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DENVER—A new illicit drug that is incredibly cheap, highly addictive, and extremely easy to produce is appearing in school yards across the country, the fevered imaginations of the nation's mothers wh...
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This is scary stuff, where did it start from?
Yes, he passed away in her mind three months ago...and again last week. Hahaa
ความแปลกใหม่ดูได้ค่ะ ที่นี่บอกค่ะ
Recreational? Or leisure? Because unless you are going for a hike while you use, I don't see how it's a recreation. Unless you are into smoking crack and jumping into skyscraper windows.
Catnip, it kills the kitties. Turns them into crazy animals. CATNIP MADNESS!
Gunchisa's wingdings make a good point.
Trust me, the mothers aren't alone. Once Congress gets wind of this, they'll be worrying too. 
Wind of what? An Onion story? LMAO
Wind of anything. Because we all know how proactive and concerned about the country our current Congress is ;-)
Atara B
+Eric Weber Hear of the one time a Chinese newspaper published an Onion article as fact? I cant remember the subject, but it was hilarious. They're not the first to think it's real!
haha yeah just recently wasn't it the DoD that took a story seriously. I think it was just a couple of months ago. I can't remember what the story was. It was epic shit tho. lol
I wonder if these are the same people that sit with a straight face in front of a Naked Gun movie. And then say 'that movie was horrible' LOL Of course it was horrible, horribly funny
They can mother the drugs away. lol
All those drug addicts just need a loving hug? Stiff prison sentences and put into a privitized prison where a corporation makes a profit on your stay for a victimless crime? That's not very loving now is it? lol
You guys who talk about the Onion not being real (d'uh!) totally kill the buzz.
Lee that's not really true. The fact they aren't clever enough to figure that out is hilarious! What a bunch of rubes!
+Lee Gaul, you're saying you WANT there to be a panic over a fake story? This is meant to be funny, don't ruin it!
Quote: "Never give a sucker, an even break"- W.C. Fields
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