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SILVER SPRING, MD—Calling it the single greatest breakthrough to date in Alzheimer's research, the U.S.
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Tony M.
...and i'm the sick person who laughed.
Science is amazing, they have a pill/injection for everything and stopping people getting Alzheimer's is another massive step. Modern medicine, it's the future...
Normally the sarcasm on the onion is very poignant and topical. While I'm all in favour of humor that pushes what is considered normal social boundaries, this is repugnant and inappropriate. Alzheimer's disease affects so many and destroys lives. Perhaps you should make some jokes about cancer, HIV/AIDS or MS. That would be fucking hilarious! Stick to celebrities and sports figures. 
Tony M.
they did apply it to AIDS and cancer at the end of the article. also, my father is stricken with early stages of alzheimer's, so i know exactly what you're talking about. sometimes, though, we just have to laugh. it helps.
I didn't even read the article. It's not worth my time. I'm happy that you're able to find laughter to help, but I find this headline is nothing short of tasteless and insulting. There are countless other sources of laughter, I wouldn't consider this one of them. I wish you all the best in your difficulties.
And yet it's worth your time to comment about an article you haven't read?  Mute the post and move on if it upsets you that much.
In my view the headline points an accusing finger at the pharmaceutical companies [greed] and political lack of will to enforce fair play in the industry. Although in all honesty I'm not that bothered if there is no effort to make a point.
I'm laughing at how ridiculous the idea is, not at the sufferers or their families.
Wow...really?...what's the point of taking the medicine if it kills you? Paging Dr. Jack Kevorkian!
Then they will be no cottage pie cornbeef ash bolognaise for spaghetti all foods onion is good for you
Sometimes I'm not sure what's funnier - the article or that people don't know what The Onion is.
+A. E. Briand, they do put out articles on cancer, AIDS, and all kinds of other sensitive topics.  Nothing is sacred.  If that's something that you're not comfortable about, The Onion really isn't meant for you.  And before you ask, I lost a grandparent to Alzheimer's pretty recently, myself.

They're also poking fun at the drug industry's shopping list of side effects for drugs.  I remember hearing a TV commercial for a rash treatment whose side effects included rectal bleeding.  Rectal bleeding or a rash...  Hmmm...  Let me th- I'LL TAKE THE DAMN RASH!
Thank god!!! less old grouchy people to deal with. 
What an awesome drug.
I wonder when it will be avalible in sweden.
"Preventative"?  Onion has already swallowed the pill.
But remember the up side of Alzheimer's, your always meet new people.
What was I going to sa Am I on Facebook?
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