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DEERFIELD, IL—In an effort to enhance its social media presence, Walgreens pharmacies announced Wednesday the launch of "RxSocial," a new Facebook plugin that enables users to "view, share, and commen...
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these guys get me every time. I read the post and think "my god, thats a terrible idea" followed by a facepalm when I realize who is posting it.
Daily I start to respond and spend 30 seconds typing before I realize the source...Kudos
This can help potential employers see their candidate's prescription history after requesting their Facebook login information... What a valuable use case! You wouldn't want to be hiring some recovering psycho, now would you?
"Rxsocial" yes! Next time I see a doctor I'm going to ask him with a straight face if he is on Rxsocial
Nate Hoy
So if I posted that I was picking up OCD meds and one of my friends liked/unlike the post 12,000 times, would Facebook automatically start recommending my doctor to him?
"This is an outrage and fly's straight in the face of HIPPA." is what I would have said if this was real.
Sweet, now i can show off all the anti psychotics, pain meds, anxiety meds, aderol and other shit i'm taking to my friends. They'll be impressed how i can still walk straight....
Its like dropping blood in a shark tank and watching what ensues.
why let every body know what drugs people are getting very very stupid
Total invasion of privacy. How Stupid! I hope my pharmacy is blocking this!
I love the Onion ... I hope everyone here knows the satirical nature of the Onion and not think that Walgreens is truly doing that.
I don't like this...why would people want to share with friends the prescriptions they are taking?
That's an invasion of privacy...I don't believe it!!
But what if Facebook is my medication for my sad, lonely life? Can my doctor give me a prescription for it?
In a sad twist of fate, I can't read the article because a "LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK" pop-up covers it and the "No thanks" text is too small to click on on my mobile browser...
Not True!! Don't believe everything you read!
And it's turned on by default without your consent, with the off switch buried under a complex series of menus. You don't realise it's on until you go to pick up the medication for that rash and return to find 40 new likes on your status.
+Paula Marshall "Not True!! Don't believe everything you read!"
Should I then, also, disbelieve your post?

The below statement is true.
The above statement is false.

<3 the Onion
Jay Tee
My 2 cents: HORRIBLE IDEA!!!
...and people still use facebook..??
irish d

.... grrr the Onion got me again LOL
I stopped using facebook months ago.
Sean G
Exactly Why i dont have a FakeBook
the onion, always more sensible and credible than the real world, jaja.
oh finally i'll know more about my sick friends!!!!
I plussed everyone that fell for it. For lazy people:
and if you still don't get it: Satire - noun - the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
its been a while since i've caught up on the onion, but their website looks legit, no wonder people think its real
The onion certainly is america's finest news source....
"who's they!? What's an aluminum falcon?"
I believe I got called a geek by a fictitious(fictitious) sith lord on a comment thread for the onion.... That's awesome
"fate it seems, is not without a sense of irony"
...and it reminds you to tell them when to take their meds.
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