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I think that this is to be expected in a 10 hour long movie lol
The movies only 4 hours and the onions crud
The scene will be expanded into three entire films in order to incorporate all the notes and appendices Tolkien scribbled on balled up napkins and scraps of toilet paper.
I can see about 25 minutes devoted to him having multiple meals while staring at shelves.
+Noah Spoth  The +The Onion  Might be Curd but not crud...

                              My PRECIOUS!
The sequel will be about trying to find enough room in the overhead bin, followed by an action-packed sequence where he must check his baggage after all.
And this is why i steal movies. I'm not paying for 6 hours of fluff. 
man everybody is talking about the Hobbit Movie and just everything :) its cool
All hobbits are gay.  I would have thought that was obvious after LOTR.  One apparently does simply bugger into Mordor.
ok why is everybody talking about the Guy Being Gay who cares
that's so funny... Master Baggins needs to pack his toiletories bag. :D
I'm waiting for the extended edition DVD of that scene.
Yeah, but he's going to look absolutely FABULOUS!
How about Fabulicious you are so auseome Jim Chatman :) :)
The Lord of the Rings is definitely one of thee Greatest movies I've ever seen, all of the trilogy's are Incredible, so this one should be great too.
Shoes, good one!!!!
hope the hype does not oversell it. for sec i forgot it was an onion article.  good one. 
Reading this thread again and enjoying how much win I'm seeing. :-)
I love posting these stories and suckers always think the articles are real
Well done Onion, well done indeed.
Let me guess...  He still forgets his pocket handkerchief and pipe & tobacco....
If Stephen King's "it" used the same word to time ratio it would have been a 3 week long movie 
The Onion should shut up.  Ha ha
can't wait!  we needed something new this season!!
At almost 3 hours as it is, still a good movie!
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