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PITTSBURGH—Having established a reputation among the Flagstone Marketing staff as a quiet and reserved temporary worker, Kevin Bright completely shocked his coworkers this week when it was discovered ...
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I know people like that...of the no talent caliper. LOL
Interesting +John Fitzmaurice . My alter ego while appreciating the English lesson, is not amused. I meant what I said. Caliper, as in a hinged metal object clashing against a spinning wheel. The sound he makes is the same. Its sick humor...get a clue and meld on that for a while.
Bite me +Michael McGinnes . What is it with you folks out here? Tech savvy and grammar giants? Its the internet guys. At the end of the day, who really cares? You all are a bit too serious about nothing. Read "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", bro's!
And I think you mean "Don't sweet the small stuff."
+Haneef Bashir. Perhaps you are right. The small stuff can be sweet too. So maybe "Don't sweat then smell stuff"?
I'm out of this post! You guys just don't get it. I said sweet just to see what idiot would attempt to correct me. You all are intellectual fools. Don't you see the humor in this idiocy? No, well play amongst yourselves or with yourselves. I'm out!
+Willie Owens Your alter ego said, "of the no talent caliper". Naturally, I assumed that you misheard the expression so I thought I would help you out. I apologize for offending you. Instead of accepting correction, you dig yourself in deeper with an absurd excuse. How does an inanimate object such as "a hinged metal object clashing against a spinning wheel." possess talent? My good sir, you are grasping at straws.
Again+John Fitzmaurice...BITE ME! The point is that he has NO TALENT! If you don't get the humor get out of the thread.
I don't get the humor. I've always considered the Onion a serious magazine.
The Onion said it. I believe it. That settles it.
I consider "The Onion" to be a news organization of the highest caliper.
I'm concerned about Willie's need to have strange men he met on the internet "bite" him.
Goodbye and good luck in your internet idiocy!
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