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[American Voices]
"So, at what point should I just start directing all my automotive questions to Ira Glass?"

Hal McLean
Fats and Oils Loader
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Hipster readers of +The Onion post sarcastic one-liners to Google Plus whenever they hear us say it, but this is NPR.
Matt C
:-( That sux. I just started listening to it earlier this year. At least there are a million old shows to listen to though.
I never understood how they got the cars to talk in the first place.
+Alex Childress haven't you ever seen the Pixar film "Cars"?? They just can... isn't that enough?
+Alex Childress  you may remember in thbe 70's how we had voice chips in cars that were SOOOOOOO annoying, to wit:
"Your seat belt is not fastened"
"Your door is not shut"

These voices were preceded by a chime, and then repeated until the offending item was corrected. As a working mechanic at the time, I was ALWAYS being asked to disconnect the damn things...which I did gladly.
That's right, and I forgot about Night Rider too...
Matt C
"Faster Nightboat!"
"You don't have to yell, Michael, I'm all around you."

+Alex Childress Alex Kidd!
did u also forget it was knight rider not night rider implying he would drive only after hours or when daylight savings was off 
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