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AGOURA HILLS, CA—Noting that they really hit the spot, local dad Peter Barry pointed out a restaurant that serves really good Reuben sandwiches during a drive with his son Ryan on Saturday.
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Haha it's true though. Reubens are the standard for judging the quality of a deli. For Mexican joints it's carnitas.
Where to find a good deli is actually more useful than 98.44% of the news headlines out there. 
Damn, why must the Onion post this when I'm hungry?
Brad G
The Reuben Foster is excellent
A Reuben in Agoura Hills? Ha! That's how you know this is satire. Everyone knows the closest Reuben is in Woodland Hills.
For years i've been ordering the Reuben where ever I go in the hopes of finding the perfect sandwich. Damn you The Onion! How dare you mock my dreams!
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