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ISLAND OF SODOR—Thomas the Tank Engine told reporters Tuesday that while he's glad trains are a source of fascination and joy for so many children, he often feels uncomfortable with the attention he r...
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+Roland Taylor
Oh the memes... Love em hate em, they will always be there, it is like those pictures that can never be unseen.
Thomas the tank engine is not the only special needs show. Has anyone noticed that all the characters in Postman Pat seem to have down's syndrome?
Now I know how Justin Bieber must feel with all those male fans.
Did you read the article before publicly decrying it as evil?
I think Thomas is underestimating those 6 year olds who he thinks are staring at his wheels and missing his message. Autistic children are capable of so much more than people give them credit for, It is possible that they are staring at his wheels, but not missing the message at all. It is just a shame that a character who is watched by so many kids would say such a disparaging thing about any of them.
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