fake names for the interweb safety;

18 - David +David H 
16 - Jonathan +Jonathan Homer aka Bob Sanders (
13 - Shylexa aka Shy (
11 - Jozash
9 - Benny aka Bhentan (
7 - Timmy
5 - Lilianna aka Lili

I'm a 16 year old (as of July 17th 2016) Christian who makes a lot of mistakes. I am overweight, but everyone thinks I should be a model XD I am easily offended, and a poophead who finally made this less cringey...
I also have some pretty bad anxiety and depression and sorta self harm

Links to mah stuff!
StoreNV for squishy sales:
FFN other account: (-NOTE: This is my easily irritated alter ego account. I'm a complete idiot on here-)
BVB fanfiction:
Patreon (for videos an stuff):
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cuz iz been mah pinned post forever
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The Panda Named Amanda

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The Panda Named Amanda

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*sees yoi post but page screws up before i can save*
Me: it was probbably +ice daddy 
yeah, it was
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The Panda Named Amanda

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so Ashlkey set up this new "happy points" thing where someone gives you points if you make them happy and you cash them in for candy and shnizz and so the lil kids have gotten like 10 times more helpful, but Ben's like always been helpful, like eiher he's an angel or a boob and so I was like "hey ben can you get me water" and he jumped up all hap0py and was like "oh sure!" and I was like "Is it for the happy points?" and he was like "well, no, I just wanted to, the happy points are just a bonus" and my heart
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