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RALEIGH, NC—Following Rick Santorum's announcement Tuesday that he would end his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, candidate Newt Gingrich called upon frontrunner Mitt Romney to drop out...
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Newt is wasting everyone's time. He might as well follow Santorum's example and just back out.
Ron Paul who?! haha The retirement home is calling his name.
Everyone criticises Dr. Paul but when the convention rolls around and you establishment voters are left without the appropriate ammount of delegates and there's a broken convention... well "HE who laughs LAST laughs LOUDEST" oh and +Dan Wilcox who are you voting for? Because none of the other candidates are particularly YOUNG but yeah Dr. Paul is the oldest BUT with age comes WISDOM! plus candidates aren't picked based on age that's illegal.
+Randy Peveto that's just stupidity and fear mongering sir how could ONE man have soo much influence as to get the opposition re-elected YET he doesn't have enough to secure the votes necessary to beat Obama as you establishment people claim?? Do you all even USE logic?
Well then go ahead and vote Republican and see how bad things get. I mean seriously this is why the Republican party exists. It's idiots who whine about what Democrats are doing or not doing. Have you all forgotten that these presidents are merely puppets to lobbyists and big business? These presidents make tough decisions you or I don't even have the balls to make and yet we sit here whining about what Obama or Bush or whoever else is doing that's bad or good.

You wanna make a change? Stop voting for idiots or just for the sake of voting so you can brag that you voted. You've done nothing but screw the system up even more.
You're all idiots; The answer is 'cats'.
You guys do realize you're arguing on an Onion post right? Just making sure...
Elect Ron Paul, His wife Rue would make a FABULAS first ladie
+Dan Wilcox people like YOU have screwed this country up, you admit that you are not strong enough to make tough decisions. This will be my FIRST election and i will vote paul even if i have to write him in! Paul while he may be republican is a libertarian that makes him and his proposed policies attractive to me and a lot of young voters. As far as not voting FUCK THAT people DIED so that I could vote and you better be damn sure i will honor their sacrifice and carry my ass out voting day. You sir are a sorry excuse for an American. Respect those that came before you. Its not like only the republicans are bad the democrats have done just as much harm to this country.
The finest news source posts and all anybody does is fight. Laugh. Lighten up you foolish fools.
In politics theres a sayin " LIES LIES Bullshit Lies" and you can quote me on that
As Douglas Adams put it so succinctly; "If we don't vote for the right lizard the wrong lizard might get in."
+Je Arcanum It's a leftover of the government that was implemented when information on the candidates wasn't as easy to access (before the internet, phones, etc.) and just hasn't been worked out yet. Personally, I think it's pretty harmful because it allows people to blindly vote for candidates based on their party without knowing anything about the actual person or what he/she stands for.
Newt Gingrich proving he owns a set of balls
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