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"I don't like the idea of the corporation that's raising my kid telling me how to raise my kid."

Orianna Gordon
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"We don't like the idea of parents raising their kids. Period." - Corporations
Just waiting for the day that disney and walmart combine...fuck...
Theme park super stores. You cant swing a dead cat around without hitting five fucking walmarts and thousands of disney themed items. Whats next? Disney themed condoms? They should just get it over with..Disneymart. They have already brainwashed legions of children, Walmart has raped the economy for years, just get it over with. 
My children don't watch Disney. evilstepmotherlaugh Bwahahahaha
This is nothing but a Disney marketing ploy to launch their new Princess line of apples.
I would rather my kids watch Saw movies than Disney.
My favorite part of reading an article on this was that this new policy can't even take place until 2015 due to Disney's existing contracts.
maybe they should stop whoring their movies out to kids at mcdonalds while they are at it
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