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Editorial Cartoon:
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It's funny because the dollar isn't even worth the cotton (yes, they're made of cotton) it's printed on.
You mean the Loonie right? US dollars are not worth much anymore
Sterling is the ultimate currency, euro and dollar both epic failures
We should all start using the lesser known Siberian Peso (created by Zapatista rebels tired of being hot, and never used outside of a small seasonal tent camp outside of Krasnoyarsk).
Diversity is a Weakness. One financial system does not work with such disparate countries and working cultures.
Maybe they didn't get the memo that not everything on the internet is 100% true. 
Sorry, getting rich on the internet is only possible by directly texting me said information. A photocopy of your ID will also help to expedite the process. Also, the Titanic was just a movie, 9/11 was perpetrated by McDonalds in conjunction with the ACLU, and there is a pill for that. 
I have a strange feeling that everybody in this thread knew that it wasn't serious....

G+ needs sarcasm tags...
We need to lobby for a sarcasm font, or at least font weight. 
I wouldn't say your sarcasm was missed ;)
Sure it was - I get messages all the time from strangers asking me to come online and be sarcastic! ;-p
Green Back was strong, is strong now and will be strong....for ever... you can count on...
LOL1st... But no USD for me, Tx. Europhiliac wants euros and greece in the eurozone too. Liberty Equality Democracy and Economic Stability with one currency.
(and more hilarious comics and comments, after a weekend in scotland with sterlings euros crowns dollars swiss franks and a lot of whiskey hic am enjoying this discussion :))
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