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The Anti-Iceberg League sponsored its annual Melt-a-Thon, encouraging everyone around the world to burn as much fossil fuel as possible.
Last week marked the centennial of the historic sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York. Here's how the anniversary was commemorated: The iceberg that san...
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Remember, icebergs don't kill people, people with icebergs kill people.
I've never forgotten my daughter was in my nine months pregnant in 1998, my ex-husband took me to the new open Closed Caption theater movie. I love good Titanic, what happen my baby pregnant has movement a lot of it I has uncomfortable it. Next day, I went to lab room, my daughter was very pretty a lot of curly and cute eyes with a Japanese, made me very happy memory..
+Andrea Reyes I'd just read the same in the last few days... Fascinating stuff.

But the mighty FSM will smite you with his noodly appendages for your blasphemy ;)
+King David if god "CAN DO ANYTHING OMGZ!!!111" can i ask it to create an object that it cant lift but i can?... nothing big, it could be a hat or a japanese.

i will love to see god struggling then i am like... "whats up thing?... it is just a hat! (or a japanese)" i bet it will cry.
My daughter and son were born to get worse eyes a like japanese, my kids' looking a like their dad in half of Thai and hispanic.
+Ranger Fox; i think she said that her daughter and son were born with no eyes so they took some from a japanese but the eyes were the worst (maybe too small). then they cut a thai and a hispanic by half looking for their dad.
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