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I saw a OTH episode last night that was talking about the ALL CAPS signs and how dangerous they are hahaha
Need something similar for slow drivers in the fast lane.
+Charles Mullins i'd rather have them drive slow in the fast lane than drive slow while trying to read the sign at the same time LOL
wow.....effective title...
Now that's what I call right to the fucking point we need those signs in rockford il maybe there wouldn't be so many crashes here if the sign read do 40 u dumb ass
We are all adults on this so who cares what language I use its called freedom of fucking speech
Good behaviour comes with maturity. No wonder people don't get mature these days. Ofcourse How can they? Maturity nowadays is the AFDSBW series called always 18+. Technology going forward, human behaviour backward.
Irony being if drivers paid attention and weren't afraid of actually being responsible, defensive drivers who have the skills to be proud of, this would be more spot on to start with.
As someone who's mostly been a pedestrian her whole life, I feel comfortable saying that I would really support a program that aggressively targeted aimless and careless pedestrians. Sometimes The Onion comes up with great ideas that I really wish weren't just satirical.
As a cyclist, a driver, AND a pedestrian, it amazes me at the number of people who cross roads thinking that somehow a car doing 40MPH in a 40MPH zone is going to magically stop in ten feet when you stroll out into the road at a blind corner. Laws of physics, bitches, learn them or become a hood ornament.

Of course, the number of drivers who refuse to stop is equally disappointing.
Plus quit building businesses so close to a road no one can see around them
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