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PIKEVILLE, TN—According to Hormel-plant breakroom sources, if the Puerto Ricans and the Mexicans and the Orientals and the blacks don't stop having all those babies, whites will be a minority in their...
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Together, we can beat this.

>holds hands with white people
reality is that caucasians are too focused on education and careers, not leaving enough time for nookie.
In the latest census, minority births outnumbered Caucasian births in one year for the first time in American history, so this isn't too far off.
Am going to start applying for previously unattainable minority benefits...
Some people get more aide than others do though.
I have lived in the Caucasus all my life. This is just wrong.
True, but it says something is unbalanced when the government finally stopped college-based affirmative action at the end of last year/beginning of this year.
Even better, if you're an illegal you get the "Dream Act"... free college and you're not even a citizen. Lovely.
Hey, I'm not talking about extermination of races or anything... just saying things should be fair across all races. Why should an illegal immigrant get 100% free college while I put myself in debt? There's not good reason for it.
But see, that's the point... Real Americans get to deal with federal loans, but if I was illegal all issued college funds would be 100% government paid and totally free of charge. You don't see a problem with that?
I know what it is, but still allows illegals to get help that is harder to get if you're a citizen.
The Dream Act allows people to stay in the country under a certain set of conditions. These include things about serving in the military, and going to college, and more. It doesn't pay for anything... At all. Or assure that a person can get into college. It doesn't even assure that they person will become a citizen eventually.
N'importe quoi ! Et alors quelle importance? Quand on se retrouve plus nombreux :on partage le travail et le pain!!! Tolérance et respect pour tous partout !!!!

Google Translate for English-speaking people regarding Annick's post- Anything! And then what? When you find more: we share the work and bread! Tolerance and respect for all people everywhere!!
Wow. First of all. If you've got +The Onion in your feed, surely you know that it is fake news.

Secondly, there were some good points made in this debate, but they're swimming in a sea of unintelligible babble (I was not referring to the foreign language when I typed that) and a bunch of opinions seemingly based on little to no real fact or knowledge.
Literally Unbelievable (.org), ain't it?
Right on! This is OUR country, dammit. Everyone knows whites were here first.
I didn't migrate from the Caucasus Mountains just to become a minority again!
The solution is obvious. All other countries in the world need to institute abstinence-only sex education, so all of the illegal immigrants who get to this country know not to have kids.
Yeah... 2004 was a good year for news... and seeing that FOX"News" is running these all the time the "problem" is not going away...

(Ever one is ignoring the Native Americans)...
Yeah, the article was actually posted in here not long ago. I'm assuming they posted again in light of recent news. Creepy! (oh, and my last comment was intended as sarcasm, for any who were offended. Of course the Native Americans were here first.)
Obviously the way to solve this problem would be to give all of the minorities free college degrees. It's been statistically proven that the birthrate goes down as the mother's educational attainment level goes up: Heck, if we give everyone doctorates, we might achieve zero population growth in our lifetime and give the environment a chance to catch up to us.
We could, of course, make access for all to college education, birth control, sex education, and health care a priority, as well as reform the adoption/foster care system to make it easier for same-sex couples, minority couples, and single parents to adopt. That would bring the birth rate down and everyone's standard of living up, and would cost us a whole lot less than oppressive border patrols/immigrant harassment squads and wars for oil in order to support an ever-overpopulated country. It's our choice.
+Jackson Mileur Making it easier to adopt would make it easier to give up a child knowing it would end up in a loving home. Would that bring the birthrate down?

In all other ways, true.
+Ivan Vučica It would also make it easier for families to adopt vs. creating their own children, especially if there were tax breaks for adopting.
Mandatory sterilization before receiving government or state-assisted funding!

sterlilizeallthethings!!!.jpg #hotpokers
I bet the minute whites become a minority, affirmative action becomes a wonderful idea ;)
Times are hard for the hardworking peasants of the kingdom of Caucasia.
Nope the same but thats ok we gat improved rights ;)
Sorry we will get improved rights ;) fingers not working I wounder if that qualifies
Good. Stupid xenophobic Americans. Think about the natives who had the same problem. Your Caucasian Utopia is coming to an end.
Hmmm, I didn't know Caucasia was a real country. Let me take a look at this atlas one more time.
nikki c
Whitey didn't kill all the Native Americans. Most died off BEFORE we came here from the plague.
I bet the native Americans felt the exact same way when the Caucasians arrived and settled in their country! :-)
+Nikki Cooley That isn't true at all. Not sure where you pulled that pretend fact, but you should get it checked.
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